10 Best Teleprompter Apps For iPhone & iPad


People interested in creating video-based content can use many apps for their work. Some are useful, a few for editing, while others provide specialized functions like teleprompting, etc., all of which contribute to making engaging videos.

For example, EaseUS RecExperts is a good choice for recording diverse videos for streaming sites and other platforms. At this time, you can also use the best free teleprompter app to showcase the script for easier reference during recording. If you are curious about which app to use as an iOS user, refer to this list anytime.

Best Teleprompters Apps for iPad and iPhone Users

After carefully checking many options, we have narrowed down the list for you to find the best free teleprompter app here. Go through your options, learn their specifications, and then decide.

1. PromptSmartPro

PromptSmartPro is not a free teleprompter app for iPhone, but it comes with diverse functions that prompt users to purchase it for A-Grade performance. It is infused with smart technology that makes it simple to create videos and use various prompts on screen for teleprompter-type reading.

The application includes patented voice recognition technology that adjusts the script playback with the speaker’s words in real-time.


Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

Price: USD 19.99 with additional in-app purchases.


  • In-app settings for camera functions like an auto-exposure lock, tap-to-focus, auto-focus lock, etc.
  • Import and export files in diverse formats like RTF, DOCX, GDOC, etc.
  • Use selfie mode to record HD-quality videos and read teleprompter scripts easily.
  • Adjust side margins to reduce eye tracking.


  • Advanced VoiceTrack technology supported.
  • Use volume buttons to play or pause the video during presentations.
  • Delete multiple scripts in bulk.


  • The app only supports the English language.
  • The app size is relatively big compared to most alternatives, averaging 262.1 MB.

2. BIGVU: Video Teleprompter

For professional-level video recording and phone-based teleprompter support, BIDVU’s teleprompter is highly useful. Users can utilize this app to create engaging and high-resolution videos for tutorials, online classes, social media promotion, sales pitches, explainer videos, and other types.

This app has professional-quality advanced functions like multi-take support, multi-orientation support for screen mode, audio monitoring during the recording process, and other benefits.

BIGVU: Video Teleprompter

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

Price: Free with in-app purchases beginning at USD 14.99.


  • Choose between portrait and perpendicular recording for your apps.
  • Include automatic captions and subtitles to your video files.
  • You can add commercial-free audio to the background.
  • Use BIGVU chroma-key filter algorithm for video loop, background editing, etc.


  • In-built composer for editing captions, visuals, videos, photos, etc.
  • One-click share to other social media profiles.
  • Export to cloud or device with quick steps.


  • Functionality issues are possible with older devices due to their big app size (316.1 MB).
  • Extremely high costs of the paid functions for most users.

3. Teleprompter Premium

Teleprompter Premium is a versatile app for teleprompter functions that top TV channels can also opt for. With this app, users can easily prepare miscellaneous scripts with no limit for presentations, news anchoring, and more.

It is simple to scroll through the scripts on this app, displaying them in smaller aspect ratios or full-screen. You can use different connected devices to control the app functions.

Teleprompter Premium

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

Price: In-app purchases between USD 3.99 to USD 19.99.


  • IKSN Elite Remote compatibility for scrolling speed control and other settings.
  • Mirroring mode to reverse/reflect the text like professional teleprompter software.
  • Hide controls and display full-screen scripts.
  • Control the teleprompter app functions using different networks and on varying device types.


  • Import files in PowerPoint, Word, PDF, and other format types with this app.
  • Create and manage a comprehensive library of scripts.
  • Adjust the side margins easily.


  • The Slide-over mode is not the same for all iPad devices.
  • Word document integration is available only for iOS users.

4. Teleprompter

Teleprompter is the best free teleprompter app for users to record high-definition videos, deliver speeches, and conduct meetings, with on-screen script scrolling. The application includes many benefits, like the ability to control teleprompter functions through linked smart devices or web browsers.

You can organize the scripts in customized order using their date, title, or other differentiation points. Also, easily Airdrop scripts to other iOS users with this.


Compatibility: iPad, iPhone

Price: Free


  • Record videos through the app while reading the teleprompter easily.
  • Customize the script’s color, text size, and background color.
  • Include cue points in the scripts.
  • Add Time Scrolling function for automatic scrolling during the pre-scheduled time.


  • Supports many language types like Dutch, Indonesian, Malay, etc.
  • Use a connected keyboard for easier start/stop scrolling control.
  • Video backup for recent videos is automated.


  • The app can avoid showing data privacy details for some devices.
  • You must set the cloud sync function separately for scripts across different devices.

5. Video Teleprompter

Using this relatively free teleprompter app for iPhone, users can do many functions like creating explanation/guided tutorials, video resumes, vlogs, or presentations. It is simple to record videos that look natural and professionally made.

The teleprompter function here shows the script directly in the camera’s eyesight, making it easier for most users to operate.

Video Teleprompter

Compatibility: iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch.

Price: Free with in-app purchases beginning at USD 3.99.


  • Controlled recording/scrolling using Apple watch, connection page-turner button, etc.
  • It is compatible with different linked microphone types.
  • Adjust the text window easily.
  • Monitor the audio levels with pre-programmed buttons.


  • Import, make, share, and save an unlimited number of scripts.
  • Export your content in RTF and other file formats, playable on different device types.
  • Choose between paging and continuous scrolling manner.


  • Automatic subtitle generation is not a free function on this app.
  • Users must pay an additional Auto Captions subscription to generate SRT-supported files.

6. Teleprompter

This teleprompter application for iPhone and iPad users is a user-friendly choice that is very simple to understand. You can read scripts or lyrics easily and even record speech while watching the steady stream of words on the teleprompter.

You can record video directly while reading the script in PDF, Word, or TXT format. You can adjust a scheduled time for playback and even change the speed.


Compatibility: iPad, iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch

Price: Free, Priced plans starting at Pro- USD 9.99, Pro Weekly- USD 4.99, Pro Annual- USD 59.99.


  • Record directly through the app.
  • Choose playback time for videos.
  • Access Bluetooth keyboard for remote control functions to handle the playback.
  • Mirror playback of videos horizontally and vertically.


  • Customize functions for the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Adjust the speed of the videos easily.
  • This is extremely lightweight.


  • The free trial is only for 3 days.
  • The software does require access to users’ personal data and might track specific metrics.

7. Teleprompter for Video

This is one of the top apps that work as a teleprompter that iOS users can try out. With no extra equipment, you can use this all-in-one app to record high-quality videos at diverse FPS counts in resolutions up to 4K. There are in-built microphones and external ones here, and support for adding and exporting files with subtitles.

It is easy to use this app for recording and control it with advanced technology, such as Bluetooth-powered controls.

Teleprompter for Video

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

Price: Free with in-app purchases starting at USD 3.99.


  • The app supports different orientation options for video recording like portrait, landscape, and square-shaped.
  • You can add royalty-free music or songs from the device.
  • Automatically include subtitle/caption.
  • Voice-assisted scrolling is available as well.


  • All videos are automatically saved for future editing.
  • You can include customized text in the video.
  • Chroma key filter/green screen support for changing background.


  • Free users can use scripts with 750-character limit.
  • Users cannot add personalized logos without paying an additional fee first.

8. PromptSmart Lite

With this free teleprompter app for iPhone, users can easily record online videos and scroll/pause scripts simultaneously. The PromptSmart Lite app has an optimized speech recognition solution that integrates voice and video recording to high-quality limits.

You can easily download video files via cloud platforms and prepare presentations with crisp sound voiceover using the app.

PromptSmart Lite

Compatibility: iPad, iPhone

Price: Free


  • Manual scrolling and VoiceTrack support.
  • Keep up to 5,000 words per script.
  • The app allows 30 minutes of speech recording using VoiceTrack continuously.
  • Import files from device and cloud platforms, like Dropbox, Google Drive, iDrive, etc.


  • Easy to edit documents while using the app.
  • Ten font size variations are available.
  • Messenger-based customer support is available.


  • The size of the app is somewhat huge.
  • Devices before iOS 11, iPhone 5S, and iPad Air cannot run this app.

9.  Video Teleprompter 3

Using Video Teleprompter 3, many videographers and social media marketers can prepare their videos in professional-quality appearance, especially with 4K support. While reading the teleprompter script, users of this app do not have to adjust their line of sight unnaturally since it maintains a good level.

You can enable the countdown timer to know the right time for recording. For proper usage, import pre-made documents as a script. 

Video Teleprompter 3

Compatibility: iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch

Price: Free with in-app purchases starting at USD 4.16.


  • Control reshoots and video recording with better eye-contact control.
  • Green screen support for adding a customized background to videos.
  • 4K quality video recording on suitable devices.
  • No minimum limit for characters/scripts.


  • Supports languages besides English, like Dutch, Swedish, Italian, etc.
  • Create, save, import, share, and edit an unlimited number of scripts while using this app.
  • Control customization activities from the keyboard, media remote, etc.


  • It does require access to private customer data or device permissions to operate.
  • The auto subtitle-based function is not a free benefit for these users.

10. Parrot Teleprompter

One top free teleprompter app for iPhone that you should consider is the Parrot Teleprompter. This simple app is useful for simple teleprompter-centric usage through smartphone devices. You can scroll through the scripts in mirrored form or landscape mode.

Add text and even make changes to the font size for a personalized look. Also, you can loop scripts with this app.

Parrot Teleprompter

Compatibility: iPad, iPhone

Price: Free


  • Set scrolling speed of the script.
  • Adjust script orientation in mirrored or landscape mode.
  • Change background/foreground color quickly.
  • Functional remote-control usability.


  • Very lightweight as an app.
  • Works with different types of digital camcorder-based and DSLR lenses.
  • Professional-quality video output at free cost.


  • It does not support many language types.
  • Not best for older models.


All things considered, these iOS apps are high-quality choices for teleprompter use during video recording via iPad or iPhone devices. Among the options, we found PromptSmartPro to be the best choice in terms of its usability, functions, and patented VoiceTrack technology support. Other than that, Teleprompter Premium and Video Teleprompter 3 are suitable contenders.

Whether you choose one of these three or any other, try out each option carefully first for a better understanding.

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