Computer Turns On, But No Display On The Monitor? 9 Ways To Fix


Computers are a vital part of our daily life in the modern world. We depend significantly on these technological achievements for business, entertainment, and communication. Computers, like other machinery, might, however, malfunction occasionally.

One particularly aggravating issue is when your computer turns on, but there is no display on the monitor. Several circumstances can cause this problem, and it might make you feel helpless. But don’t worry; we’ll look at nine typical solutions to get your computer back up and running.

The Problem Occurs In Hardware And Software

Try to understand the potential causes of the problem. You must examine both alternatives when troubleshooting.

Hardware Causes:

●      Monitor Error: Sometimes, the issue is not with your computer but with the monitor. Check to make sure the monitor is powered on and plugged in.

●      Damaged or unsecured cables: Loose or damaged cables can hamper your computer’s and monitor’s connection. Ensure all cables, including the power cord and any VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort cables, are attached securely and in good condition.

Software Causes:

  • BIOS/UEFI Configuration: Incorrect BIOS/UEFI settings can cause the PC start to but no display difficulties. Access the BIOS/UEFI by pressing the relevant key during startup (usually Del, F1, F2, F12, or Esc keys) and confirm that your primary display is set correctly.
  • Operating System or Driver Problems: An issue of computer turns on but no display on monitor might occur due to faulty or incompatible drivers or system difficulties. You may need to boot into Safe Mode or use a bootable USB drive to repair or replace the operating system.

9 Ways to Fix PC ON But No Display Error

We can now examine the nine solutions to fix a PC ON but no display issue on the monitor after identifying the possible causes.

1. Observe The Monitor: 

If your computer turns on but no display on monitor, it must first be turned on and connected correctly to the appropriate channel (such as HDMI, DVI, or VGA) that corresponds to the output of your device. Check your cords, device settings, or the monitor’s handbook for more information if the issue continues. You can follow this step.

Observe The Monitor

2. Examine The Cables:

Inspect all cables thoroughly, paying specific attention to the video cable that connects your computer to the monitor. If your PC is on but has no display, you can replace any broken wires afterward and make sure all connections are firmly made.

Examine The Cables

3. Reinstall The Graphics Card:

Display difficulties can also be caused by a loose or poorly seated graphics card, so maintaining a secure connection is critical. If you see that you have no display on the monitor but CPU running, you can reconnect all power and data cords. After reseating the card, and then power on your machine.

Reinstall The Graphics Card to fix no display error

4. RAM Testing:

To fix potential display issues, consider reseating or replacing your RAM sticks. If you have numerous RAM modules installed, try booting your computer with only one of them. To accomplish this, turn off your computer, remove all RAM sticks, and replace them one at a time, testing the system after each insertion.

Test RAM to fix computer turns on but no display error

5. Examine The Power Supply:

A failed power supply unit (PSU) could cause the computer turning on but no display on monitor. A failing power supply may give insufficient power to your system components, resulting in instability. To troubleshoot, you can use a power supply tester to test your PSU or replace it with a known working one if you feel it’s the source of the problem.

check your power supply

6. Examine The Motherboard:

If the PC is on but has no display, examine the motherboard for physical damage or loose connections if you are experiencing display problems. Inspect carefully for visible damage, such as charred components or loose connectors. Reinstall all cords, including power and data cables, for equipment such as the graphics card and RAM.

check motherboard to fix PC is on but no display error

7. CPU’s temperature Checking: 

Ascertain that the cooler is securely mounted to the CPU and that appropriate thermal paste is present for efficient heat transfer. When your PC starts but has no display, you can check CPU temperature using BIOS or dedicated software that can assist in confirming if overheating is the problem.

check CPU temperature

8. Examine the BIOS/UEFI settings:

Navigate to the BIOS or UEFI settings and ensure the primary display is configured correctly. Check that it is set to the correct source, such as the dedicated graphics card or integrated graphics, depending on your system configuration when your PC starts but no display appears.

examine the bios setting

9. Problems With The Operating System Or Drivers:

When there is no display on the monitor but CPU running, just start your computer in Safe Mode if you think a software problem is to blame for any display issues. Safe Mode indicates a possible driver or software issue if it works appropriately. Reinstalling or updating drivers for your graphics card and other necessary components can help.

check problems with drivers and operating system


If the computer turns on but no display on monitor, it can be a frustrating problem for every PC user. Initially inspect the display, connectors, graphics card, RAM, and power supply. Then, look at software issues such as BIOS settings and operating system issues. Keep safety precautions in mind. Seek expert assistance if necessary. These nine steps will assist you in resolving the problem and getting your computer back up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my PC turn on but no display on my monitors?

It might be a loose or disconnected display cable, an old and damaged graphics card, or an issue with your monitor. If you want your monitor to work again, ensure all connections are secure and try a different monitor or cable. 

2. Can faulty RAM cause no display?

Sometimes, insufficient RAM can cause a PC on but no display ” issue. Sometimes, RAM corrupts, and your computer may fail to boot correctly. You can try to restart the RAM sticks or check them independently to see if RAM is the problem. 

3. Why is the monitor screen blank when I start my computer?

Various conditions, including graphics card faults, loose connections, or software errors, can cause a blank monitor screen at startup. To troubleshoot, make sure your display is turned on and properly connected.

4. How can you diagnose if the computer has no display?

First, check the monitor, cable, and connections to troubleshoot a no-display problem. If satisfactory, try booting into safe mode or using the onboard graphics. Listen for any strange sounds or error codes that might indicate hardware difficulties during startup. 

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