By TechCommuters / August 10, 2022

Introduction People interested in creating video-based content can use many apps for their work. Some are useful, a few for editing, while others provide specialized functions like teleprompting, etc., all of which contribute to making engaging videos. For example, EaseUS RecExperts is a good choice for recording diverse videos for streaming sites and other platforms. […]

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How to Protect Images via Copywriting

By TechCommuters / July 31, 2022

Introduction No matter what type of content creator one is, protecting their work is a priority for all. With apps like EaseUS Todo Backup, it is possible to safely store one’s files like images. However, that does not protect the pictures from getting shared online without the creator’s express permission. Thus, many people want to […]

How to Reset Gmail Password Using Verification Code

By TechCommuters / July 29, 2022

Introduction Many platforms require password verification to access the site, like Gmail. While this site is relatively safe to use and comes with strong password protection support, some users can have privacy concerns. Another problem that prompts users to reset passwords is if they forgot your password email. In the context of security, you can […]

So You Want To Be A Ruby Coder: How To Get Started With Ruby

By TechCommuters / July 27, 2022

Introduction Do you want to be a Ruby programmer? It is hard to find a coding language that you want to make your forte nowadays. Maybe you have stumbled across Ruby, maybe you have worked with Ruby before. Here is a guide for you to become a certified Ruby programmer! There are a few certifications […]

How to Fix the Audio Renderer Not Working for YouTube on Windows

By TechCommuters / July 26, 2022

Introduction With a vast library of eclectic video content, high-quality resolution, and free video streaming benefits, YouTube is highly popular globally. However, some users can notice problems in functionality while operating the app. One prominent one is the audio renderer error Windows 10/11 message that comes up due to certain functional defects. Typically, this prompt […]

How to Boot Windows 11 System in Safe Mode?

By TechCommuters / July 24, 2022

Introduction Windows 11 has many strong features and tools that focus on ensuring strong OS performance. However, like others, it is not always safe from certain system issues, like bad drivers, malware problems, or bug-based errors. At this point, you can use third-party software like IObit Driver Booster to fix specific problems like defective drivers. […]

How to Recover Deleted Spotify Playlist- A Comprehensive Guide

By TechCommuters / July 22, 2022

Introduction Currently, different types of apps are available for various uses across platforms and devices, from streaming content to managing files. One of the best options for music lovers is Spotify, which they can use for free or paid access to an expansive library of global music. Users can even create their own personalized playlists […]

How to Customize Lock Screen in iOS 16 devices

By TechCommuters / July 20, 2022

Introduction Apple comes up with new software types often and constantly updates its OS to boost the experience of its users. While the iOS 15 was one of the best and most feature-rich versions to date, the Lock Screen was one aspect that the users were divided on. That has seen an improvement in the […]

An Informative Guide to Utilize the Built-in Password Manager in Android

By TechCommuters / July 18, 2022

Introduction Most people use more than one profile on different platforms, websites, and apps. For each, they use specific IDs and passwords. For the best safety, it is better to have multiple passwords for various accounts, but that can get confusing to remember for many people. In this context, you can access the in-built Android […]

10 Ways to Resolve the No Battery is Detected Error on Windows 11

By TechCommuters / July 16, 2022

Introduction People can use a wide range of features and applications for an optimized user experience on Windows 11. However, the system is still prone to specific problems like errors and bugs. One specific issue that is highly distracting for users is the “no battery is detected” error prompt. Since the battery is a crucial […]

Main Types of VPN

By TechCommuters / July 14, 2022

A VPN is a service that allows users to create a secured private connection that is end-to-end encrypted, allowing data to be transferred anonymously. A VPN uses several different types of protocols to make this encryption, and in this article, we will discuss the three main types of VPNs and try to find out which […]