The 10 Best Resume Builder Apps for iOS and Android

Best Resume Builder Apps

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In the professional environment, you must create the proper Resume to get access to the job type you want. You need to prepare the document with necessary details related to your skills, job search objective, educational and work qualifications, and other vital information.

Unfortunately, not everyone always has access to a personal computer or laptop when they are seeking new career paths and want to prepare a resume. For them, mobile-based resume builder apps for iOS or Android users are better options. In this post, you will learn about the top ones you can use with suitable performance guaranteed.

Best Resume Builders for iOS and Android

After carefully considering the features and the functional usage experience, here are the top apps you can utilize. Both apps suitable for Android or iOS types are listed here, so read to know their specifications, features, etc.

1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a top choice when it comes to using the top-rated mobile-based Resume or document builder. Users can use this PC software’s iOS or Android-based mobile app version and edit different document files.

You can view, edit, and send your resume file with simplified steps and even collaborate with other users directly through the software for editing support. Finally, share or save the final document with other users.

Device compatibility: iOS, Android

Cost: Free


  • Different modern templates are available for resumes to start this process quickly.
  • Change the font style, alignment, and other structural factors.
  • In-built collaborative control.
  • Multiple formatting and layout options are available.


  • Easy to manage user permissions.
  • Simple to share files for viewing or editing.
  • Make easy changes.


  • Some users get slow performance issues.
  • Limited resume editing features are available for the free plan users.

2. Canva


Canva is highly user-friendly as a document editing and Resume building app for users. You can access the application and get the chance to utilize different types of resume options that are available in the template library.

After the selection, various features are in-built within this app for customized editing. Use the tools available to change the resume design and share offline.

Device compatibility: iOS, Android

Cost: Free, Pro (monthly)- USD 12.99; Pro (annual)- USD 119.99


  • Inbuilt resume builder with many templates.
  • Adjust resume layout styling, focusing on alignment, structure, etc.
  • Simplified sharing and editing ability with collaborative features in place.
  • Add graphics, stickers, etc., to the document files.


  • Easily sync your usage between different devices.
  • Add customized text to the Resume.
  • Smart tab support for better organization during different editing processes. 


  • Premium template styles are available for paid users.
  • Slightly tricky to move design elements to precise spots during editing.

3. Google Docs

 Google Docs

Accessing this app and creating customized documents, like professional resumes, with proper edits is straightforward. You can change the content elements like font style, document breakdown, and other factors.

Preset design options are available for users who want to make custom changes to the documents for resume themes that fit different industries.

Device compatibility: iOS, Android

Cost: Free


  • Unlimited changes tracking due to version history support.
  • Easily search for the information on Google via your Docs document.
  • Smooth collaboration with other users.
  • Create and edit documents quickly.


  • Seamless file exporting/conversion process.
  • Offline usage is possible.
  • Import and export documents in formats like PDF, HTML, TXT, etc.


  • Other users, you share the file with cannot view changes if you are offline.
  • The preset resume templates are limited.

4. Quick Resume

Quick Resume

If you are looking for one of the best resume builder apps for iOS users, Quick Resume is a top choice. Many premade resume styles are available here for selection. You can add and then make changes to the information in the Resume and also choose to add your preferred sections besides the preset ones.

Then, download different versions of the Resume with many arrangements of modules like skills, objectives, etc., to have more variety in selection.

Device compatibility: iOS

Cost: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 6.99.


  • Easily add sections and modules to the resume style.
  • Customize multiple resumes without any limit.
  • Seven types of PDF-based resume versions are available.
  • Directly print the final Resume via this application.


  • A User-friendly interface makes it simpler to utilize.
  • Universal version support for app users.
  • Easily record the sections.


  • Android users cannot use the Pro version benefits.
  • CV templates are not available beforehand.

5. Resume Builder – CV Engineer

Resume Builder

One of the best resume builder apps for Android users is the Resume Builder- CV Engineer app. This makes it very simple to create PDF-based resume options with simple steps, and many pre-built resume templates are available for the base.

This app is accessible to people in 19 countries and has premium-level editing features for resume customization, even in the free version.

Device compatibility: Android

Cost: Free


  • Diverse customizable templates are available.
  • Quickly insert a photo into the resume file.
  • Formatting the resume template by margins, design, etc.
  • Download or share the final Resume instantly.


  • The dark mode is supported.
  • Multiple languages are supported.
  • Preset question choices are available for custom CV building.


  • Mainly for Android version users.
  • Inaccessible in some countries.

6. Kickresume: AI Resume Builder


Kickresume is another high-quality and easy-to-utilize resume-building app for top-notch resume-building ability. This one runs with AI-based technology, allowing you to create instant and well-designed resumes and cover letters.

Besides that, you can also customize your content and change the resume structure alignment, font type, etc. However, even the personalization steps take some seconds to complete.

Device compatibility: iOS, Android

Cost: Free with in-app cost starting at USD 6.95.


  • 1500+ resume templates are available for specialized hob types.
  • AI-powered resume-building ability.
  • Twenty thousand types of industry-oriented phrases are preset.
  • Multiple customizable features to adjust the available templates.


  • Four templates are available for free use.
  • Guides available on how to prepare CVs and resumes.
  • Fast resume-building process.


  • You need to pay extra to get proofreading benefits.
  • A paid subscription is needed to get access to the 33 premium-based templates.

7. Resume Builder

 Resume Builder

Resume Builder is another high-quality app aspiring professionals can use for resume-building processes. You can choose the available formats and then make changes to those details.

It is possible to make structural changes to the resume or CV designs here during the editing process and save it for further adjustments.

Device compatibility: Android

Cost: Free


  • Around 130+ templates are available for resumes and CVs.
  • Copy, view, create and delete different profiles using this application.
  • Make changes to the preset template structure with a simple tap and rewrite.
  • Adjust changes and save the file multiple times.


  • Easily to share the final resume files.
  • Offline mode is available here.
  • Download the Resume in a shareable format.


  • Not available for cross-platform usage.
  • Outdated design options.

8. Resume Builder by Nobody

Resume Builder by Nobody

One of the best resume builder apps for iOS and iPad users is Resume Builder by Nobody. It is simple to access, with 20+ types of professional-quality resume templates available that you can choose and edit.

You can change your preferred resume selection regarding the available text size, colors, section spacing, and other structural design aspects. Plus, while making formatting changes, you can preview the file on your app using an iPad.

Device compatibility: iOS

Cost: Free, Monthly- USD 2.99; One-Time Payment- USD 9.99


  • In-built job search functionality is available here.
  • Multiple templates of resumes in varying styles.
  • Flexible editing platform for making changes to resumes.
  • Export the final file in PDF format.


  • Make an unlimited number of exports.
  • You can build no blocks on the total number of resumes in one go.
  • Cloud storage support is available.


  • Different templates for references and cover letters if you upgrade.
  • Get AR-based preview support with a paid version.

9. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is mainly available for job searching and networking users. But aspiring professionals can create Resume in the app itself and then share the customized document with their contacts or companies looking for applications instantly.

While you will not get diverse types of templates here, the available choices are high-quality and well-designed. But, of course, you need to make informed adjustments before final sharing.

Device compatibility: iOS, Android

Cost: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 29.99


  • Make your Resume and instantly send it to professionals in companies.
  • Add customizations like qualifications, skills, etc.
  • Network with the in-platform professional community.
  • Check to hire details of job offers and share your synced Resume instantly.


  • Prepare your Resume and share it in the job market.
  • Adjust the Resume at any time.
  • Insert premade Resume from offline as well.


  • Not many templates are available for resume creation.
  • It was directly meant for job searching.

10. Resume Star: Pro CV Maker

 Resume Star

Resume Star is one of the simple resume builder apps for iOS users that makes it simple for them to create personalized resumes instantly. Plus, after the creation process, you can email the final file with simple steps or utilize the in-app steps to print it via a connected device.

Ten different preset template drafts are available to users that you can further adjust on this resume builder platform. Plus, get additional guides as well.

Device compatibility: iOS

Cost: Free with in-app cost starting at USD 7.99.


  • An integrated spelling checker function is available.
  • Customize resume template choices that are available.
  • Unlimited edits and resume creations for different company types.
  • Preset ten drafts are available for easier reference and editing.


  • Limited costs or ads.
  • Easy-to-read font styles.
  • Export easily to Dropbox.


  • Outdated interface and resume template options.
  • Live preview is only available for iPad users.


Multiple high-quality apps are available for users to try out for the resume-building experience. Properly understand the benefits you can expect in all these applications and select the right one that suits you in terms of compatibility, features, etc. Try out more than one option to check the quality of their functionality for a better understanding first.

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