10 Best Photo Blender Apps for Android & iOS


Using a picture blending application is one of the quickest and most efficient methods to transform ordinary photos into magnificent ones. On both iOS and Android, several blending picture programs may be used to produce complex images. Many elements in these programs let you take photos that look like photographers shot them.

With a picture blender app, you may swiftly merge photos on your Android phone. You may alter your photographs with specific photo-combining programs by cropping them or changing the brightness. A list of the best photo blending app for iOS and Android are given below.

Best 10 Photo Blender Apps for IOS & Android

Below are some of the top IOS & Android Photo Blender Apps to use if you are a photo enthusiast.

1) Blend Me, Photo Editor

Blend Me, Photo Editor

As the name suggests, it lets you mix up to three photos. With its auto-blend function, merging photographs is simple and quick, and you can adjust the luminance to your preferred level. The app’s selection of filters enhances your composite image further, and you can apply pattern overlays in the shape of a circle, oblong, or triangular.


  • You have total control over whether to weaken or strengthen an impact.
  • You have access to several stickers, typefaces, and filters.
  • There is an extensive selection of filter effects that you may use to choose one that works for your shot.
  • Make your photograph in a unique form.


  • Beginners will benefit from this software.
  • The user experience will be excellent.
  • Heart, circle, rectangular, triangular, and 3D forms are supported.


  • Has a lot of pop-up video advertising.
  • Only accessible for Android installation.

Cost: Free

OS compatibility: Android

2) Photoleap


One of the many tools that Photoleap’s top-rated photo editing program offers to improve your photos is the option to create a Dual Exposure effect. Using Photofox, you can test several blending methods to see which suits your shot the best.

The best photo blending app for iOS and Android allows you to make photos that resemble artistic creations for those looking for more intricate mixing techniques.


  • The erasing function makes it easier to edit the picture.
  • It is a delight because of how user-friendly the UI is.
  • With picture retouching, outdated images may be turned into HD photos.
  • Your photographs will be revived & restored with instant photo effects till they appear brand new.


  • The app’s built-in tools and filters are excellent.
  • The altered image is stored in high definition.
  • Sharpen distorted or blurry images with photo effects and sophisticated editing software.


  • The program costs $4.99 per month to utilize to its total capacity.
  • There are many advertisements in the app.

Cost: Photoleap costs $36.

OS compatibilityAndroid and iOS  

3) Ultimate Photo Blender

Ultimate Photo Blender

To produce beautiful images, you may blend, merge, and combine several photographs only with the Ultimate Photo Blender program. Use tools such as double exposure, blending, multi-exposure, and numerous effects to elevate your images.

The program also provides a variety of choices for further enhancing your photographs, such as adding stamps, frames, text, and distinctive backdrops to make your designs stand out.


  • Access to a collection of several photos
  • You may add several special filters to change the look of your images.
  • Use tools like “Enhance,” “Light output,” “Counterbalance,” “Crop,” “Saturation,” and others.
  • For social networking or other uses, crop pictures.


  • Consider the app to be your one-stop shop for editing requirements.
  • The dual exposure effect’s maestro.
  • To obtain the best view of the photographs, adjust the position.


  • You cannot alter the layer sequence.
  • Sometimes sluggish assistance.

Cost: Free

OS compatibility: Android and iOS

4) Photo Overlays

Photo Overlays

The Photo Blender program may combine photographs, enhance their appearance, or modify them in various ways. Its user-friendly design makes it simple to operate, and its robust features guarantee flawless results every time. With its sophisticated photo retouching and enhancing features, Photo Blender is the best photo merge app for android to combining two or more images.


  • Use sophisticated blending tools to combine and mix two or more photos.
  • HD-enhanced photographs can be added.
  • Use effects to enhance the beauty of images further.
  • Generate a double exposure by applying an overlay.


  • This program has several effects besides the typical photo combining, filters, and outcomes.
  • Negative ratings are interpreted as an opportunity to improve the app’s functionality.
  • Make professional-quality photo edits using a variety of tools.


  • contains several adverts
  • It is unable to save a photo in a higher resolution.

Cost: ‎Free

OS compatibility: Android

5) PicsArt


One of the most widely used picture editing applications is PicsArt, which has had over 1 billion installations. Its blending options and features let you make beautiful double-exposure pictures. You can use it as a multiple photo blender app. You may mix numerous photos and change opacity values thanks to the tool’s user-friendly features and straightforward layout.


  • Full-resolution pictures are supported.
  • Images in your favorite resolution, such as jpg, png, or even bmp, may be imported and exported.
  • You may combine two or more photographs using these programs to produce breathtaking visual effects.
  • You may use filters to produce stunning, merged photos.


  • Get editing results comparable to those of professionals, albeit without their expertise.
  • A double exposure combines two pictures into one, giving them a dynamic, fantastical, or funny quality.
  • Compatibility with Windows, IOS, Android, and macOS.


  • A tripod is needed to take the shots to get the best results.
  • It costs about $11.99.

Cost: Starts at $11.99 per month

OS compatibility: Android and iOS

6) Blend Collage Free

 Blend Collage Free

Blend Collage Free is now a fantastic app for producing beautiful collages using images from significant and exciting moments. You may use the photo blender free to add several photographs to a board by capturing your own or selecting from the ones it already has.

After choosing your photographs, you can quickly alter them with various tools, such as text addition and letter and color positioning, to produce a magnificent final output.


  • Compared to its rivals, the app offers more imaginative possibilities.
  • A wide range of backdrops and layers.
  • The double shutter effect’s master.
  • Keep your collage at HD resolution.


  • Choosing to eliminate the backdrop alone is an option.
  • A brand-new software for creating creative collages.
  • It has plenty of effects and screens and is entertaining to use.


  • The commercials are annoying.
  • You can only utilize their pre-set backdrops to generate double visibility effects.

Cost: Free

OS compatibility: Android and iOS

7) PhotoLayers – Superimpose

PhotoLayers – Superimpose

With the help of the effective photo-editing tool Photolayers – Superimpose, you can combine different images. This best photo merge app for android provides a variety of sophisticated editing capabilities, including perspective adjustment, color adjusting, and layer masking. To fully utilize the app’s potential if you are a potential customer, get familiar with its user experience, icons, designs, and extensive selection of capabilities.


  • This program allows you to create stunning photomontages.
  • This program has the full function of transparently making the image unnecessary space.
  • Delete Background
  • Creating a photomontage requires a simultaneous combination of up to 11 images.


  • Your customized picture is downloaded instantly after editing.
  • Useful and enjoyable.
  • The ideal tool for creative professionals and those wishing to make posters


  • A meager selection of backdrop pictures.
  • No pair of your photographs can be combined.

Cost: Free

OS compatibility: Android

8) Piclay


Piclay is a popular photo-editing program that offers a wide range of capabilities. While the photo blender free edition provides plenty of tools for basic picture editing, it’s astonishing double exposure functionality—which enables the simultaneous fusion of numerous images—stands out.


  • It enables you to post your artwork directly to social platforms.
  • It is available for free.
  • It can incorporate current effects.
  • The app gives your photographs distinctive frames and typography.


  • A stable interface that seldom crashes.
  • A vast assortment of templates.
  • Use this picture maker to add unique effects.


  • You cannot combine two of your photographs, just as with other programs.
  • There is no way to change the eraser size.

Cost: Free

OS compatibility: Android

9) Snapseed


Snapseed may not be the best option if you are looking for a fun and straightforward picture-blending program to use daily. Each image may be fine-tuned using various high-quality customization options, several possibilities for color and brightness tweaks, and specific editing features.


  • You may instantly zoom in or out on each image using two fingers.
  • There are many different styles, layouts, and functions to pick from.
  • The ability to alter the color tone of the photograph and make it more appealing is another useful function of this program.
  • You may develop your artistic talent by utilizing this software!


  • Google Play Store installations totaling more than 5 million.
  • For experienced photojournalists and content producers, Snapseed is a great choice.
  • A simple user interface makes it enjoyable for those with little computer knowledge.


  • Your high-resolution photographs’ quality can suffer.
  • Ads are everywhere on the app.

Cost: Free

OS compatibility: Android and iOS

10) Photoblend


A great picture editing software for both iOS and Android users, Photoblend is a multiple photo blender app for smoothly combining numerous photographs. Without having to master complicated, expensive tools like Photoshop, you can make a stunning and coherent final result with Photoblend. A superb selection of filters that may be rapidly added to your images and improve the overall appearance of your image are also available in Photoblend.


  • With this photo blender mix, you may combine up to 16 pictures.
  • Much quicker than some other photo blending applications.
  • It is an improved UX with guidelines and a demo.
  • Performance is faster comparatively.


  • The photographs you generate automatically store themselves.
  • There are more picture filters created.
  • Thanks to a recent update, you may now select the crop for the merged picture.


  • There is little room for modification.
  • A straightforward software with no additional intricate editing features.

Cost: Free

OS compatibility: Android


These applications provide a wide range of functions and features to help you create gorgeous and original shots, whether you are a great photographer or want to have entertainment with your photos. Try them out to discover how your favorite photography interest is progressing.

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