10 Best Free VR Games 2022 for Windows 10/11

Comparison Table of Top 5 VR Games

ProductOperating SystemRatings (Oculus Store)Free Trial/ versionCustomer Support
Minecraft VRWindows 103.3 stars out of 5.Yes/ 164,849 reviews
Big ScreenWindows 8/8.1 or Windows 104 stars out of 5Yes/ 0.900.12.8f95ef-beta-arch5-beta2,374 reviews
PokerStars VRWindows 7/8/ 10, Windows vista3.4 stars out of 5.Yes/,860 reviews
Epic Roller CoasterWindows 7 SP1 (64 bit) or higher3.1 stars out of 5.Yes/ 7.1.1172,164 reviews
Rec RoomMicrosoft windows, Oculus Quest 1/ 2, PS 4/5, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, iOS 12.0 (or higher), and Android 7.1 (or higher)4.2 stars out of 5Yes/ 2021121013, 725 reviews

The virtual reality gameplay experience is not like regular PC or smartphone games. Instead, the innovation combines the advantage of immersion. The user plays the game from a first-person perspective, experiencing as if they are directly in the gameplay scenario. In this guide, we will present a selection of the best VR games available online, including both single-player and multiplayer games.

List of Top Free VR Games 2022

VR is an interactive technology that produces a computer-simulated environment, and advancements are bringing cutting-edge technologies to the market. Here is a list of the free VR games 2022 for windows 10/11.

1. Rec Room

Rec Room is a multiplayer and best VR game available online. It was first launched for Windows in 2016. It is currently available for Windows 10, Oculus Quest, iOS, and PS4. Therefore, you can play it with companions no matter where they are or what device they are using, exactly as if you are sitting and playing together. You may explore hundreds of rooms made by other people and build your own. One may personalize their character and perform various activities such as 3D Charades, Disc-Golf, Paintball, etc. It will provide you with a simple avatar with hands and a painted face.

Rec Room

Compatibility: Microsoft windows, Oculus Quest 1/ 2, PS 4/5, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, iOS 12.0 (or higher), and Android 7.1 (or higher)

Price: Free


  • Integrated game creations.
  • Hangout with pals and play several games.


  • In the Sandbox, you may establish a room and organize private instances of events and Rec.
  • You may also make minigames and design locations independently or with pals.
  • You can also choose to block, report, vote, kick, or mute those creating the game less pleasurable.


  • You also receive loop track sounds that you can switch off.
  • Even if this VR game does not have as stunning visuals, you will enjoy playing this game.

2. VRChat

VRChat is exactly what its name suggests. It gives gamers virtual gathering and hangout areas to construct realistic characters that match their activity and facial clues. However, there is more to it than simply communicating. You can also play mini games, view films, explore community-created worlds, and build your own. If you enter the incorrect worlds with the wrong players, you may quickly discover a lot of nastiness. VRChat is the most active, social, and one of the top free VR games available online.


Compatibility: Oculus Quest,Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Price: Free


  • Offers full body avatars
  • Expresses yours moves with emotes and emojis.


  • Accessible for playing on Quest, Rift, Steam, and Viveport.
  • Eyes, lips, and your complete range of movements are synced with full-body representations.
  • Socialize with others in virtual reality.


  • Offers early access for four years.
  • The community might be unsafe.

3. A Township Tale

Crafting, vocations, gear, and exploration are all basic RPG features in A Township Tale. You may play it alone or with a group of pals, and the art style reflects the more colourful art design featured in RPGs from the 2000s.A Township Tale is a spooky encounter in the manner of Valheim. You’ll largely spend your time slowly accumulating resources, strengthening yourself, adventuring, and interacting with many others.

A Township Tale

Compatibility: Oculus Quest, Microsoft Windows

Price: Free


  • Fantastic starters.
  • Offers effective communication.


  • Engage with ten friends while gathering materials, crafting, gearing up, and exploring.
  • Runescape-style 3D independent access role-playing game (RPG).
  • There is a lot of contact from the developers.


  • There are some difficulties with performance.
  • The novelty of virtual reality is appealing, but it adds nothing to the genre.

4. Ancient Dungeon Beta

Although this brave roguelite dungeon explorer is currently available in beta version, users can explore a large dungeon full of villains desperate for the steel of their swords, arrows, and knives. You will have to climb over deep trenches, avoid fatal traps, and look for hidden riches. Smash as many pots and boxes as you can before it officially comes on Quest soon.

Ancient Dungeon Beta

Compatibility: Windows 7 or higher

Price: Free


  • Functions smoothly without bugs.
  • Offers various contents.


  • The Ancient Dungeon Beta offers a safe and freely accessible for downloading.
  • It’s a pretty enjoyable game with a lot of replayability.
  • The game’s quality and fluidity are unparalleled.


  • The game is available in its beta version.
  • There are not more than 100 contents because of the beta version.

5. The Lab

The Lab is a set of mini games designed to expose players to virtual reality in the universe of Aperture Science. If you want to return to a Valve universe, albeit on a lesser scale, and enjoy VR, The Lab is greater than any other introduction mini game or instructional in VR. The Lab is the free VR game2022 for windows 10/11that transports you to the famed old shower curtain manufacturing site for a series of room-scale virtual reality activities.

Compatibility: Microsoft Windows

Price: Free


  • Offers 8 different games.
  • Uses 3D motion.


  • Aperture Science contains a miniature universe that you may explore.
  • In this best VR game, minigames seem sleek and intuitive.
  • A fantastic method to acquaint someone with virtual reality.


  • There isn’t enough stuff to keep you entertained for over a few hours.
  • There is not much replay potential.

6. PokerStars VR

Online poker has a stigma for still being extremely basic and dull and for being nothing more than another method to wager. PokerStars VR eliminates all of that by putting poker to reality in virtual reality. You may now analyze your opposition and communicate with them in real-time while playing. You may also play in various exotic locations and summon engaging accessories and toys to keep yourself occupied. Nevertheless, the community can be hostile, and PokerStars VR is noted to be fairly problematic.

PokerStars VR

Compatibility: Windows 7/8/ 10, Windows vista

Price: Free


  • Play poker without restrictions.
  • Offers easy communication with opponents.


  • Enjoy on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Steam.
  • Examine your opponents, grab on tells, and converse in real-time.
  • Manage the chips and cards as though you were at a realistic poker table.


  • The community may be toxic.
  • Bugs and malfunctions occur frequently.

7. Minecraft VR

Mostly, Minecraft users have this best VR game for Windows 10, as Microsoft provides a free VR version of this Windows game on the Oculus Store. Minecraft is available on practically every platform imaginable, including virtual reality. It is a creation, exploration, and survival gameplay bundled into one with a unique, low-poly look.

The game includes 3D audio, a simulated living room option, VR Turning and VR Controls to the VR platform. Minecraft VR also has multiplayer game options, allowing you to share the experience with your friends.

Minecraft VR

Compatibility: Windows 10, JAVA, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Price: Free


  • You can pause the screen.
  • Toggle certain functionalities


  • Minecraft VR is accessible on any platform you want to play, including windows 10, windows 11, etc.
  • VR offers an excellent platform for a low-detail first-person gaming experience.
  • The games offer an advanced gaming experience with smooth functioning.


  • Only accessible through the Oculus store.
  • It only functions with Minecraft for Windows 10 but does not work with Minecraft Java.

8. Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR is another best free VR game available. It offers a few exciting gaming experiences as touching and expanding in Google Earth VR for the first time. Traveling across the planet in a digitized 3D picture of the Earth derived from satellite photos, aerial photos, and photographs shot by Google’s unique Street View automobiles, you can go everywhere. You can get below into street view and identify your house or business by shutting off a few safety features.

Google Earth VR

Compatibility: Microsoft Windows

Price: Free


  • Takes you anywhere on earth in VR.
  • Offers Street view.


  • It’s a convenient way to be wowed by VR.
  • Offers to experience the actual world as you have never seen it before.
  • Currently available on all VR systems.


  • There are no graphical customizations.
  • Google has dropped this project.

9. Epic Roller Coaster

One of the great natural uses of VR that instantly leaps to mind is rollercoasters. It’s exhilarating and fast-paced, and several individuals would like to experience a virtual roller coaster through magnificent landscapes. Unfortunately, the track choices are restricted, and there is not much ‘gameplay’ other than enjoying the coaster. You may purchase more courses to ride, but it might be a difficult sell with little replay ability after a handful of trips.

Epic Roller Coaster

Compatibility: Windows 7 SP1 (64 bit) or higher

Price: Free


  • 28 VR attractions available.
  • first multiplayer coaster adventure.


  • Best and interesting use of virtual reality.
  • Riding through exotic environments.


  • The free tracks are riddled with glitches.

10. Bigscreen

Bigscreen transports you and your buddies to a digital movie theatre while your computer’s desktops are projected onto the big screen. From here, you may broadcast anything you like to watch online with friends, and play computer games with pals, etc. You can perform many things using Bigscreen, but more intricate tasks will necessitate considerable setup. Most of all, you will require pals who regularly hang out within VR in Bigscreen.


Compatibility: Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10

Price: Free


  • Offers incredible experience.
  • Provides a stunning way to discover our amazing world.


  • Accessible on all VR systems, except PSVR for the time being.
  • The finest method to virtually watch video material together.


  • There are not many other advantages to mention.


We have offered the best VR game accessible for playing and enjoying with friends. You can select any of them as your interests and invite your friends to play together. The best part of all these games is that they are available for free. So, download any of the VR games and enjoy playing.

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