How To Fix App Store Missing On iPhone or iPad


Every iPhone and iPad user needs the App Store. It lets users discover and download apps, games, and other digital content. However, sometimes users need help finding the App store. This can be challenging if you need to access an app quickly. Rest assured. Several options exist to assist in locating the App Store.

This blog post will discuss these potential fixes for the app store missing on iPhone or iPad issue. You could be dealing with a software error, a disabled setting, or something more serious, regardless of the root cause – we have the answers! Find out how to fix this issue in 6 simple ways. But first, let’s find out the reason.

Why is the App store missing on iPhones or iPad?

Few people realize they accidentally deleted the App Store from their iPhone, causing much concern. The App Store is part of iOS and cannot be deleted. The App Store may have disappeared from the Home Screen, App Library, and Spotlight Search because the device has been restricted from installing unfamiliar apps.

Siri cannot open the App Store in this situation. This could mislead people into thinking the App Store is gone. We will solve this confusing problem.

6 ways to Restoring the App Store on iPhone or iPad

Rest assured that if you cannot locate the app store on the iPhone or iPad. It is impossible to be deleted it from your device. It’s hiding somewhere; we can find it with a little investigation. This section will look into the six effective methods to resolve the missing app store on your iPhone or iPad. Below are some ways to fix this troubleshooting. They are:

1. Use the App library to find

The App Library feature was introduced in iOS 14. It automatically categorizes your applications into various categories. So you can find the desired app easily.

Step 1: For App Library, swipe right to the left. This will take you to the App Library.

Step 2: If your home screen contains many pages of apps, you might have to lift more than once to reach the App Library.

App library

Step 3: Under “Utilities,” you will find the App Store.

2. Disable Restrictions to fix

You may have set up some restrictions on your iPhone, which further prevents you to get complete access of the App Store. Though, there is no need to worry – you can easily disable all the restrictions to get full access. Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to Settings and then click on the Screen Time. After that, click on the Content & Privacy Restrictions on your iPhone or iPad.

Content & Privacy Restrictions

Step 2: Select iTunes & App Store Purchases to fix the missing App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

installing apps

Step 3: Click on the Installing Apps after clicking it. Then, click the toggle switch next to Content & Privacy Restrictions.

3. Restore the Default Home Screen Layout

Following this step, you will restore your iPhone or iPad’s Home Screen to its original layout. Do not panic. Your apps will not get deleted. The Home Screen will, however, be returned to its original position if you have moved any stock apps around.

Step 1: Open your Settings.

Step 2: Go to General and click on the “Reset Home Screen.

Reset Home Screen

Step 3: Click Reset the Home Screen Layout and select Reset Home Screen.

4. Set up your settings again

Resest all settings to fix the issues of app store missing on your iPhone or iPad after trying every the previous procedure. Resetting your device’s settings may restore the missing icon. It will not impact your existing files.

Step 1: First, go to your Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on the “General.” Then, click on reset under it.

Set up your settings

Step 3: Click on the “resest all settings” now.

Step 4: Again, click on the “resest all settings”.

resest all settings

Once your device is back up and running, search again for “App Store.” Now should be the time to find it.

5. Simply search

The App Store icon is sometimes hidden in a folder with other apps. Here are the steps to search the App Store.

Step 1: Scroll down from your Home screen.

Step 2: The search bar on your iPhone will appear. Then, search “App store.”

App store

The result of the “App store” will appear. And if not, then try other methods.

6. Update your iPhone or iPad software

Make sure your iOS is the latest version before resolve the problem of missing app store on iPhone or iPad. Even though it’s not a common issue, outdated iOS can sometimes cause the App Store to be unavailable. So, you can verify or update it by following the instructions provided.

Step 1: Open your setting option.

Step 2: Go to the General option and click on Software update.

 Software update

Step 3: See if the new version is available. If so, then click on the download and install option.

Step 4: Wait while your iPhone is downloading. It will take some time.

Step 5: After completing the download, check the App store.


In conclusion, iPhones and iPads need the App Store. It is the leading platform for downloading apps, games, and other digital content. If the App Store is missing from your device, no worries. This article will help you restore the App Store and resume downloading and using your favorite apps.  These simple techniques can rapidly fix the missing App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Check Screen Time to see if the App Store is hidden or restricted. Or else, restart your device, reset your home screen layout, or update your software. If everything else fails, return your smartphone to factory settings. Follow our tips to get back to enjoying your device after the App Store disappears!

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