Best Virtual Machine Software for Windows 10/11 in 2024

Best Virtual Machine Software

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A virtual machine software, often known as VM software, is an application that replicates a virtual computer platform. A VM is formed on a computer’s underlying operating platform, and the VM application generates virtual CPUs, disks, memory, network interfaces, and other devices.

Virtual machine solutions are becoming more popular because of the flexibility and efficiency in testing software in a safe environment. This article will look at the best Virtual Machine software for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Best Virtual Machine software for Windows 10/11 in 2024

1. VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation

VM software provides a 3D solution by supporting DirectX 10 and OpenGL 3.3, eliminating picture and video compression. When the program is coupled using a third-party solution, other capabilities such as setting up and constructing virtual networks and data center architectures are available. Workstation Player and Workstation Pro is the two different editions of this program.

Compatibility: All Windows version

Price: $159


  • This virtual machine software program’s capabilities, including as snapshots and cloning.
  • Expedite the process of installing multiple instances of the same VM relatively simple
  • The Player edition lets the client create multiple VMs and therefore can accommodate up to 200 visitors, among other things.


  • Eliminates the process of video compression
  • Helps in the construction of virtual networks and data centers.


  • It has a very steep learning curve.

2. Parallels Desktop 14

Parallels Desktop 14

You may use the VM program to run Windows besides the native operating system. This Windows virtual machine program spares you from having to discover software that operates nicely on both iOS and Windows platforms.

Several Mac users believe that this virtual machine program is just for Windows OS. However, it could be used with various Linux distributions, Chrome OS, and prior editions of macOS.

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Price: $99.99


  • The software’s unique features include Windows notifications in the Mac information panel.
  • Ability to use a uniform clipboard.


  • Using Windows programs alongside Mac apps
  • Coherence Mode enables you to conceal the Virtual Machine 
  • Interact exclusively well with Windows Applications


  • With time this machine slows down
  • The coherence model can be improved

3. Microsoft Hyper-V

microsoft Hyper-V

Hyper-V is a popular free virtual machine program among IT experts. The program is compatible with 64-bit Windows Server and Windows 10 Pro, School, and Enterprise versions. In addition, the free VM program, formerly called Windows Servicer Virtual machines, enables a variety of operating platforms, notably FreeBSD, Windows, and Linux. It is regarded as one of the advanced Virtual Machine software.

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Ubuntu

Price: Free


  • Fiber channel virtualization
  • SR-IOV networking
  • Default NAT switch
  • SR-IOV networking
  • Live transfer of Windows Server 2012 (R2) as well as Windows 10 Pro
  • Education and Business through one server to another


  • Hyper-V is a basic VM program that creates a virtual experience on both the server and the host PC.
  • High accuracy and latency-sensitive apps that require less than 10ms might not have been compatible with the free virtualization software.


  • A failure of the core OS will cause all VMs to crash.
  • For the Hypervisor Layer to function, an operating system must be installed.

4. VirtualBox


Virtual Box is a free virtual machines tool that allows for high-performance emulation. It is a program application developer may use to test their applications on various operating systems. And is counted among the best Virtual Machine Software for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Compatibility: Windows and Linux

Price: Free


  • Legacy and current guest operating systems for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac are supported.
  • GPL license for open-source software


  • Virtual Box seems to be the only free virtualization program that fits the needs of businesses.
  • All major functional systems are supported, such as Windows, Linux, Oracle, and Mac.


  • Since virtual computers access hardware remotely, these are less expensive than physical machines.
  • Unless the computer’s power supply is insufficient, efficiency may suffer.

5. Citrix XenServer

citrix xenserver

Another open-source utility may be downloaded for free from the web. The fundamental edition is free. However, you must upgrade to the premium version to access further features. And it is regarded as one of the best Virtual Machine Software for Windows 10/11.

Compatibility: Windows, Linux

Price: Free


  • The commercial version includes beautiful administration tools, system automation, and a vibrant atmosphere.
  • It additionally has GPU functionality, allowing the client to participate in virtualized activities.
  • Another fantastic characteristic of this program is constructing virtual data hubs.
  • The information centres aid in the seamless management of both scheduled and unforeseen outages.


  • Gives high dependability and reliability to businesses.
  • Provides a better functionality of GPS


  • Exclusively exposes hypervisor functionality they believe is developed enough to be used in a production context.
  • There is no simple method to switch between open source and commercial virtual machines.

6. Oracle VM

Oracle VM

Oracle VM has sophisticated features, including DOMO kernel utilization, fiber channel memory, and configurable virtual CPU. Also, virtual machine compatible architecture virtual on the guest Operating system provides a hypervisor with synchronous multi-processing.

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, and Solaris

Price: Free


  • Guest operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Linux, Red Hat Enterprise, Linus, and Solaris.
  • Live virtual machine migration VM templates that are secure
  • The VM software works without issue on the majority of hardware setups.


  • Multiprocessing that is symmetric
  • Support for Windows, Linux, and Solaris host operating systems


  • The user interface is outdated.
  • VM configuration is slow.



Compatibility: Windows, Linux, and Solaris

Price: Free

QEMU is a free and open-source digital emulator which allows for rapid hybridization. The virtual machine software can execute programs for BSD, Linux, Windows, and other operating systems on compatible architecture. Furthermore, on supported systems, it enables complete system emulation.


  • It is capable of simulating a variety of instruction sets.
  • Virtualizer that is generic and open source
  • Emulation in user mode
  • KVM and Xen native performance support


  • QEMU is a flexible virtual machine program that supports a variety of architectures.
  • Provides dynamic translation
  • It is easy to use


  • It is not user-friendly.
  • It is very slow

8. Red Hat Virtualization

Red Hat Virtualization

Red Hat Virtualization is a premium virtualization program with sophisticated features. The VM software allows you to create new virtual environments or replicate established versions. This is an open-sourced solution supported by the community that provides high-performance and virtual servers.

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, & OS

Price: $995


  • Cloud-native hosting
  • Resource-intensive software can be run in a container’s framework.
  • Assistance for Red Hat OpenShift


  • Red Hat Virtualization is a high-end virtualization solution
  • Set up a virtualization layer.


  • Requires improvement when it comes to deploying micro and cloud server
  • The initial setup is quite complex

9. Xen Project

Xen Project

The Xen Project is an open-sourced virtualization solution with significant capabilities. The free VM program enables embedded security mechanisms to really be automated. It also includes strong security as well as cloud virtualization capabilities. The Virtual machine software seems to be the only type-1 virtualization that is open source.

Compatibility: Windows, and Linux

Price: Free


  • Customizable architecture that is automated.
  • Tolerance for flaws.
  • SUSE Linux, as well as Oracle Unbreakable Linux, are supported in real-time.


  • Free virtual machine (VM) program with powerful virtualization and security capabilities.
  • Ideal for virtualizing many commercials.
  • Open-source programs on the Windows operating system.


  • It is very slow and becomes slow over time.

10. KVM


Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) seems to be an open-source virtual machines tool that may be used to virtualize x86-64 Linux systems. The software is made up of a fundamental virtualization foundation for several components. The free VM program allows you to run unrestricted Windows as well as Linux images.

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Solaris, and OS X.

Price: Free


  • It is compatible with Linux, Illumos, as well as FreeBSD.
  • Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, React OS, Plan 9, and OS X are all supported.
  • KVM offers x86 architectures, which may be adapted to many CPUs.
  • Live migration, host-guest interaction, as well as hot plug support are all included in the VM software.
  • It is the program of choice for building virtual servers on Linux computing platforms.


  • Improved security as a result of system resource isolation
  • Management of the entire virtual entity


  • Unambiguous resource allocation
  • Increased time to build up a whole new business, even when automation techniques are employed
  • Increased operational expenses


If you are looking for the best Virtual Machine Software for Windows 10/11, then VMware Workstation, Parallels Desktop 14, and Microsoft Hyper-V are the best from the list provided above.

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