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Best Internet Booster & Optimizer for Android in 2020

By TechCommuters / September 25, 2020

Slow Internet speed not only wastes your time, but it also annoys users. If you need to wait ages before your favorite video downloads or you are facing performance lags while playing games, then it is time to boost Internet speed using best Internet boosters for Android. Best Internet Speed Booster for Android 2020 The […]


Best Bass Booster & Music Equalizer Windows 10/8/7 2020

By TechCommuters / September 17, 2020

Sound equalizers are used by professionals to adjust the amplitude or energy of the frequencies that make up an audio signal. It is important to understand that every song, podcast, and audio book has different sound settings. At the same time, sound settings for headphones and 3D surround sound could be different. The best part […]


Best iPhone Equalizer & Bass Booster Apps in 2020

By TechCommuters / September 16, 2020

Overview With best iPhone equalizer & bass booster apps, you can improve audio quality significantly on your iOS device. These powerful apps work well with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Though, you may find built-in equalizer functionality on your iOS device, but downloading these apps could only enhance your music experience. These apps also […]


Best Bass Booster & Equalizer Apps for Android in 2020

By TechCommuters / September 15, 2020

Overview If you want to enjoy high-fidelity music play with bass booster and music equalizer, then you should try best Android equalizer & bass booster apps. While a lot of these apps are available online, here we have tested and reviewed 5 best apps you should use in 2020. It will help you improve music, […]


10 Best Software Updater for Windows (Free & Paid) in 2020

By TechCommuters / September 9, 2020

Overview Cybercriminals could exploit the loopholes on your system if you are running on old software. Furthermore, outdated software also affects system performance negatively. Now to deal with all these issues, you should consider updating software on regular intervals. While updating software manually could be a complex task, using best software updater for Windows is […]


Best Apps Like TikTok for Android & iOS in 2020

By TechCommuters / September 8, 2020

TikTok has huge fan-following around the world and it’s obvious for reasons. While it has tons of features to offer you, it is also adored for easy sharing option. Despite all the good things about TikTok, something is not right and that is privacy concerns. TikTok has been under scrutiny for privacy reasons. Many countries […]


10 Best Android Storage Manager in 2020

By TechCommuters / September 7, 2020

Overview If you find cleaning up Android and managing storage a complicated task, then you should consider using best Android storage manager apps. These powerful phone manager tools help you clean, optimize, and manage storage space. It also helps you boost overall device performance working on smart algorithms. 10 Best Android Phone Manager Apps in […]


10 Best App Uninstallers for Windows 10/8/7 in 2020

By TechCommuters / September 07, 2020

Last updated on September 7th, 2020 at 04:42 pmOverview An unnecessary lot of program on your PC accumulates over time that you stop using for various reasons. Now it not only consumes valuable system resources, but it also makes your system run slow. Uninstalling these programs manually could be a complicated task, thus using best […]


10 Best Screen Mirror Apps Android to TV & PC in 2020

By TechCommuters / September 1, 2020

Android is the most prevalent operating system for mobile phones, TVs, and other devices. The functionality and compatibility provided by the Android platform have encouraged app developers to create kinetic and proactive apps for far and widespread android users. There are a plethora of app categories available on the Android app store, but the screen […]


CleverPDF Product Review

By TechCommuters / August 27, 2020

All of us are juggling with a lot of data files these days and we may need to convert our files in many cases. You can use a different document format to manage your texts. PDF files are a better format for transferring and collaborating your file. PDF files can provide a standard format for […]


Best Word to PDF Converter for Windows & Mac

By TechCommuters / August 27, 2020

Last updated on August 27th, 2020 at 02:35 pmWe are all working with a large number of data. Securing and converting our documents is always a challenge. We may need some standard formats to transfer the text files. PDF files are typical types of files that we can use. We can convert our data files […]


Amadine – Best Vector Graphics Design for Mac

By TechCommuters / August 19, 2020

Last updated on August 19th, 2020 at 09:55 amDesigning for printing is different from plain designing therefore, a dedicated vector design and graphic program is required. You can find several tools on the market, but it’s hard to know which one is the best. Ideally, a tool that caters specifically to designing is the best […]


ReclaiMe – Best Data & File Recovery Software For Windows

By TechCommuters / August 14, 2020

Data is the powerhouse for businesses hence, keeping it safe and protected from hackers, from being corrupted, or getting deleted is important. Considering this fact here, we review a powerful data and file recovery tool using which you can recover data from NAS server, HDD, SSD, RAID, and SAN, a hard disk interface (SATA, PATA, […]


Live Home 3D Review – Best Home Design Software

By TechCommuters / August 14, 2020

Visualizing a thing before giving it the final shape is a good idea. Whether it’s building a home, renovating it, imagining before tearing down the walls is best for all. But without an interior designer or a tool that can help see things through is not possible. Thankfully, there’s an app for that and it’s […]


Art Text Review: Best 3D Text Editing Design App for Mac

By TechCommuters / August 14, 2020

A few years back Adobe Photoshop was the most popular and only great app available on Mac to edit graphics. But not all could spend and buy this expensive app. So, if you are looking for an alternative that is as great as Illustrator and inexpensive, we’ve got it covered. Luckily, here’s the budget-friendly alternative […]


Wondershare DemoCreator Review

By TechCommuters / September 06, 2020

Last updated on September 6th, 2020 at 06:12 amUsing a screen casting software, we can capture the screen but it isn’t enough to make a compelling video or YouTube video tutorial. For this, we need a video recording and editing software that can polish screen recording. This is the reason why we reviewed Wondershare DemoCreator […]


Swift Publisher 5 Review: Desktop Publishing Tool For Mac

By TechCommuters / August 13, 2020

Until the age of computers, publishing was restricted to print shops. For every small designing work, printing a job, visiting a printer was a must. Certainly, this was a time consuming and hectic process. But with the introduction of apps like PageMaker, QuarkXpress things started to change in the 1990s and since then they have […]


Smart Driver Care Review – Update Drivers Instantly

By TechCommuters / September 11, 2020

Last updated on September 11th, 2020 at 02:34 pmMost issues you face on Windows-based computers are due to incompatible and corrupt system drivers. Fixing them manually isn’t easy. Therefore, a tool that has thoroughly tested drivers added to its database, that can backup up old drivers, update outdated drivers automatically, lets you schedule the process […]


Best Microsoft Excel Password Remover Software in 2020

By TechCommuters / July 2, 2020

Are you using Microsoft Excel for quite some time? Does your Microsoft Excel have a lot of data in it? You might be aware of the read-only and password encryption feature offered by Microsoft Excel. Moreover, with the introduction of the security feature, this spreadsheet cannot be modified and deleted once it is saved. For […]


Advanced System Optimizer: Review

By TechCommuters / August 04, 2020

Last updated on August 4th, 2020 at 04:51 pmComputers are the most essential devices of our life and technology has become so advanced that every minute the latest feature or update is released for hundreds of software. Microsoft has worked head-to-head to ensure that all the features of the operating system work without any hiccups […]


Wondershare UniConverter – Best Video Convertor Without Quality Loss

By TechCommuters / May 12, 2020

Watching your favorite movie, TV show, documentary, etc online is fun but watching a downloaded video on any device isn’t possible due to different file formats. This restricts our experience and forces us to use specific devices. However, using a good video converter tool, you can break this constraint and can convert a full MKV […]


10 Best Public Relations (PR) Software in 2020 (Free & Paid)

By TechCommuters / May 10, 2020

Advanced PR software brings an efficient solution to streamline and enhance your public relations efforts. It comes loaded with tons of features to connect, engage, monitor, and integrate effective solutions for better results. To make your search for best PR tools seamless, we have tested & reviewed 10 best PR software in this article you […]


10 Best Online Video Converters of 2020

By TechCommuters / April 26, 2020

Different forms of videos are mandatory nowadays. Videos that are compatible with YouTube are not compatible with WhatsApp or TikTok. That makes it important to use an online video converter to make the video compatible with numerous devices. Whether it is a social media sharing or status video setting, a video converter is one of […]


What is Zoom? How it Works? Comprehensive Review

By TechCommuters / April 20, 2020

Got lockdown in the home due to the Covid19 situation? Want to communicate with your team from home and want to Guide and instruct employees from home? Video conferencing tools are the best aid for conducting uninterrupted conferences with a greater number of participants. There are many video conferencing tools available and this page will […]


Leawo Music Recorder – A Powerful Music/Audio Recorder

By TechCommuters / April 21, 2020

Last updated on April 21st, 2020 at 04:06 pmEveryone loves listening to music and in stressful times like this, music is everything. It helps relax, destress, and stay calm. Listening to online music is the most convenient thing. But since everyone is staying at home due to COVID-19 a huge surge in internet prices and […]


Zoom VS Skype: Which is the Best Video Conferencing App

By TechCommuters / April 13, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic is growing rapidly and with this the number of people staying at home, self-quarantining is increasing. Companies have asked their employees to stay at home & work from home. But how can they manage everything when they are socially distancing.  This question would have not come up if things have not gone too […]


DumpMedia Apple Music Converter Review

By TechCommuters / April 6, 2020

Music is the biggest stress buster and we all agree to it. There are different apps like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, etc that people use to listen to music. Amongst them, Apple Music has been considered as one of the top digital music streaming services. But there is a drawback, once the subscription […]


iMyMac Mac Cleaner Review – The Best Mac Cleaner

By TechCommuters / April 07, 2020

Last updated on April 7th, 2020 at 02:33 pmWondering why is your Mac so slow? Want to know how to speed it up? All you need is a good Mac optimizer and cleaner. The one that can-perform deep scan on your Mac including iTunes Backup, large files, mail attachments, trash bins, etc. Alongside one that […]

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