10 Best Internet Radio Stations in 2021 Around the Globe

Today, you can open Spotify or iTunes apps anytime on your phone and listen to unlimited music. But, if you want a full listing experience, your good old radio is the best option. For some witty talks, meaningful entertainment, and lighthearted programs, online radio stations are the right place. 

It doesn’t matter where you are located on the map; you will easily find internet radio stations to tune into. After digging around the internet, we found the best and even free ten online radio stations in 2021. For a nonstop musical journey, start playing the ten best internet radio programs now. 

10 Best Internet Radio Stations Must Experience in 2021 

If you are an old soul wrapped in modern technology, you are going to love the following ten online radio stations in 2021:

1. WWOZ 

Ratings: 4.6/5

Broadcasting Area: New Orleans Metropolitan Area

Frequency: 90.7 MHz

Genre: Jazz, Blues and New Orleans Community Music 

Available On: Webcast, iOS, Android 

Price: Free with donation option. 

WWOZ is a non-profit internet radio station supported by the local New Orleans community. The radio station is owned by the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation. This station is dedicated to celebrate Jazz and New Orleans’s music culture along with other global music. 

If you are a real jazz music fan, WWOZ needs to be on your top online radio stations list in 2021. Plus, WWOZ has a very active online community that supports local musicians. 


Tuning Features

  • WWOZ top programs include traditional jazz, zydeco, country music, bluegrass, Celtic music, gospel, and other world music. 
  • The station encourages local musicians and lets them perform live over the air. Popular musicians hosted over WWOZ are Rob Cambre, Samirah Evans, Alan Fontenot, Bob French, Hazel the Delta Rambler, and many more. 
  • They also capture live music events, festivals, and other local musical events. 
  • WWOZ was awarded the Prestigious Award for Station of the Year in 2018 by the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters. 


  • Cultural driven programs. 
  • Large community. 
  • Available on leading platforms. 


  • Too much jazz music. 

2. BBC World Service

 Rating: 4.6/5

Broadcasting Area: Worldwide 

Frequency: Varies with the Location 

Genre: News and Knowledge 

Available On: Webcast, Android, iOS 

Price: Free 

The BBC World Service is the best online radio station to tune in 2021. It is an international broadcaster operated by the BBC. It is the largest radio station that offers news and discussions in over 40 Lang through internet streaming, FM, MW, DAB, and many other platforms. The World Service reached 210 million weekly users in 2015. The British Government funds the broadcaster along with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for a very long time. 

BBC World Service

Tuning Features 

  • The radio station is aired in the eight prominent regions globally with program variations — East and South Africa; West and Central Africa; Europe and the Middle East; Americas and Caribbean; East Asia; South Asia; Australasia; United Kingdom.
  • BBC World Service offers two separate internet radio stations. The 24 hours new oriented online broadcaster is called News Internet.
  • The popular BBC radio programs worldwide are — Newsday, Newshour, The Newsroom, Health Check, Stumped, The Sports Hour, Outlook, etc. 
  • You can listen to World Service radio in various regional languages such as Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Mandarin, Dutch, German and more. 


  • Good station to expand your knowledge. 
  • Useful for students and children. 


  • The app completely drains the battery. 
  • BBC World Service only covers your local news. 

3. Big Radio 

Rating: 4.5/5 

Broadcasting Area: Banja Luka

Frequency: 93.6 MHz

Genre: Local News, Music, and Tall

Available On: Webcast, iOS, Android 

Price: Free 

Big Radio is an internet radio station based in Banja Luka. It is a local radio station that broadcasts a variety of programs such as evergreen music, local news, talk shows, rock music, and more. The programs are produced in Serbian language and available in the city of Banja Luka and nearby localities, including Laktaši, Čelinac, Prijedor, Bosanska Gradiška/Gradiška, and Kotor Varoš.

Big Radio

Tuning Features 

  • Big Radio operates on three local FM stations, namely Big Radio 1, Big Radio 3, and Big Radio 4. The Big Radio 2 is near the national FM radio station in Herzegovina and Bosnia. 
  • They also offer three separate online radio station services — Big Folk Radio, Big Rock Radio, and Big Balade Radio. 
  • This radio station has around 290.524 listeners. 


  • Variety of programs. 
  • Vast reach. 
  • Three different local and online stations. 


  • Majority of programs are in the Serbian language. 

4. Sinar FM

Rating: 4.4/5

Broadcasting Area: Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei

Frequency: 96.7 MHz

Genre: Adult Contemporary 

Available On: Webcast, Android, iOS 

Price: Free

Sinar is a popular Malaysian online radio station in 2021 produced by Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd. The station is focused on mature listeners and plays local and foreign artists’ music. According to Nielsen RAM Survey Wave in 2015, Sinar is the second leading Malaysian language internet radio station. With over 16 million listeners and many other subsidiary radio stations, Sinar is the perfect spot for young adults to hang out in 2021. 

Sinar FM

Tuning Features 

  • A radio station is known by its announcers, and Sinar has some of the best announcers like Angah, Jep Sepahtu, Dina Nadzir, Pink Azwan, and many more. 
  • Sinar radio app has a very accessible and easy-to-use side menu. 
  • You can play the app in the background while doing other things on your phone or computer. 
  • The fresh and youthful music is played on the station for adult listeners. 


  • Easy to use. 
  • Clean interface. 
  • Nice programs. 


  • Only for mature listeners. 

5. Hot FM 

Rating: 4.2/5

Broadcasting Area: Malaysia and Singapore 

Frequency: Varies on Its Broadcasting Region 

Genre: Talk Shows and Contemporary 

Available On: Webcast, Android, iOS 

Price: Free 

Hot FM is a free internet radio owned by Synchrosound Studio Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Media Prima. Broadcasts transmitted from Sri Pentas in Bandar Utama. This station provides 24*7 broadcasting of mixed selection music tracks by Malaysian, Indonesian, and English artists. In 2009, Hot FM went viral radio stations in Malaysia with 3.8 million radio stations. 

Hot FM

Tuning Features 

  • The star announcers on Hot FM internet radio are Fizie, Deen, Fad, Zetty Nabila, Ijal Azhar, Shahid Subari, and many more. 
  • Hot FM can be easily accessed from the website and mobile apps. 
  • The radio station is 24 hours, so from late-night talk shows to early morning music, you can listen to it all day long. 


  • 24 hours radio station. 
  • Easy to use. 


  • Mostly in Malaysian. 
  • Sound quality depends upon your location. 

6. Magic FM

Rating: 3.6/5

Broadcasting Area: United Kingdom and Around the Globe

Frequency: 105.4 MHz

Genre: Classic 80s 

Available On: Webcast, Android, iOS 

Price: Free

Magic FM is an independent local and international online radio station in the UK. It is available on 105.4 FM and DAB across many parts of the globe. The station is owned by Bauer Radio, a branch of the Bauer Media Group. This internet radio is supported by more than 1 million daily. You can download Magic FM app on your devices and get additional features like an HD audio recorder, dark and light mode. 

Magic FM

Tuning Features 

  • Magic FM station has become incredibly popular in the UK due to the fine hosting of Harriet Scott, Nick Snaith, Paul Hayes, Richard Allinson, Ronan Keating, and more. 
  • It is available in many parts of the world like India, Italy, etc.
  • You can play it on your mobile phone, car, iPods, and other gadgets. 


  • Highly addictive programs. 
  • Easy to use the app. 
  • Simple web interface. 
  • Global reach. 


  • The app often cuts out while playing. 


Rating: 3.6/5

Broadcasting Area: Seattle, Washington 

Frequency: 90.3 MHz 

Genre: Eclectic/Alternative Rock

Available On: Webcast, Android, iOS 

Price: Free with an open donation. 

KEXP is a public local, and online radio station in Seattle focused on alternative and indie rock programs. It is a non-profit organization that hosts special weekly programs dedicated to various musical genres. KEXP disc jockeys often host programs for hip hop, blues, rock, punk, and alternative music lovers. Additionally, you can listen to in-studio live performances by famous and newcomers artists on this station. 


Tuning Features 

  • The online radio station facility is completely free. The internet radio fees are covered by the National Public Radio. 
  • On the KEXP website, you can explore various playlists, programs from the last two weeks, live streaming, and previous on-air live performances. 
  • The top KEXP performing artists have been Patt Smith, They Might Be Giants, Maktub, Harvey Danger, and many more. 
  • KEXP website offers a 128 kbit/s stream of live radio. The website even won the Web Radio Webby Award in 2004. 


  • Cool music selection. 
  • Live performances. 
  • Interactive website. 
  • Free internet radio station. 


  • The app needs some basic improvements. 

8. Worldwide FM 

Rating: 3.5/5

Broadcasting Area: Worldwide 

Frequency: Varies with the Location

Genre: Underground Music 

Available On: Webcast, iOS, Android 

Price: Free 

Worldwide FM is the free internet radio station that focuses on underground music, global stories, and cultural programs. It was founded by the longtime BBC radio program Worldwide host — DJ Gilles Peterson in 2016. The radio station celebrates international DJs and musical programs. In 2020, Worldwide FM already had more than 400,000 listeners, which was a huge success in a short time. 

Worldwide FM

Tuning Features 

  • The Worldwide FM radio station has been awarded on numerous occasions, such as the Jazz FM award in 2017, ARIA in 2017, and again ARIA in 2020. 
  • During the pandemic, Worldwide FM experienced a huge rise in listenership with around one million new listeners. 
  • Currently, Worldwide FM is broadcasted from studios in London, New York, Mumbai, Seoul, Johannesburg, Brussels, Kyoto, Berlin, Los Angeles, Melbourne, among other cities. 


  • Global presence. 
  • Completely free. 


  • The app can quickly consume your device battery and data. 

9. Radio Free Brooklyn

Rating: 3.5/5

Broadcasting Area: Brooklyn, New York 

Frequency: Varies with the Location 

Genre: Local 

Available On: Webcast, Android, iOS 

Price: Free 

Radio Free Brooklyn, aka RFB, is a non-profit organization that provides free internet radio in Brooklyn, NY. The station offers over 78 original radio programs, including 63 weekly broadcasts such as Democracy Now! and The BradCast. The station’s mission statement is to provide a global voice to local artists. All the radio programs are created by artists who live and work in the greater NYC area. 

Radio Free Brooklyn

Tuning Features 

  • The radio station programs are based on local topics like politics, LGBT issues, music, and literature. 
  • RFB has three pillar theories — Community, Discovery, and Education so all RFB programs are around these topics. 
  • Some of the popular guests who appeared on RFB programs include Chuck Schumer, Frank Conniff, John S. Hall, The Gregory Brothers, Sofia Rei, Annie Finch, Les Bohem, and many more. 


  • Supports local talent. 
  • Simple to use. 
  • Free to listen to. 


  • Programs are developed for New Yorkers only. 

 10. NTS Radio 

Rating: 3.4/5

Broadcasting Area: London 

Frequency: Varies with the Location 

Genre: Live Shows and Music 

Available On: Webcast, Android, iOS 

Price: Free 

NTS Radio or also known as NTS Live, is an online radio station located in the Hackney region of London. It was founded in 2011 by Femi Adeyemi. The station has produced a variety of programs, including live radio shows, music events, and digital media. In 2020, the NTS had over 1.5 million monthly listeners. 

NTS Radio

Tuning Features 

  • NTS has two online channels with over 500 resident artists, music producers, DJs, and record collectors. 
  • The popular NTS announcers are Zack Fox, Martine Sums, Erol Alkan, Moor Mother, and many more. 
  • The famous guests who appeared on NTS include Arca, Andrew Weatherall, Chloe, Sevigny, Chino Moreno, and many others. 


  • Wide range of shows. 
  • Popular announcers. 


  • Web interface needs improvement. 

Tune-Up Now! 

Listeners, there are so many awesome online radio stations available in 2021 that you won’t ever get bored. So, search for your local internet radio now and listen to some soulful music and entertaining programs. 

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