signNow Review: Is It The Right Electronic Signature Software?


signNow brings the power of cloud technology to the electronic signature. Launched in 2011, it is now a part of the airSlate Business Cloud software suite. We’ve conducted a detailed research and used signNow to bring an honest review of this effective tool.

With the increase in business operations, the workload of documents management team increases significantly. So, with little left for the businesses, teams resort to the comprehensive electronic signature software. No need to worry as we’ve an effective and useful tool for your e-signing needs.

Let us dive into all details about signNow, including its specifications, advantages, possible issues, and key features. Start using signNow with the guidance of detailed steps for signing different documents electronically.

signNow- An Overview

signNow is an enterprise-grade e-signature solution offering unlimited capabilities to users. It helps individuals and businesses to create, send, and sign digital documents. The tool aims to offer all leading functionalities like document storage, multi-party signing, audit reports, templates, and legally binding signatures.

signNow stands high on the modern needs of businesses in the competitive world looking for innovative solutions. It can not only help sign documents electronically but is rich in features useful for businesses. signNow is perfect for small businesses, medium enterprises, and big companies looking for dedicated document management solutions.

Not only this, signNow offers a range of quick integrations and APIs for entering the existing workflows of businesses.

signNow Overview

signNow Basic Specifications

Compatible OS: iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

How to Get: Sign up for a Free Trial

Price: Available in four different pricing options-

Plan TypeBusiness planBusiness Premium planEnterprise planBusiness Cloud plan
Pricing8 USD per user monthly15 USD per user monthly30 USD per user monthly50 USD per user monthly

Disk size: Used online, offers Cloud.

Compatible RAM support: Used online, offers Cloud.

signNow Pros

After knowing about the basic specifications of signNow, the following are some of its biggest advantages.

  1. Flexible use

It is easy to use signNow on mobile and desktop to add flexibility to business operations. It is available on Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and quick online use for desktops.

  • Standard and Advanced features

It is easy for beginners or professionals to use signNow according to their immediate needs. It offers standard and advanced e-signing options along with numerous other functionalities for serving different clients.

  • Facilitates complex workflows

Digital signatures are a tool for business workflows. signNow takes the next step in solving the complex e-signature workflow.

  • Adds to security in business operations

It allows quick protection of businesses’ sensitive information with all leading security compliances. These include CCPA, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, PCI DSS certification, SOC 2 Type 2 certified, and GDPR.

  • Quick integration

Businesses can use signNow without leaving existing CRM or productivity apps, as it offers multiple integration opportunities.

  • Ideal for different businesses

signNow is the perfect e-signature tool for financial services, government institutions, the healthcare sector, insurance real estate, and the higher education sector.

  • Additional branding capabilities

While signing documents and managing workflow is the basic advantage of signNow, it is rich in other branding features. Businesses can create custom logos, and customize emails and communication for additional branding.

signNow Cons

Like any other tool, signNow is not free from certain concern points. Some of these are:

  1. It doesn’t allow customizing colors or design of the documents.
  2. It lacks a content library.
  3. It doesn’t allow recurring payments through the platform.

signNow Features

After going through detailed advantages and the possible points of concern with signNow, it all comes down to the main features of this electronically signed document. Businesses or individuals can go for the features mentioned below to find their applicability according to their immediate needs:

  1. Standard e-signature tool

It allows quick document signing using the legally-binding signatures for employees, partners, or customers.

  • Advanced e-signature tool

signNow helps add signs, multiple signers, multiple roles, replace signers, and delete roles to unlock the advanced e-signature capabilities.

  • Dedicated account management

SignNow offers quick account creation, editing account information, and changing settings for tracking different signed documents.

  • Documents and templates

It is easy for professionals to create, organize, and manage different documents or templates in their signNow account.

  • Team collaboration

It helps businesses optimize team collaboration by sending quick invites to people, sharing documents, and tracking team activity.

  • Fillable fields

It is easy to transform any document into an interactive fillable form on signNow.

  • Security and authentication

It allows businesses to keep the data confidential using advanced authentication and encryption options.

  • Mobile apps

signNow understands the power of flexible working. Hence, it offers an iOS and Android applications for quick e-signing of important documents using smartphones only.

  • Industry-leading compliances

It is easy for businesses to protect documents with industry-leading security and global compliance standards like HIPAA compliance.

  1. API and integrations

signNow helps smoothen workflow for quick integration with CRMs, cloud storage services, and different apps. Some of the popular integrations include Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Dynamics 365.

  1. Business cloud

Not only e-signing documents, signNow offers business cloud for document generation, workflow automation, web forms, robotic process automation, and contract management.

  1. Dedicated customer support

Lastly, signNow is synonymous with effective customer support. Users can quickly access the live chat or email support available 24*7 for helping in events of need. Some of the other support sources for signNow users include a searchable knowledge base and FAQ page.

How to Use signNow For Electronically Signing Documents?

The quick steps to use signNow for electronically signing documents are:

Step 1: Go to and enter the login details.

signNow signup

Step 2: Select the “Upload My First Document” option to upload the document.

upload document

Step 3: Go to the “Fill Out Now” option located on the left side of the platform.

Step 4: Now select the “My Signature” option in the “Fill Out Now” tab.

My Signature

Alt text: selecting the my signature option

Step 5: Next, select the signature for the document according to your needs. It is easy to select from the previously created signature or add a new signature.

 select the signature

Step 6: Now add the signature to the document’s required position.

add the signature to the document

Step 7: It is easy to add text, today’s date, check, initials, stamp, or line, along with signatures on signNow. All these options are available for quick access in the “Fill Out Now” tab.

Fill Out Now

Step 8: Click on the “Save and Close” option to save the signed document. It will appear on the dashboard with different options.

Save and Close

Step 8: It is easy to preview the saved document before sending it ahead.

preview document

Parting Words

Hope everything is clear to our readers about the useful electronic signature software- signNow. It is a powerful software facilitating document creation, approval, and movement. It is easy for beginners or professionals to go through its details and start using signNow using the detailed steps mentioned above.

Hence, signNow is an advanced electronic signature solution with different features for helping companies handle document signing effectively.

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