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Iperius Remote – Complete Remote Desktop Application – Review


Access Any PC or Device Remotely To Deploy a Software or Keep an Eye!

Remote desktop tools have been around for years, yet an average user doesn’t think about using them because they are linked with IT admin and managers. But with the increasing popularity of smartphones, an average user feels the need to access their home or work PC on the go.

Thankfully, we have some great remote desktop manager tools that can blur the boundaries between your devices.

But which one is the best remote access software?

Iperius Remote is one such powerful tool that allows accessing another system from anywhere. Using it you can access host to identify and fix problems, share an important file, see results on a low-end laptop and connecting also from mobile devices (Available for Android and iOS).


It is a simple and portable tool that can be installed on the remote computer (host) and your device to access and control the host computer. The host can be in another building or in any part of the world.

Iperius Remote – The Best Remote Desktop Software

Iperius Remote as the name implies is a software that helps remote connection to any Windows computer or server. This user-friendly, reliable, lightweight, and flexible remote desktop software helps perform basic and complex tasks like file transfer, sharing system, checking system configuration, troubleshooting the host, etc.


Iperius Remote software is also available as a freeware, and it provides all functionalities necessary to carry out remote assistance sessions. This TeamViewer alternative can be used by both professionals and individuals who want to connect to a remote system.

The tool is extremely simple to use as it consists of a single executable file, that doesn’t require installation. To access a system, make sure you have an active Internet connection.

Highlights of Iperius Remote  

  • Connect infinite computers
  • Connect to several computers at the same time in the view-only mode for presentations and meetings
  • Transfer files, open chat session with the host computer
  • Set custom passwords and setup unattended connections.

Compatible Systems

Windows operating system: XP, Vista, 7, 8, Windows 10, Server 2003, 2008 / R2, Server 2012, 2012 R2, Server 2016, Server 2019 / 32-64 bit.


English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)

Overview – Iperius Remote Alternative to TeamViewer

Iperius Remote is a lightweight, stable and secure software that lets you connect with the host in the fastest possible way. This remote desktop manager offers integrated data encryption and connection in SSL mode.

You can download and try Iperius Remote from the following link HERE

No need to make any configuration or firewall changes to use this amazing and best remote desktop software. Simply download the .exe and Iperius Remote software will get to work.

With Iperius Remote, you can set a custom proxy, customize your support tool and do a lot more. In simple words, managing clients is a breeze with this best remote desktop software.

Features: Iperius Remote

  • Easy setup and shared address book
  • Integrated encryption and HTTPS
  • Multi-monitor support, connections, and multi-user chat
  • Super-fast file transfer in the local network and both directions
  • Screen sharing and presentations
  • Setup unattended access and access connection statistics

One-click remote desktop connection

With Iperius Remote installed on your system, you can easily connect to any computer or server. Simply enter the ID and password of the host and you are all set.

No configuration

No need to install Iperius as this remote desktop manager works as portable solution.

Easy to Use

Iperius Remote desktop manager is the quickest way to connect to a remote computer and troubleshoot any problem or share a file.

Advanced security

This desktop manager offers advanced security as it uses HTTPS protocol (SSL) and takes advanced measures to encrypt transmitted information as well as configuration.

File transfer

Iperius Remote allows sending, receiving and downloading files from both sides. File transfer is quick, and it even helps receive error logs or share software updates.

Unattended connection and multiple connections

Iperius Remote is an advanced remote desktop manager that helps customer support people and companies troubleshoot problems. Moreover, assistance can be optimized or you can set up an unattended connection to access the host any time without manual interventions.

Not only this, using this desktop manager you can see a list of all connected computers and can access the list of customers who you can offer support. What’s more, different operators can connect to the same computer or multiple computers to provide assistance.

Multi-user chat

You can connect and interact with multiple users, using Iperius Remote.

Unlimited remote computers and multi-user access

With a single license of Iperius, you can connect with unlimited destination computers. Furthermore, two or more operators can connect to the same destination computer with different accounts.

Presentations and screen sharing

Allows multiple connections to the same computer, so that you can share your screen with multiple users and make presentations or take training seminars.

Full rebranding

Iperius Remote allows altering the name of the executable file, the icon, the name of the software and the information inside it. This means every company can have its own remote support software.

Connection statistics

Evaluate the time and cost of each assistance with the help of the Statistics feature.

Unattended access

Iperius can be installed as a Windows service therefore you can connect to the host without the user being present.

Benefits: Iperius Remote

  • Passwordless automatic connection
  • Portable software
  • No need to configure a firewall
  • Useful for presentations
  • Operators can also connect from Mac and Linux machines (using tools like WINE, Parallel, PlayOnMac, PlayOnLinux).
  • List of all connected clients
  • Unlimited destination computers
  • Real-time Chat
  • Session Reports

How to Use it?

Setting up the remote desktop software is not at all complicated. To use it, download the executable file and run it. Click on “Allow Connections” and you are good to go. Once the setup is done, Iperius Remote desktop manager will let you access any computer or server by simply choosing a specific ID and its related password.



  • It can be installed in the background for unattended accesses and a custom password can be set for security purposes.
  • Easy to use and offers a stable connection. Great multi-user chat function and file transfer facility. It is a complete remote desktop application.


  • You have complete reports on the commercial versions starting from the small.
  • In the professional version starting from the small one you can log into a reserved area where you have detailed statistics.

Verdict of the App

For me, this is the perfect remote desktop manager that even a novice can use. The most outstanding thing about this Iperius Remote tool is that you don’t need to make any configuration changes. You can simply download and install the .exe and you are all set.

So, this was it. I hope you will give this remote desktop manager a try. Please do share your thoughts and let us know what you liked in this software.

Download Iperius Remote Now

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