How To Bypass VPN Blocks & Stay Undetectable Online?

Bypass VPN Blocks & Stay Undetectable Online

Last updated on September 2nd, 2023 at 3:30 am

Internet is one of the freest mediums of information and services for people, with multiple websites and applications available for varying uses. For the most part, you can access the internet for content types of various kinds from any location due to transnational server systems. However, web censorship is a major thing where specific content and websites restrict access to users.

This is common in particular private organizations and regions. They put up VPN Blocks to keep other users from accessing their content. In fact, the blocks are strong enough to withstand VPN software types used to bypass censorship.

In this case, there are some methods you can take to bypass VPN Blocks and browse content without detection. In this post, we dive deeper into possible cases of VPN Blocks and how to cross them safely.

What is the Importance of VPN Blocks?

Before knowing the types of methods you can take to bypass VPN Blocks, it would be helpful to understand the main motivations behind the blocks. Here are the particular reasons why the different governments, internet service providers, or specific private company websites employ VPN blocks.

1. School/workplace policies

Some educational institutions like universities, schools and their administrative departments block specific sites like social media URLs. This is to avoid productivity loss in their institutions and reduce concentration loss among the students. It is also useful to keep the data of their business or student details free from external access.

Since VPN software types can cross these restrictions, these institutions block VPN access for total control of their internet uses and traffic.

2. Prevention of fraudulent activities

Few types of websites focus on financial transactions or related services primarily. They restrict access to their services via VPNs to avoid the possibility of money laundering. Users that use VPN blocks can lose their accounts- the site freezes them.

3. Legal reasons

Due to governmental sanctions, some services are not legal to access in specific zones. For example, gambling is considered illegal in several countries, and their governments ban access to such sites from all their citizens. Players can use VPNs to access these sites and play for real money, so VPN blocks are in place here.

4. Copyright infringement

Some things, like TV shows or movie content, are protected under the geographical licenses of the makers. VPN services are useful for bypassing and viewing content from different locations in streaming platforms, for example.

That harms the copyright protection when users from other unauthorized locations access the content since the platform only purchased the distribution license in particular regions.

5. Political reasons

Some countries follow strict censorship rules for their citizens, and the governments limit the access to information here. For example, China does not allow free access to several social media sites. So, people turn to VPNs to access the content here. The government can find users who use these services liable to strict punishment. Some examples include North Korea and Russia.

Types of VPN Blocks

To stay undetectable online and access the available content safely, take the time to understand the VPN Block types first. Many of these versions control accessibility to specific types of content. Plus, a lot of the VPN Blocks restrict more than one layer of VPN.

Here are the most common types you should know about to bypass VPN Blocks effectively.

  • IP Blocking– This is a simple tactic for VPN blocking that blocks IP address-based access. Mostly, streaming platforms use this procedure. This works with public lists or linking the blocking to specific unusual activities across different IP addresses.
  • Deep Packet Inspection or DPI– This type of VPN blocking is mainly a complex censorship tactic or internet shutdown. DPI focuses on assessing the data packets that are in transit, and it blocks VPN traffic access that characterizes encrypted metadata.
  • Port Blocking– This type of firewall software can block off specific ports, especially those that the VPNs use. That blocks services from connective with specific servers.

Methods to Bypass VPN Blocks and Carry Out Online Activities Undetected

Now that you know what VPN blocks are, you can go ahead with different tactics to stay undetectable online and avoid these blocks. We went through several known approaches for bypassing VPN blocks successfully. Here is the list of the top methods we found that efficiently do the work against even the strongest VPN blockers.

Method 1: Use a Stealth VPN for Obfuscation

One of the best ways to bypass all VPN blocks is to stealth VPN software. These run with obfuscation technology that allows users to stay undetectable online when using VPNs. It adds a secondary encryption layer to the VPN traffic that a user is operating. Alternatively, it can scramble the available data, making it difficult for the blocking algorithm to detect the connection.

Some VPN software options like ExpressVPN have this functionality to avoid strict censorship and allow users to access content in different regions. You have to install the application on your device and search for the list of obfuscated servers. Choose one and then begin the browsing process.

Here, we specifically cover two different VPN options with powerful features for Mac and Windows users.

Solution 1: Use ClearVPN for Mac

You can download and use ClearVPN from MacPaw to secure bypass VPN Blocks and carry out diverse online activities. You can browse privately, find content from different countries, and swiftly change your location, with some simple clicks.

The best features of this software are the top-notch security protocols that are active in the software.

Top Features of ClearVPN

The following are the top benefits you can expect from using ClearVPN.

  • Strong no-log policy– The software does not log any of the online activity data of the users or store the information. It does not share it with external servers or ISPs. You can expect the security of your personal data, online activity logs, and IP addresses, among others.
  • End-to-end encryption– The software comes equipped with strong industry-standard and tested encryption protocols. It is protected with AES-256 encryption for the users.

How to use this?

Step 1: First, register an account for ClearVPN access. Add the username and password and log into the account.

Step 2: Install ClearVPN software on your iOS or Mac device.

Step 3: Run the software on the device of your choice and follow each on-screen instruction for the setup. Login to the software using the registered username and password.

Step 4: On the main ClearVPN dashboard, you can see different shortcuts for specific VPN functions. Choose the “Browse securely & privately” option.

Browse securely & privately

Step 5: Change the location to your selected server from the dashboard if necessary.

change server location

Solution 2: Work with ExpressVPN for Windows

ExpressVPN is a top-notch VPN software for Windows users that assures many benefits to them during their online user experience. The software assures great VPN speeds during browsing, gaming, and streaming. It has unlimited bandwidth support and modern security technology.

Users can run 5 different devices while using the same account on different types of devices. ExpressVPN had servers in 94+ countries that assure strong network connection and content reach, even with VPN blockers.

Top Features of ExpressVPN

The following are the best features of ExpressVPN to stay undetectable online.

  • Change location– The software changes the user’s IP address and allows them to access the content of any country that it has servers in. Some examples include Canada, Germany, and India.
  • Better safety from security breaches– It protects users from security breaches of various types, like rogue WiFi networks, packet sniffing, etc.
  • Privacy protection– It safeguards the users’ online identities so that servers, apps, or websites cannot track them.
  • Unblocks websites– With ExpressVPN, users can break firewalls effectively and view restricted content from services and websites.

How to use this to change protocols?

Step 1: You should install the ExpressVPN app and run the software on your Windows device. If it runs automatically via the system tray, you can access it when you access the right-hand side arrow beside the taskbar. You would see an icon for the app.

Alternatively, you can click your cursor on the Windows icon and type ExpressVPN when the search field comes up. Choose the right app from the list of results that come up.

Step 2: Click on the top of the hamburger-shaped button to open the menu, which is available on the top left side.


From the next menu, click on the “Options” selection.

Step 3: At the next window, you will see multiple options. Choose Protocol.


Step 4: You will see a list of multiple protocols and small excerpts about each type. You can set this as Automatic or manually choose a particular protocol that you want to use.

Step 5: Select the “OK” button.

Step 6: After this connects, you can go back to the main home page of the ExpressVPN app and click once on the on/off button. Or, you can choose the Selected Location (manually choose a location) or Smart Location panes (the software automatically connects to a new location server).

on/off button

Method 2: Change tunneling or encryption protocols or the ports

Your VPN ports would connect to the encryption and security protocols of the sites to grant access. So, if you change these settings, the possibility of bypassing VPN blocks become easier.

This is one of the easiest processes since most users can make the changes directly through their VPN application dashboard. You can switch the available protocols for encryption or port manually. For expert assistance, it is better to contact the VPN provider for technical support.

Method 3: Acquire a dedicated/static type of IP address

You can connect your servers to a dedicated IP address. This can help you bypass VPN Blocks if the main connection issue is through the IP addresses. Since you would have primary control over accessing this, the chance of getting blocked is lower.

Some VPN service providers like NordVPN offer dedicated IP addresses to their users.

Method 4: Choose another VPN or server

Another method to stay undetectable online is to change the main server you are using to another option. The best VPN service providers offer access to multiple servers, some even existing in groups in certain countries. So, you can reconnect the app to change your server and avoid blocking easily.

ExpressVPN, for example, keeps rotating the IP addresses that are available regularly. You can choose one of the 94 countries where the software supports server connections for this as well. So, you can choose that software instead of the previous VPN software you are using.

Method 5: Switch the security protocols

You can adjust the security protocols in your VPN software as they contain multiple types of these. Some VPNs run a variety of protocols, while others have cohesive modern security protocols.

Check the protocols that your VPN service provider offers to its users. Also, consider the one that would work best with your internet connection, so evaluate that compatibility. Users get either better security quality or a high-speed guarantee in some software options.  

To explain, you can choose a protocol with strong security if your main objective is to safeguard your digital traffic and stay undetectable online while browsing. You can opt for one with a better speed guarantee if you want to open a geo-blocked streaming application. 

Types of security protocols

The following are some of the common types of security protocols available.

  1. L2TP/IPSec

This contains Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) and Layer-2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP). The latter provides better speed than security. However, it works well to secure traffic with encryption protection to avoid leaks when it pairs with the former. However, both protocols working together can cause your connection to slow down a little overall.

  • SSTP

SSTP is the strongest available protocol that can bypass VPN Blocks. It works with port 443 and assures high security with internet traffic. Yet, the only drawback here is that it is unavailable for Mac users.

  • IKEv2

IKEv2 or Internet Key Exchange v2 assures great and fast speeds with the high-security level of IPSec. It works well with mobile devices that can reconnect the user during the temporary internet connection loss. However, this protocol is slightly challenging for beginners to set up. Plus, it supports some devices at a time only.

  • PPTP

PPTP is not a new security protocol and works as a last resort option for protecting against VPN blocks. While users can expect high speed with this, the security quality is sub-par at best. So, it is not the best option against strict online censorship and leaves your connection vulnerable.

  • WireGuard

One of the newest available, WireGuard, works with the security level of OpenVPN and IKEv2 speed levels. While this is highly useful, it is not available under many VPN software types currently active.

Method 6: Use Mobile Data Instead

One of the best ways to get rid of the VPN blocks issue and stay undetectable online is to switch your connection to mobile data. For example, if a user tries to access the WiFi in their school or workplace, they would get cut off from different sites. Instead, using mobile data after disconnecting the WiFi connection allows them to access some sites.

Generally, VPN blocks of this nature occur in WiFi connections. However, before switching your connection to mobile data, check if you have an unlimited data limit. This is crucial if you are running gaming apps or streaming platforms; these quickly consume large amounts of data.


Indeed, there are several steps you can take to appropriately surpass VPN blocks and get the content you want to access. Follow all the steps carefully when using top software options like ClearVPN or ExpressVPN. Try out other ways to bypass VPN Blocks besides downloading these top VPN options.

Before that, consider your requirements for bypassing these restrictions and then choosing the safest method for you.

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