Best Skinny Photo Editor Apps in 2022


Always looking one’s best version is essential for most people, especially in pictures. However, changing your lifestyle and body is a long-term process, which is not useful for ones who want an instant svelte look to their body. In this case, you can use a skinny photo editor.

There are a variety of photo editing and organizing apps, like Systweak Similar Selfie Fixer, which is useful for finding and deleting identical photos. Additionally, body/face editing apps are useful for editing many images together, with diverse editing functions and beautification effects. In this post, we shall discuss some of them.

10 Skinny Photo Editors for iOS and Android in 2022

Several types of photo editing software for desktop and mobile devices have diverse features and uses. Therefore, we looked at many of their specifications and tried the apps directly to edit images. The following is a list of the top 10 skinny photo editor apps.

1. Body Tune

Body Tune is a simplistic app for creating slimmer and toned physiques in photos in a realistic manner. You can choose out of many effects to enhance the photo look and alter curves and alignments of bodies. In addition, more than 100 muscle-based designs are available for a defined, toned look.

Body Tune

Compatible Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Free, Monthly Pro- USD 4.99, Body Pro- USD 29.99.

Main Features:

  • Slim down various body parts, like arms, butts, waist, chest, etc.
  • Create a V-like shape, irrespective of body type.
  • Add skin tan and glow instantly.
  • Include tattoos from a list of options in images.


  • Give a tonal definition to the abs and arms.
  • Increase/decrease the width of the waist naturally.
  • Make your legs look slimmer and longer.


  • Only email support is present.
  • Also, editing bent figures in photos is hard.

Best App for Users: Photographers that want an intuitive photo editor with strong facial recognition functions can use this.

How to Download: Apple App Store, Google Play Store.

2. FaceTune 2

You can use FaceTune 2 as a skinny photo editor to adjust the look and style of selfies to professional quality. Here, users can retouch or airbrush their skin for a glowy look and adjust face looks by whitening teeth and covering blemishes.

You can add highlights and automatically add makeup as well.

 FaceTune 2

Compatible Platform: iOS, Android

Price: USD 3.99 onwards.

Main Features:

  • Darken or give highlights to hair color.
  • Include photo filters and effects to change image style.
  • Adjust lighting and shadows efficiently.
  • Retouch puffy eyes and change colors.


  • Multiple selfies and video effects/filters are available.
  • Use the app to enhance your face and hair in videos.
  • Remove unwanted objects from the image.


  • Only 7 days of the free trial are available.
  • Advanced functions like Denoise need payment to operate.

Best App for Users: Professionals that need an advanced AI-powered photo-tuning editor can download this.

How to Download: Google Play Store, Apple App Store.

3. BodyApp

You can use BodyApp to make noticeable and good-quality body/face-based editing in images. Here, altering the size of specific body curves in images is simple, hiring the problem areas or highlighting certain sections. You can bulk the figure further and also refine the body contours.


Compatible Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Free, Weekly subscription- USD 2.99, Monthly subscription- USD 4.99, Annual subscription- USD 29.99, Permanent VIP (One-time payment)- USD 59.99.

Main Features:

  • Add muscle definition with ab touch-up and arm size tuning.
  • Make breasts and hips look fuller or smaller with adjustable shape controls.
  • A wide range of creative filters and effects are available.
  • You can add accessories or tattoos to photos.


  • You can edit realistic-looking 6-pack or 8-pack abs in images.
  • Adjust the skin tone of characters in images to give a tanned appearance.
  • A wide collection of tattoos is available.


  • Users are subject to all terms and conditions are given by the app, even when they change suddenly.
  • Limited unique features for photo editing are available.

Best App for Users: Social media influencers or regular users who want to adjust body proportions in photos and add realistic definitions quickly can use this.

How to Download: Apple App Store.

4. Retouch Me

Retouch Me is another skinny photo editor that people can use to get high-quality processed face and body corrections in photos. With this app, you can increase or decrease the size of the waist, thighs, butts, and breasts in photos.

Make changes easily to faces, with benefits like HDR effect, puffy eyes removal, facial symmetry rectification, etc.

Retouch Me

Compatible Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Free, Basic Retouching (500 credits)- USD 9.99, Standard Retouching (1000 credits)- USD 19.99, Optimal Retouching (1500 credits)- USD 29.99, Premium Retouching (2000 credits)- USD 49.99

Main Features:

  • High-grade editing functions like facelift and anti-glare.
  • White teeth, remove braces and shape lips for a stunning smile.
  • Adjust skin tone for digital tanning.
  • Refine body shape and contours.


  • You would get video examples of the body or facial tuneups you try out.
  • Realistic retouching from human editing experts 24×7.
  • Easily get results in minutes and share instantly via social media platforms.


  • Users only get two redos for free.
  • You have to pay extra to get credits to make advanced editing changes.

Best App for Users: Photographers or regular users who want retouched photos from actual editing professionals.

How to Download: Apple App Store, Google Play Store.

5. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is an easy-to-use app for editing photos and selfies using diverse beautification tools like teeth whitening. You can add effects and available templates to upgrade the photo look or add animations/stickers. Furthermore, the app allows users to collage images, add fonts, and use the HSL effect.

YouCam Perfect

Compatible Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Free, Monthly (Premium)- USD 5.99, Yearly (Premium)- USD 29.99.

Main Features:

  • Add multiple images and blend them via this editor.
  • Cut out specific people in images to change the background with a green-screen part.
  • Use Magic Brush to optimize colors and shapes.
  • Add animation effects into pictures.


  • Over 1000 exclusive templates, effects, stickers, etc., are available.
  • You can remove specific objects from images with extreme precision.
  • Focus/highlight specific sections.


  • You have to upgrade to paid plans to get rid of ads.
  • Advanced features like watermark removal are available for paid users only.

Best App for Users: Both basic-level users and professional photographers can use this app for photo editing.

How to Download: Google Play Store, Apple App Store.

6. FotoGenic

FotoGenic is a usable app for editing bodies and face makeup on mobile phones, with professional-quality HD results. You can add captions and texts to the photos and make standard photo edits like rotating, brightening, cropping, etc. Besides that, you can apply beautification effects to characters in photos.


Compatible Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases costing USD 6.99 and up.

Main Features:

  • You can include doodles or shapes in the images.
  • Include a customized digital signature in the photo.
  • Multiple options of artistic and live brushes are available in 5 categories.
  • Add shadow or highlight to characters or objects.


  • You can add borders and frames to the images.
  • Use multiple blending modes to join different images together.
  • Add photo editing effects like grunge, flare, falling petals, and more.


  • The app size is relatively big and can slow performance in older phone models or smartphones with low space.
  • Limited advanced functions are free to use.

Best App for Users: Photographers who want to create artistic professional-quality edits.

How to Download: Apple App Store, Google Play Store.

7. Peachy

Peachy is a useful skinny photo editor for iOS users to create professional-quality photo edits, altering the body shape and facial looks of users in selfies. In addition, you can do much retouching work, like creating a smooth skin effect and removing dark circles or blemishes.

With this app, you can modify body shapes, like slimming their dimensions, increasing height, adding muscle tone, and more.


Compatible Platform: iOS

Price: Free, Pro version costs between USD 2.99 to USD 14.99.

Main Features:

  • Retouch facial features like teeth whitening, eyebrow definition, etc.
  • Add accessories or tattoos to the images.
  • Remove or correct blemishes like pimples on faces.
  • Reshape body parts by adding muscles, increasing height, etc.


  • Add tattoos to different parts of the character’s body in images.
  • Easily prepare edits and share them across social media.
  • You can include high-quality filters for selfies like vintage, monochrome, etc.


  • Only available for users with iOS devices with OS 12.0 or above.
  • Limited options are available for contacting customer support.

Best App for Users: iOS users want a simple and low-cost skinny photo editor app for body/face reshaping, muscle toning, tattoos, and more.

How to Download: Apple App Store.

8. PrettyUp – Video Body Editor

PrettyUp is a high-quality photo editing app primarily known for its body-shaping skills in running videos. You can modify the shape, size, and dimensions of moving characters in videos as the software detects the precise alignments well.

It automatically checks and makes makeup retouching or shape-changing adjustments to the detected body parts.


Compatible Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Free, Month- USD 7.99, Yearly- USD 34.99, One-time Purchase- USD 49.99

Main Features:

  • AI-powered beautification features are available for precise makeup retouching.
  • Detect and change keypoint sections of the person’s body in images/videos.
  • Track facial positions during video playback and accurately detect the next movements.
  • Separate the character from the video background for precise editing.


  • Make changes to characters’ body shapes in video format.
  • More than 100 professional-level editing tools are available.
  • You can retouch the size and appearance of faces in videos and photos.


  • Once you add information to the app, you cannot remove them.
  • The data privacy settings are not standard across all regions.

Best App for Users: In videos, people who want to make body modifications, like making one look skinnier.

How to Download: Apple App Store, Google Play Store.

9. Body Editor Booth Skinny & Fat

Body Editor Booth is a top-grade skinny photo editor that users can opt to make body and facial adjustments in images. For example, you can make arms, thighs, butts, or waists look more toned and tighten or expand their size for a slimmer or voluptuous look.

You can remove blemishes, change the shape and look of facial parts like the mouth, eyes, nose, etc., and even give facelifts.

Body Editor Booth

Compatible Platform: iOS

Price: Free with in-app purchases of USD 5.99 and up.

Main Features:

  • Target and tone the arms and legs of the character in the pictures.
  • Remove acne and pimples from different parts of the skin.
  • Adjust the skin tone of the character.
  • Emphasize or hide the size of body parts, like breasts or hips.


  • Increase or decrease the model’s height.
  • Modify body and facial size to show a skinny appearance.
  • Pre-set model and celebrity images are available for specialized photo editing.


  • Watermark and ads will appear on all videos if you are using the free version.
  • Pre-set celebrity pictures are available for editing to paid users only.

Best App for Users: Regular users who want an app with pre-built modification features can use this.

How to Download: Apple App Store.

10. Hotune Body Editor & Face Slim

The Hotune app is one of the best options available that allows users to edit bodies and faces in photos with automation and manual functions. You can create professional-level photoshopping work, adding makeup and tuneup effects to the facial features.

It is easy to reshape body parts and shapes, like adjusting the waist to a slimmer look and adding ab definition.

Hotune Body Editor & Face Slim

Compatible Platform: Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases of USD 3.34 and up.

Main Features:

  • Airbrushing effect is available to add a facial glitter effect.
  • Use face lift or face resizing functions.
  • Fix issues like nasolabial problems and eyebags in photos.
  • Plump lips and increase smile size.


  • Change skin color and tone with makeup tools.
  • Whiten and shape teeth of models in images.
  • Remove acne and skin blemishes with some taps.


  • Data encryption can take time to complete.
  • Also, this is an age-restricted app.

Best App for Users: People who want an app for manual and automatic body/face tuning benefits.

How to Download: Google Play Store.


Overall, these apps are very valuable in adjusting the curvature and looks of people in their clicked images.

Among them, FaceTune 2 is good for its beautification functions, while Retouch Me allows many types of body and facial modifications in pictures. In addition, you can edit characters in photos and videos with the Pretty-Up app. As for cost-effectiveness, you can get the best experience for limited costs using YouCam Perfect.

Before making your final decision, try most of them out on your device and check the quality of the images. Then, choose the most user-friendly one for your needs.

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