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How to Install the Windows 10 October 2020 Update

By TechCommuters / November 19, 2020

On October 20, 2020 Windows 10 version 20H2 or Windows 10 v2009 or Windows 10 October 2020 update has been released. When majority of organizations have planned to move and adapt new technologies by going remote to hybrid work scenarios, Microsoft has released this update to keep you safe and productive. The first preview of […]


How to Turn Your Office into a Smart Office?

By TechCommuters / November 17, 2020

The recent studies suggest the global smart office market to grow to over 58 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. While the forecast has all good reasons to put the smart office need in the front, employers are passionate about smart offices and employees are getting use to it. From the time you enter to the […]


How to Set Up Parental Controls in Windows 10

By TechCommuters / November 11, 2020

Microsoft family parental controls are useful addition on your Windows PC. It allows you to manage, filter, and control inappropriate content and websites from your child’s reach. It is designed to keep your kid safe from unnecessary trouble while being online. You can use Windows parental controls to perform all these restrictions: Set limitations for […]


How to Upgrade to macOS Catalina

By TechCommuters / October 19, 2020

Learn how to download and install macOS Catalina. macOS Catalina is designed to deliver better user experience with lightweight software. You can upgrade to Apple macOS Catalina to experience TV, music, and podcasts in three all-new Mac apps. With iPad and Apple Pencil, you can enhance your creativity and extend your workspace. Here, you can […]


How to Restore Mac from Time Machine Backup

By TechCommuters / October 18, 2020

Data loss is real-time issue and could occur any time. It is possible that you have lost your data due to accidental deletion or your hard disk or SSD is erased or replaced. Situations like this cause real trouble as you no more have access to your important files and settings. The good news is […]


How to Create Time Machine Backup on Mac

By TechCommuters / October 17, 2020

Time Machine is useful addition on your Mac that helps you backup your data in few quick steps. You can create Time Machine backup on Mac to automatically backup all your files, emails, apps, documents, music files, and system files. Once you backup Mac with Time Machine, you can restore files from this backup if […]


How to Fix MacBook Connected to WiFi but No Internet Issue?

By TechCommuters / October 16, 2020

Internet issues are very common. If you are using Mac and unable to connect to the Wi-Fi or the network, then it could seriously hamper your performance. While there could be numerous reasons behind it, here we have discussed some common reasons and how to fix MacBook connected to WiFi but no Internet issue. How […]


How to Update Safari on Mac

By TechCommuters / October 13, 2020

Overview You can update macOS to a latest version to update Safari and all other apps that are part of Mac. If you have Mojave or the later version, then you can check System Preferences to install latest macOS updates. If you are on an older version, then you need to visit the App Store. […]


How to Update macOS Software

By TechCommuters / October 12, 2020

Apple releases Mac OS updates periodically. These updates help you keep your Mac more stable, secure, and it brings better performance. These updates not only help you update operating system, but it also includes updates for apps that are part of macOS such as Safari, iTunes, and more. Once you receive notification for software update, […]


How to Uninstall Programs on Mac Using Best Uninstallers

By TechCommuters / October 10, 2020

You install a lot of apps & programs that you stop using over time. Now these unnecessary apps & programs consume device resources for no good reasons. To uninstall programs and to recover valuable disk space, we suggest you should use the best app uninstallers for Mac. These tools work as a comprehensive solution for […]


How to Clean Android and Free Up 50% More Storage?

By TechCommuters / September 13, 2020

Overview Your Android device generates & accumulates a lot of junk over time. It includes cache files, obsolete apps, duplicate files, old photos & videos, and more. All this junk occupies valuable device storage and makes your device run slow. Thus, you should consider cleaning Android device by getting rid of all this junk. To […]


How to Fix Laptop Keys Not Working

By TechCommuters / September 4, 2020

Overview Due to various reasons laptop keyboard stops working. Thankfully, there are few quick hacks you can follow to fix this issue. Let’s discuss how to fix laptop keys not working following below steps. How to fix laptop keys not working? 1. Restart your PC The first quick hack to fix laptop keys not working […]


How to Block Ads on YouTube Using Best Adblockers

By TechCommuters / August 31, 2020

Overview Nobody likes intrusive ads on YouTube and we have solution for it. While there are few quick hacks, you can also try using YouTube paid membership to bypass these ads. Using YouTube ad blocker is equally beneficial. Let’s discuss more. How ads are displayed on YouTube? The ads that play when you are watching […]


How to Update Windows 10

By TechCommuters / August 25, 2020

Overview Regular updates are indispensable to keep your system performance intact. It includes various bug fixes, security patches, and additional features. The best part is you can update Windows 10 manually. The Problem If you are running on outdated Windows 10 version, then you may encounter various performance issues such as performance lags, system crash, […]


How To Transfer Data From iPhone To iPhone

By TechCommuters / August 24, 2020

With Apple releasing new iPhone models in September every year it’s hard to not fall for them. The idea of getting a new iPhone is always appealing. But what about the data that resides on the old handset? From valuable pictures, videos to important documents, WhatsApp messages everything is on it. Can we just leave […]


How to Update Drivers in Windows 10

By TechCommuters / August 20, 2020

Overview Device drivers play an important role to keep your system performance intact. Drivers help operating system communicate with hardware on your PC. Device drivers require regular updates to perform seamlessly. The Problem Outdated, missing, corrupt, or incompatible device drivers could cause a real trouble on your PC. It not only affects your system performance […]


How to Clean & Optimize Mac to Speed up Performance

By TechCommuters / August 12, 2020

If you are short on time: Manually cleaning disk storage could be an option, but it consumes a lot of time & efforts. To save time and get accurate results, it is always suggested to use the best Mac cleaner software. These smart cleaning software helps you clean & optimize Mac to speed up performance. […]


How to Clean & Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming?

By TechCommuters / August 7, 2020

If you are short on time: There are multiple manual methods available to help you boost gaming performance on Windows 10. But, the problem is, it consumes a lot of time and efforts. Now that, if you are looking for an instant solution to optimize Windows 10 for gaming, then we suggest you should use […]


How to Disk Cleanup Windows 10: Detailed Solution Guide

By TechCommuters / August 4, 2020

If you are short on time: If you don’t want to try manual methods to clean disk space on Windows 10, then you can use best disk cleanup software for Windows 10. CCleaner and CleanMyPC are two best PC cleaners that deep scan your system storage to free up disk space in Windows 10. You […]


How Can Payroll Services for Small Business Help You Save Money?

By TechCommuters / July 4, 2020

As essential as it is to your business, managing payroll can quickly grow time-consuming. Regardless of how many workers you employ, keeping track of employee information is a weighty responsibility. Not to mention, the time spent managing payroll and keeping it IRS-compliant can easily consume a business’s budget. While some small businesses still handle payroll […]


How to Keep Num Lock On After Startup on Windows 10

By TechCommuters / June 27, 2020

If you have habit of jumping on number pad to log in to your favorite site with numeric password soon after your system starts or you want to send email and you have set numeric password for your email account, but wait! You aren’t able to do that, right? It happens because Num lock isn’t […]


How to Fix Start Menu not Working Windows 10

By TechCommuters / June 7, 2020

Recently, due to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version 1709, many users have faced that the Start Menu is not working at all. Sometimes, there may be other reasons too. When this type of problem occurs the first thing ping to our mind is that this might be the worst Operating System. But that’s not […]


How to Boost your Productivity with Setapp: Review

By TechCommuters / April 27, 2020

Access flagship utilities at a single cost. There are tons of apps available on the market that you can use to increase productivity, entertain yourself, edit images, and more. But selecting the right app for each task is difficult. Another disadvantage of downloading dozens of apps is the hefty subscription price. Therefore, to make things […]


What is Zoom? How it Works? Comprehensive Review

By TechCommuters / April 20, 2020

Got lockdown in the home due to the Covid19 situation? Want to communicate with your team from home and want to Guide and instruct employees from home? Video conferencing tools are the best aid for conducting uninterrupted conferences with a greater number of participants. There are many video conferencing tools available and this page will […]


How To Recover Photos From PC Or SD Card

By TechCommuters / March 31, 2020

Last updated on March 31st, 2020 at 03:04 pmThe most common reason due to which we lose data is accidental file deletion. However, sometimes due to hard disk failure, corrupt SD card, virus attack, etc you might lose important files. In such a data backup is the only savior. However, if you don’t have a […]


How to Download YouTube Playlist Using 4K Video Downloader

By TechCommuters / March 12, 2020

Want to download the 4K YouTube video you just watched? Here’s how you can get it swiftly. The first name that comes to our mind when we talk about online streaming is YouTube. Yet this best online video service lacks the most important thing- download option for 4K videos. This means if you want to […]


How to Create System Image in Windows 10

By TechCommuters / February 18, 2020

Why Use Windows 10 System Image Tool? Backup is the best plan to deal with hardware failure, software issues, malware that can damage installation and corrupt system files. It helps safeguard crucial and system files. Now that if you want to stay protected from these attacks use Windows 10 built in System Image Backup tool. […]


How to Secure, Speed up and Clean Mac (Without Software)

By TechCommuters / January 17, 2020

Last updated on January 17th, 2020 at 04:42 pmAs technology advances, almost everything is now online making computers more vulnerable to cyber crimes and attacks. This calls for secure and fast machines. Mac is no exception. Whether using a personal computer or a public computer, there are plenty of ways to improve Mac security and […]

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