By TechCommuters / January 27, 2023

Introduction In Mac and even Windows computers, the Docker Desktop is a native app from Docker for various purposes, like launching, debugging, building, and testing containerized apps. A wide range of features are available within this app, made to simplify the setup and monitoring processes of the isolated environments where the projects are available. The […]

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signNow Review: Is It The Right Electronic Signature Software?

By TechCommuters / January 18, 2023

Introduction signNow brings the power of cloud technology to the electronic signature. Launched in 2011, it is now a part of the airSlate Business Cloud software suite. We’ve conducted a detailed research and used signNow to bring an honest review of this effective tool. With the increase in business operations, the workload of documents management […]

pdfFiller Review: Is It the Perfect Document Management Solution?

By TechCommuters / January 18, 2023

Introduction Have you ever thought that which is the popular and universally-accepted document format used in day-to-day business interactions? Many will answer- Portable Document Format (PDF). Created in 1993 by Adobe, it facilitates electronic document exchange. Thanks to its graphic integrity, security, and convenience, a majority of professional communications are dominated by PDF. While PDF […]

How to Fix Activation Key Not Working on Windows 11?

By TechCommuters / January 14, 2023

Introduction While trying to access Windows 11, some issues can affect the System’s proper functioning. For example, the inability to activate Windows 11 without a key, like a valid digital license or activated key, is common in this context. The issue can be frustrating to handle, but it is possible to fix it. The error […]

What Is USB Debugging Mode on Android? How to Enable It

By TechCommuters / January 12, 2023

Introduction For activating any advanced function on Android smartphones and tablets, handling USB debugging is an important procedure. This is a necessary process that allows the Android device to access and communicate with an Android SDK via USB. Multiple complex actions like rooting the device or flashing Factory image on Nexus devices are done in […]

How to Mount ISO Files in Windows 10/11?

By TechCommuters / January 10, 2023

Installing new programs on the Windows 10/11 system are easy when you have an ISO file. It is the disc image of all the installation files required for a single program. Windows operating system 8.1 and higher allows mounting this file and quickly installing the software. So, are you looking for the detailed steps to mount […]

How to remove the activation lock on a MacBook?

By TechCommuters / January 8, 2023

Introduction Mac devices are highly popular among people who want a high-functional and top-grade device for diverse computing work. However, the Apple computers like MacBooks have some issues that require attention and professional support to fix. One relatively common issue that many people notice is the need for a MacBook activation lock bypass. The ID […]

GPU Fans Not Spinning? How To Fix

By TechCommuters / January 6, 2023

Introduction The GPU handles much of the power consumption during high-powered processes like streaming, gaming, etc. Too much of it can badly heat up the GPU and harm the device from regular functioning, like slowing down the device, the screen freezing up, etc. Using a GPU fan at the moment is useful for cooling the […]

How to Scan QR Codes on Windows?

By TechCommuters / January 4, 2023

Introduction The QR code or Quick Response Code is very useful for scanning and activating specific functions, like making payments, accessing deals/offers, etc. However, activating the QR code-based functions via the browser on Windows requires too many steps typically. First, you must use your phone camera to scan the code and then share this URL […]

How to Fix Computer Speakers Not Working?

By TechCommuters / January 2, 2023

Introduction Watching movies or shows on the computer is one of the favorite things for many people to do. Since the screen is bigger and the sound quality of the speakers is clear and loud, it further improves the experience. However, what happens if no sound comes out of the speakers when you hit the […]

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android in 2023

By TechCommuters / December 31, 2022

Introduction For gamers worldwide, PlayStation is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the discussion about high-grading gaming options. The brand’s primary offering is the PS5 series, and most gamers opt for the latest versions. However, some old-school games from the PS1-PS2 range are still appealing to people, like Dragon Ball […]