Top 10 Best RPG Games for PC In 2024

Best RPG Games for PC

Last updated on February 7th, 2024 at 6:39 am

Gamers have a special love for role-playing games or RPG games. The best RPG games have the power to keep you engaged with their carefully written storyline and memorable characters. The variety in the RPG helps gamers select one based on their interests. So, are you looking for the best RPG games for PC?

So today, let us go through a dedicated list of entertaining RPG games for your system. We’ve prepared our list based on the popularity, amazing themes, and features. It is easy for game lovers to select one from these available options according to their taste.

Top and best games for PC

So, below is the dedicated list of the top and best RPG games for PC available for modern gamers:

1. Elden Ring

 Elden Ring

First on our list of the best RPG games is Elden Ring. It was released in 2022 by the FromSoftware. It is one of the best games with weird monsters fighting with each other. The aim is to beat the troublemaking wolf monster. Not to miss is the open world structure offering detailed control.

Compatibility: Windows 10.

Price: 59.99 USD

Best Features:

  • Has a coolest ghost horse and quick map access.
  • Allows gamers to dodge, speed, and jump throughout the game.
  • Game is about overcoming bosses through eventual, error, and trial methods.
  • Allows quick system upgrades to new features.

Where to download: Official website

2. Divinity- Original Sin 2

Divinity- Original Sin 2

Released in 2017, Larian Studios created Divinity- Original Sin 2. This non-descript NPC is one of the most detailed and awesome games. This definitive edition inculcates interest in the games with increased re-visits and consistent gaming. The small moments in the game help gamers create big stories.

Compatibility: Windows 7/ 8/ 10.

Price: 44.99 USD

Best Features:

  • Has different character arcs and overlapping quests.
  • Easy for the players to go for the co-op with opposite ends of the same island.
  • Gamers can show tactical combat skills.
  • Player is in the driving seat with four other players.

Where to download: Official website

3. The Witcher 3- Wild Hint

 The Witcher 3- Wild Hint

CD Projekt Red released The Witcher 3- Wild Hint in 2015. It revolves around Geralt and his friends. It has some of the best world-in-class features with different worlds. Gamers can in this RPG. Not to miss is the quick play with Gwent for the newest destinations.

Compatibility: Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1.

Price: 24.99 USD

Best Features:

  • Has a well-written RPG.
  • Offers the best humanity features.
  • Has moving gratitude of the people, small dilemmas, and situations.
  • Offers sky, wind, and swaps at any time of the day.

Where to download: Official website

4. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2

Next on our list of the best RPG games for PC is Mass Effect 2, released by BioWare in 2010. It is based on the experience of the gamers in saving one planet at a time. Mass Effect 2 offers a fantastic musical moment for role-playing. It is one of the most modern and thrilling RPGs.

Compatibility: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7.

Price: 29.99 USD

Best Features:

  • A sci-fi game offering on-the-spot decision-making and role-play.
  • Has a roving space captain offering to create peace in the galaxy.
  • Offers behavioral choices for gamers.
  • Multiple roles playing.

Where To Download: Official Website

5. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age

BioWare introduced Dragon Age: Inquisition in 2014, it is a modern version of the Dragon Age origins. Gamers can move quickly within the game without any delay. Further, it is easy for the gamers to create a stronghold and then select the features of hallmark BioWare games.

Compatibility: Windows 7/ 8.1.

Price: 39.99 USD

Best Features:

  • Rangers have exclusive powers to backflip, fire explosive arrows, and other amazing powers.
  • Represents a cross-dimensional and beautiful aesthetics with different levels.
  • Uncommonly huge area named Hinterlands.
  • A gang of weirdos offering an interesting gaming setup in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Where To Download: Official Website

6. Deus Ex

 Deus Ex

Released in 2000 by Ion Storm, Deus Ex revolves around the JC Denton. It follows a reasonable approach to different missions in selecting a specific owner. The game understands that the player is the most important peripheral of the complete Deus Ex game. The best part of Deus Ex is that it never guides the player on the gaming journey. It Your search for the ends at Deus Ex. It is one of the

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux.

Price: 23.27 USD

Best Features:

  • Comes with a cyber-canvas body allowing the plug-and-play features of different devices.
  • Helps gamers discover the possibilities and push gamers against them.
  • Well-ventilated and bright RPG.
  • Best game to inhibit a character and setting according to the needs.

Where To Download: Official Website

7. Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3

Larian Studios presents its fantasy RPG- Baldur’s Gate 3, to gaming lovers. The story of Baldur’s Gate 3 is to escape the invading mind flayers and run into the group of misfits. It helps discover the little worm in the brain, converting the gamer into a mind flayer. The game’s goal is to prevent becoming a mind flayer and engage in the complete journey.

Compatibility: Windows 10.

Price: 59.99 USD.

Best Features:

  • Quick look customization and changes the character to extreme degrees.
  • Classic characters of the old-school Wizards of the Coast-style antics.
  • Rolling D20 in front of their screen.
  • The starting game area is lush and huge, with different hidden things with different characters.

Where To Download: Official Website

8. Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium

Released in 2019, ZA/UM offers a beautifully written RPG called Disco Elysium. Disco Elysium gives leverage to gamers to select their current personality, what they want to become, and the feeling of the change. Its’ interface has different tools. There is no need of the unnecessary action of shooting or stabbing the people in this game.

Compatibility: Windows 7/ 8/ 10.

Price: 39.99 USD.

Best Features:

  • Dedicated mechanics set and a well-written human script.
  • Offers becoming a renegade cop, and presents a narrative RPG.
  • Set in a failed communist city called Revachol.
  • Gamers can internalize ideas and encounter this digital world.

Where To Download: Official Website

9. Weird West

Weird West

WolfEye Studios released the Weird West in 2022 with a complex cowboy world. Gamers can add fresh plots to the town’s graveyard by killing people. The fun raises when it is easy to change your character. Weird West is the ideal combination of the old and the new features.

Compatibility: Windows 10.

Price: 44.98 USD.

Best Features:

  • Allows gamers to go for a gunfight and see the player’s agency in action.
  • Has ghost towns and the Sheriff’s replacement after the death of the previous one.
  • Engaging in fast combat with twin-stick shooters using turn-based RPG technology.
  • A classic RPG with isometric angles and a catchy art style.

Where To Download: Official Website

10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

 The Elder Scrolls V

Released in the year 2011, The Elder Scrolls V was created by the Bethesda Game Studios. It offers ultimate options in landscape and interesting exploration. Every city and town in The Elder Scrolls V has unique features to make it a grand journey. The gamer becomes a Dragonborn with the sole purpose of saving the world.

Compatibility: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7.

Price: 49.99 USD.

Best Features:

  • Large mountains with snow-covered hills, ice caves, bogs, marshes, and forests.
  • New genres, re-balanced combat, and the new questlines in the recent updates.
  • Offers different engaging activities.
  • Offers multiple experiences like mage’s guild to lead, joining the murderous dark Brotherhood, and the fighter’s arena conquering.

Where To Download: Official Website

Concluding Thoughts

Hope everything is clear to our gamers in selecting the best RPG games for PC. Whether you’re a fiction lover or want to go for irritated mutants, you can select one based on your interests. It is easy to go for the unique combat systems, fantastical worlds, and memorable characters out of the available options.

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