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10 Best Driver Updater Software for Windows in 2019


Windows is one of the most used and powerful operating software due to its versatility and special features. With the help of external tools like keyboards, mouse, graphics cards and other hardware devices, Windows can perform its functions pretty quickly and smoothly. But, to properly run these hardware devices on the computer system some suitable device drivers are required.

The drivers need to be regularly updated and always function properly to offer the smooth Windows experience. To update your drivers from time to time, you can get the best driver updater software for Windows in 2019.

Whenever you connect new hardware device with your Windows system, then you need to install suitable driver software along with it. Driver software helps in adjusting device with the working environment of the computer and enables the computer to locate the USB driver.

To make sure that your hardware device works properly on your Windows system, you have to regularly update the driver software, just like any other software. And, for this constant support of driver updater software is required.

The Best Driver Updater Software For Windows in 2019

If you haven’t updated your driver software yet, then you should immediately download any of the following driver updater software instantly.

1. Driver Booster

driver booster

This is one of the most used and popular driver updater tool available online. It is a free tool that can enable you to automatically update all your driver software in the tool itself. This simple and easy to use interface of this booster can be used with any version of Windows. Once you have set up the automatic driver update locator feature, then this software will provide you list of all the updates that you can do without opening your web browser.

Driver Booster compares the features of the new version of driver updater app with the current version before installing it. This feature is very helpful in understanding the difference between the two versions for users. There’s also an option where you can install the driver in the background which hides installation wizards and other popup messages.

2. DriverPack Solution

DriverPack Solution

This is the next best driver updater software for Windows in 2019 because it is one of the simplest tool present in this list. The user interface screen of the software is highly simple with the availability of few buttons only. This software allows bulk download and automatically installs the driver updater software without any wizard installation.

If you don’t like to automatically download driver updater software, then you can select the manual option as well while installing DriverPack Solution program. This software can be easily downloaded on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

3. Driver Talent

driver talent

This is a talented driver updater software that can allow users to download new versions of their driver software without using the Internet or browser. Software not only updates the outdated drivers but also repairs the corrupt programs. There’s also one very interesting feature within Driver Talent that lets you pre-download all the drivers necessary for the computer so that you can easily reinstall them should you reinstall the OS later. Moreover, the software itself downloads pretty quickly on the computer system and its updates download even swifter.

4. Winzip Driver Updater

Winzip Driver Updater

It is a highly functional driver designed by WinZip System Tools. This tool makes sure that your system runs smoothly by updating all outdated driver software. The program also scans your entire system and detect the defected drivers which are making your system sloppy.

After scanning, you can select the driver software which needs to be updated immediately and others that can be updated sometime later. This is very simple and user-friendly driver Updater software for Windows with the small drawback that it isn’t a freeware.

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5. Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced driver updater

Advanced Driver Updater is a nifty software to download the latest versions of drivers on your system. You just have to run a simple scan after downloading this program. It will automatically figure out all the outdated driver software and then comes to you and ask permission to update them.

Moreover, this software will offer you a feature of creating a backup of your drivers so that you can restore them anytime in the future. This software is very easy to use and it can support multiple languages such as French, Spanish, etc., From Windows XP to 10, it is compatible with all.

6. Driver Easy

driver easy

This is one of the best driver updater software for Windows in 2019 because it is very simple and functional. The tool just scans your entire system and locate the outdated and missing drivers. And, you can update them all with the one click of your mouse. Apart from this feature, you can easily create a backup of your drivers to restore them in the future.

The free trial of the software is available on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Once you are satisfied with the free trial, then you can easily get the pro version of this software.

7. DriverMax


This is a best free driver updater software available for all the recent versions of Windows. It can automatically scan your entire system and find out the defected device drivers that need to be updated or fixed immediately. You can even schedule a scan in advance with this program.

The software will present the list of the issues and without issue driver software separately for users. Plus, you can easily backup your drivers before installing the updated version for future use.

8. Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer

With freeware tool features, it is an impressive driver software. The software has the capacity to detect multiple outdated drivers in one go. It can download all the broken and outdated driver software files with one click and gives smooth access to the users. You don’t need to download this software on your system as it can be used in an external hard drive.

The app can filter features so that the user can easily find the features that they want to use. Snappy Driver Installer can display system information to the Windows XP and above users.

9. Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver allows you to locate outdated driver updater software on your system and provides the facility to update them all with a click. It even eliminates the risk of downloading infected software. This best driver updater software for Windows in 2019 protects you from downloading any wrong software in your computer. This easy to use the software is stocked with essential features of driver backup and restoration.

10. DriverIdentifier


It is a quite unique Driver Updater tool as compared to the other software listed in the post. With the library of 25 million drivers, it could fit for every computer users. The software shows a message with the information of current software features as compared to the updated version features.

Once you click on scan, it will automatically display results and download drivers in the separate web pages. This driver updater software is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit Windows versions and offers download links from OEM sources.


By keeping your device driver software updated, you can easily connect any hardware device with your computer system. That’s why if you want to enjoy using hardware tools on your computer, then you have to get the best driver updater software for Windows in 2019 and keep on experiencing the power of hardware tools.

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