By TechCommuters / January 24, 2022

Google Chrome is the most popular, clean, and fast web browser of all time. On the top, several Google Chrome extensions are available to improve your browsing experience.  Using the Chrome extensions, you can perform multiple operations without downloading a full program like password storage, control mouse gestures, run antivirus scans, and more.  However, downloading […]

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5 Cybersecurity Tips To Manage Your Remote Personnel Challenges

By TechCommuters / January 19, 2022

It’s no secret that Covid-19 caught numerous businesses off guard in 2020, forcing employers to rapidly transition their staff from working on location to working remotely from home. Along with that transition will come the cybersecurity risks. Did you know that your company’s information can unintentionally be put at risk by you and your employees […]

What is FileRepMalware & How to Remove It?

By TechCommuters / January 18, 2022

For the continued safety of the digital system and files, many people download a third-party antivirus program into their device. These keep the system safe from security issues after an intricate scanning process. Windows devices can install options like Norton, Avast, or AVG for quick and efficient malware/virus detection. In many cases, the tag FileRepMalware […]

SaaS Growth in 2022: Growth, Challenges, and Strategies

By TechCommuters / January 17, 2022

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is expanding very quickly in the entire IT business. SaaS models are the first preferences of many enterprises because of their flexibility, cost-effectiveness and subscription-based model. In the pandemic, companies required the cloud network; thus, SaaS has only got growth and will be growing. Gartner and BMC have given highly optimized reports, according […]

M1 Pro vs. M1 Max: Which Is The Better Mac Chip

By TechCommuters / January 13, 2022

In 2020, Apple’s M1 chip debuted and blew us all away with how much it improved performance and efficiency in the MacBook Air M1, Mac Mini M1, and MacBook Pro M1. Mac users were still on the M1 performance hangover when Apple launched M1 Pro and M1 Max with better performance promise. Both chips are […]

Software Localization Tools

By TechCommuters / January 12, 2022

The ability to expand your product abroad requires software localization. Machine translators or proxy services can provide you with a surface level translation of your content, but this will not be nearly enough to make your product culturally appropriate or authentic in new markets. It’s also not a long-term answer if you want to expand […]

Apple Pay Not Working! Here’s How to Fix It (10 Fixes)

By TechCommuters / January 11, 2022

Today, people are more and more relying upon digital payments because they are safe and fast. But sometimes, when you have to make an urgent payment, and your Apple Pay is not working, there is nothing more frustrating than it. Apple Pay might have military-grade level security, but it is still prone to errors. However, […]

How to Fix WiFi Disappeared in Windows 11?

By TechCommuters / January 10, 2022

Users have complained that the WiFi symbol has disappeared from their taskbar after upgrading their PC to Windows 11. A network icon is present on the taskbar that displays network access. When your device doesn’t have the essential drivers installed, you will see an absent WiFi icon. Furthermore, if your computer’s WiFi adapter is deactivated […]

How to Fix Windows Update Service Not Running

By TechCommuters / January 9, 2022

The majority of Windows upgrades address security concerns. It is the most serious issue, as viruses or hackers might take advantage of them. Other flaws and concerns in Windows 10 can be resolved through updates. They may impact the sustainability of your OS, even if they are not accountable for security breaches. When you check […]

10 Best File Size Reducer Software in 2022

By TechCommuters / January 8, 2022

Digitization is one of the key driving factors for the success of modern businesses. However, it does have its limitations like storage and sharing. One of the main issues that global users are facing while managing online or digital data is the large file sizes. The effective management of size and storage by a leading file […]

Benefits using a CRM system to track client’s statistics

By TechCommuters / January 7, 2022

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system that tries to strengthen customer relations, locate new potential customers, and reclaim previous customers. CRM software allows you to collect, organize, and manage client data in one location. CRMs are not only for mega-corporations with massive client databases but also for small and medium-sized businesses. A CRM system […]