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How Youtubers Can Come Out Of Stagnant Growth Using Instagram

By TechCommuters / August 25, 2020

Last updated on August 25th, 2020 at 04:45 amEver since the Instagram platform launched in 2010, the social media landscape has never been the same. Facebook saw the potential of this media-centric social network and paid over $1 billion to acquire the platform. Statistics have suggested that businesses that use Instagram for marketing have garnered […]


How to Grow Your Business with Social Media

By TechCommuters / August 3, 2020

Any business owner laboring under the impression that they do not need social media to grow their company and increase its profits is in denial. More than two billion people use social media, the largest group size a business could hope to target during a marketing campaign. Social media can seem overwhelming to users who […]


How Intent-Based Segmentation Helps You Send More Targeted Push Notifications

By TechCommuters / May 21, 2020

In an ever-changing digital world, marketers rely heavily on data to deliver effective, tailored messages to their customers. A vast number of marketing platforms make gathering customer data easy and can even segment users by demographics or behavior – but it’s not enough. Not anymore. Consumers want messaging that’s relevant to their changing needs, which […]


How to Repurpose Marketing Content Across Your Digital Domain

By TechCommuters / April 15, 2020

If you already know about the benefits of content marketing, you’re well on your way to becoming a savvy online marketer who attracts views, likes, comments, shares, and, ultimately, interest in your business. This skill is critical for technology firms, whether you’re a web developer, IT professional, or software outsourcing company. But did you know […]


Important SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2020

By TechCommuters / March 29, 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a major part in every business. It is essential if you are to ensure that your website gets the exposure and therefore visitors it needs. SEO is about getting your site on page one of the relevant Google page, and requires expert knowledge to be carried out effectively. This is […]


Best Google AdSense Alternatives

By TechCommuters / March 01, 2020

Last updated on March 1st, 2020 at 12:41 pmOne of the best ways to monetize your site is by using Google AdSense. You can potentially earn a lot of money that way. Although it was very easy to create an account and get approval for your AdSense account in the past, the process is a […]


Instagram Engagement Groups: A Study

By TechCommuters / February 10, 2020

Whether you are a new Instagram user, or an established one, one thing is for sure – you need to know how to manage and grow your Instagram account. There are several ways to increase the popularity of your account, but one we are going to focus on in this article is Instagram engagement groups.  […]


The 10 Best SEO Tools To Increase your Website Rank on Google in 2019

By TechCommuters / April 1, 2019

Optimizing your online presence with the use of SEO (search engine optimization) tools will increase your websites online ranking and reputation. Mastering this important online systems management skill can be complicated and time-consuming. Thank goodness there are highly recommended SEO software tools online that can easily take care of this critical step to enhancing your […]


The 10 Best Keyword Research Tools for YouTube In 2020

By TechCommuters / January 30, 2020

Last updated on January 30th, 2020 at 05:09 pmWith over a billion users, YouTube has become one of the most influential platforms to reckon on. So, if you have been planning to become a YouTuber this year or wondering how to show the world your hidden creative skills, here is what you need to learn […]


Don’t Let Go: How to Keep Visitors Glued to Your Website

By TechCommuters / March 09, 2019

Last updated on March 9th, 2019 at 01:08 amOne of the most important things any website wants, needs and desires, is VISITORS. Marketing gimmicks can lead them to your site, but how does one hold their interest to read the complete landing page they have visited? How does a site further pique their attention? Additionally, […]


10 Tips To Improve Website’s User Experience and Conversions

By TechCommuters / January 21, 2019

Last updated on January 21st, 2019 at 04:35 pmA user experience that is unparalleled is the mainstay for the high ranking website. As the user experience optimally defines if you have noted a rise in your bounce rate or a rise in your conversion rates. The business and e-commerce ecosystem today, websites have appeared to […]


What are the free and fast ways to increase YouTube subscribers

By TechCommuters / December 21, 2018

Last updated on December 21st, 2018 at 05:58 pmThere’s a significant percentage of the current generation, who’re going after their dreams, trying to achieve them. Well, many seem to be not happy with their 9-5 lifestyle, which has led them follow the path of entrepreneurship. As we speak, there are tons of categories in the […]


Facebook: The Rising Star in the Marketing World

By TechCommuters / December 4, 2018

Marketing is primarily the most important part of any business or organization. An efficient and effective marketing strategy will ensure the success of your business. In this era; the use of technology is on the rise. There are many channels where you can advertise your business/product or service online. Advertising through social media has been […]


The Benefits of AMP for Your Website

By TechCommuters / November 27, 2018

AMP, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages is a unique and innovative technology that’s making the internet better. Most of us own a smartphone and browse the web almost every day. But, to be honest, you can’t get the complete experience of internet surfing through your mobile device. There are certain limitations which makes it […]


The 10 Best Advanced PPC Trends 2020

By TechCommuters / January 30, 2020

Last updated on January 30th, 2020 at 05:17 pmDigital Marketing is a very complex process of promoting your brand and business through the internet. While, there are plenty of techniques involved in the stream of internet marketing, but you need to proceed with the most effective ones to gain best results. If you’ve got some […]


The 10 Best Advanced Content Marketing Techniques 2020

By TechCommuters / April 15, 2020

Last updated on April 15th, 2020 at 02:58 pmContent has always been an integral part of promotional strategies, be it offline marketing or online marketing. Whether you’re advertising your brand on a local newspaper column or a website’s advert space, you should make sure that you’re content copy is top notch, if you want results. […]


Top 10 Benefits of Blogging for Small Businesses

By TechCommuters / December 15, 2018

Last updated on December 15th, 2018 at 04:33 pmSince every business owner is keen on having a digital representation of their business or brand, you may also consider jumping into the trend. Well, that’s a good decision if you’ve already made it. While, the internet revolves around various types of websites, you need to learn […]


What is Digital Marketing and Best Digital Marketing Techniques for 2019?

By TechCommuters / October 30, 2018

In the current generation of highly-competitive business sector, it is really tough to be a business person and be able to consistently stay ahead of your competition. When you talk about businesses and brands, the most important aspect you should focus on is marketing and promotional strategies. Well, it all depends on how you take […]


Benefits of Digital Marketing to Improvise Branding

By TechCommuters / October 23, 2018

Nowadays, running a business had become a very complicated aspect, as there’s a fierce competition. No matter what industry we’re talking about, there are always a huge number of competitors hustling to be better than the others. If you’re a business owner, you must have already been aware of the struggles involved. In order to […]


5 Ways You Can Use YouTube to Reach Your Intended Audience

By TechCommuters / October 16, 2018

When it comes to digital marketing, many people feel overwhelmed and confused due to the availability of endless options. Talking about internet marketing, there’s actually no right way or blueprint that tells you how to do it the perfect way. But, as a business owner or digital marketer, you need to know the right aspects […]


What Are Pop-Under Ads And How You Can Benefit From Them?

By TechCommuters / October 11, 2018

Last updated on October 11th, 2018 at 12:59 pmWe’re living in the age of information. As we know, pretty much everything is being either connected to or operated through the internet. Everyone is thriving to get a digital footprint. Especially, businesses strive hard to achieve a decent level of online presence to stay ahead of […]


Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing Services

By TechCommuters / October 2, 2018

The last couple of decades have definitely changed our society. Our lives have been completely transformed with the introduction of computer and Internet. Now, you don’t have to go out for every other thing. You can operate through internet and get a lot of things done with just a few clicks. The way the businesses […]


The 5 Best Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

By TechCommuters / January 17, 2020

Last updated on January 17th, 2020 at 04:35 pmWe all use internet for different purposes on a regular basis. Most of us visit multiple websites every day. Internet has become a part of our lives. Since the world is becoming more and more digital, it’s high time that we accept the fact that digital marketing […]


How to Create Content That Will Increase Your Traffic Next Day

By TechCommuters / September 18, 2018

Organic traffic is the way to go, when you’re considering the long run game. To achieve substantial amounts of organic traffic consistently, one of the most important aspects you need to focus on is content marketing. Writing high quality and resourceful content must be of the top priority if you’re running a website or a […]


10 Advanced SEO Techniques for 2020

By TechCommuters / January 21, 2020

Last updated on January 21st, 2020 at 04:46 pmSearch Engine Optimization has always been the most effective method of getting website traffic. It’s safe to say that it’s going to remain the same for a long time. Every website competes to stay in the better search engine rankings and gain organic traffic. But, only a […]


The 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms 2020

By TechCommuters / August 28, 2020

Last updated on August 28th, 2020 at 04:43 pmMany people are making decent living off affiliate marketing, thanks to the Internet. Thousands of webmasters, bloggers, and entrepreneurs have been successful at making six-figure income from this industry. It’s one of the major parts of Internet marketing spectrum. This way of marketing and promoting various products […]


What is the Timeframe to See the SEO Results

By TechCommuters / August 28, 2018

Last updated on August 28th, 2018 at 05:30 pmIt is important for people to understand different aspects of Search Engine Optimization for SEO because it helps people to have a fair idea about results in an effective way. Search Engine Optimization is a regular process, which needs to be done based on the requirement and […]