By TechCommuters / December 2, 2022

Introduction There have been significant technological improvements, including the gadgets and hardware configurations people use for their work. Different upgrades have happened from desktop computers to laptops and using WiFi adapters to the Ethernet.   However, while you may experience the best network connectivity and speed with Ethernet connections, failures are still imminent. And that […]

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How To Fix Fortnite Lag on Windows PC?

By TechCommuters / November 21, 2022

Introduction People who enjoy gaming have many high-quality game choices to choose between with PC compatibility. Some are accessible online, while others come in the form of software or apps they have to download. You are in luck if you have a high-powered Windows PC with a modern OS version that supports high-grade games like […]

How To Fix A Failed Microsoft Defender Update?

By TechCommuters / November 19, 2022

Introduction New updates come up for software and operating systems consistently, at least under Microsoft. However, the Microsoft Defender update failure can make it difficult to apply improvements. Multiple reasons block the updating process for Windows Defender in devices running on Windows 10 or 11. These include problems like corrupted Windows Update components, partial damage […]

How to Make a Photo Collage on iPhone?

By TechCommuters / November 17, 2022

iPhone users enjoy the benefits of advanced camera features. Many love to create fantastic photo collages using the same. These photo collages are a fun and entertaining way of expressing your story on social media or other platforms. It is easy to gain followers with some high-quality photo collages on iPhone. However, iPhone users may […]

How to Solve NVIDIA Drivers Not Installing Issue?

By TechCommuters / November 15, 2022

Graphics are necessary for any high-performing system. The dedicated video cards on systems are necessary for different personal and professional users. The amazing NVIDIA Graphics GPU installed on the system can offer the benefits of the much-required graphic to the users. Thus, many professionals and beginners need to install NVIDIA drivers on their systems. However, […]

Best Phones for Kids: A Parent’s Guide [2023]

By TechCommuters / November 13, 2022

Introduction Smartphones are one of the essential tools practically everyone has in their pocket. These communication devices are also helpful due to additional features like location tracking for safety purposes, instant internet connection, etc. Therefore, many parents decide to provide a smartphone for kids. Multiple high-quality options are available from different brands suitable for younger […]

How To Remove Instagram Remembered Accounts?

By TechCommuters / November 11, 2022

Instagram has a special fan base out of all the modern social media applications. It is the leading social media application offering quick video and picture sharing to users. Hence, while connecting with friends and family, it is necessary to keep the login credentials secure. Many Instagram users prefer to go for the remembered accounts […]

How To Fix Can’t Create a New Folder on Windows 11?

By TechCommuters / November 9, 2022

Windows 11 users praise this operating system’s ease and its prominent features. Creating a new folder on Windows 11 is easy; it can be completed by right-clicking over the blank space on the desktop or in File Explorer. Windows 11 users can select “New” and “Folder.” However, Windows 11 users may face the issue of […]

Backup Best Practices 2022

By TechCommuters / November 8, 2022

As the information age keeps advancing, so does the demand for reliable and secure data backup solutions. While there are a number of options available, you want to pick the one that will help keep your data secure and save you time, money, and work. The good news is that there are options that will […]

How To Select The Best Online Stock Broker

By TechCommuters / November 5, 2022

Introduction The majority of investors use online brokers to trade equities. Online brokers are engaged in intense competition, and prices are decreasing. Some investors are ready to pay higher transaction charges for a cutting-edge platform. The top online brokers for educational materials have been featured for those taking their initial steps into investing. However, using […]

Import Playlists to Apple Music – a Comprehensive Guide

By TechCommuters / November 2, 2022

Introduction Part Do you want to import your playlist to Apple music? Switching to Apple music can be the best experience for using Mac devices. However, users may feel skeptical about importing their playlists from different sources to Apple Music. There is no need of creating playlists again as we’ve done the research work on importing playlists […]