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Top 5 Tips for Computer Maintenance

By techcommuters / May 8, 2018

Your computer is less likely to cost as much as your vehicle or to have as many components inside it, but your system will require just as much maintenance as your car, to ensure it’s always running smoothly. Computer systems come with many peripherals that need to be regularly cleaned, with laptops being vulnerable to […]


How To Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On An iPhone Without Jailbreak

By techcommuters / May 5, 2018

Now, why would one need multiple WhatsApp accounts? Suppose you are into sales and are required to run a campaign on WhatsApp, you would need two accounts at the least – your personal account and one for the campaign, and of course, it has to represent your company. What about the account for internal communication […]


Easily Undelete Mac Trash Data Using Time Capsule

By techcommuters / April 5, 2018

Time Machine is an in-built backup utility introduced in Mac OS X Leopard, and ever since then, it’s one of the easiest ways to back up your important files on Mac. Further, it is great for restoring deleted files (including empty Trash) as it stores the recent state of the files. On the other hand, […]