Top 5 green screen apps for your iPhone and Android

green screen apps for iPhone and Android

Last updated on December 28th, 2023 at 3:22 pm

Do you want to become a professional video maker or a vlogger?

Are you looking forward to creating the most realistic and engaging videos?

So many different questions are going through your mind, and the answer is a green screen app. Such a mobile app lets you replace the green background with a real video, image, or animation to make the entire video come to life. These apps are helpful, whether it is movie making or prepping a commercial ad.

Having said that, we will introduce you to the five best free green screen mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Top 5 free green screen apps for iPhone and Android

Finding the best green screen application for iOS or Android won’t be easy. Here is a brief description of the five top apps to choose from for free.

1. iMovie


If you want to use an easy green screen maker without technical knowledge, iMovie is undoubtedly the ideal choice. It comes with iCloud and Airdrop features, allowing you to access the cloud memory and share the complete video to different social media platforms. Furthermore, it comes with ten different filters for Apple photos and videos that you can use to create realistic multimedia files easily.

Key Features

  1. Drops in the images with transparent backgrounds
  2. Helps rotate videos directly
  3. Comes with a 4-point mask to adjust the green screen
  4. Hides borders surrounding the picture-in-picture effect


  • Doesn’t allow the black view to appear in full screen mode
  • Saves videos to iCloud easily
  • Returns to the editing window from other application


  • Doesn’t has advanced editing features for videos


Compatible with iOS 13

2. KineMaster


Whether you want to introduce reverse transition effects in the video or use the built-in templates instead of the green screen, this mobile application is undoubtedly one of the best choices you cannot ignore. Apart from this, the built-in Chroma Key feature lets you preview the video in the alpha mask mode and fine-tune the edges to have maximum clarity and sharpness of the video.

Key Features

  1. Creates a backup of the edited file to ensure the original file doesn’t get deleted permanently
  2. Comes with eight different blending modes to create video overlays
  3. Chroma Key helps compose two different videos together
  4. Allows editing 4K videos with a shutter speed of 60 fps


  • Lets users easily share the edited videos to different social media platforms
  • Helps create layered videos with multiple layers
  • Comes with advanced editing features, including EQ presets and video preview


  • Might malfunction at specific points


Android 5.0 and more, Chrome OS, and iOS

3. PowerDirector


Considered one of the best green screen-making apps for iOS and Android, PowerDirector is entirely free and easy to use. Apart from replacing the background with a solid green or blue color and then making it transparent with another picture, you can edit the video in other ways. For example, you can easily create the best final video by changing the background brightness to introduce smooth transitions between the frames.

Key Features

  1. Comes with different background colors and an opacity slider
  2. Has a cinematic filter collection with realistic effects
  3. Handles videos in 4K resolution
  4. Can be connected with different social media platforms


  • Can be used to correct the videographic images
  • Ensures the picture quality is not compromised
  • Uploads videos to social media faster


  • Doesn’t allow images from Shutterstock to be used


iOS 13 up and Android 5.0 up

4. Chromavid


If you want to create professional videos, use the Chromavid green screen-making app. It offers you different background color options, namely green, red, blue, and yellow, so that you can use any of the lists at your convenience. It allows you to shoot movies, vlogger videos, commercial advertisements, and other types of content quickly.

Key Features

  1. Supports videos of different resolutions
  2. Uploads videos of different sizes to social media channels
  3. Video recording time has no limit
  4. Comes with a library full of photos, animations, and soundtracks


  • Has numerous study videos for better knowledge
  • Easy to use interface and ideal for beginners
  • Has four different background colors


  • No advanced editing tools present


iOS 12 and Android 6.0 minimum

5. WeVideo Movie & Video Editor

 WeVideo Movie & Video Editor

When you want to record live video and work on the same with the green space, no other application will be as good as WeVideo Movie & Video Editor. It is compatible with Android and iOS, which is one of the many reasons to proceed with this app. In addition, you can use numerous advanced features, from the overlay text and music to the layering of multiple video screens.

Key Features

  1. Real-time green screen software
  2. Comes with advanced editing tools
  3. Compatible with multiple video types
  4. Can be connected to the cloud network


  • Doesn’t affect the video quality
  • Saves the video to the device and cloud
  • Can support images from stock websites


  • Watermarks are present


Android 5.1 and more or iOS 12 and more


With the list of top free green screen applications now explained to you, it’s time you decide which one to go with. First, consider your skills and experience level because choosing the wrong app will destroy the video quality.

Also, if you do not want to use any third-party video editing software, choose the green screen app with built-in editing tools for brightness adjustment, overlays, layering, and so on. Having the green screen app is like having the cherry on top of the cake, as it allows you to capture video with a regular mobile camera and produce a pro video.

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