10 Best Payroll Management Software in 2021

Whether you are a solopreneur or a corporate leader, undoubtedly, you need the best payroll management software to smoothly run your business. HR payroll software helps in saving time, efforts and keeping your staff happy. Plus, payroll software ensures that you meet all the tax compliance. 

If you haven’t yet selected the suitable payroll software for your firm, the TC team has already found the best ten payroll management software in 2021. So, take a look at the top HR payroll software’s features and ratings before ordering one for yourself. 

10 Best Payroll Management Software in 2021 — Keep your Business Growing 

There is an array of payroll software available in the market with different features, which makes it hard to pick the perfect one. Thus, based on the users’ reviews and popularity level, we have selected the best payroll management software for 2021. Have a look:

1. Rippling

Software Rating: 4.9/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 

User Base: 2K+

Useful For: Small Companies and Individual Users

Training: Live Online, Documentations, Videos 

Price: Starts at $35/feature/month 

Rippling is the top-rated HR payroll software by far. It merely takes 90 seconds to complete the onboarding process and pay all your employees with a click. Rippling isn’t only payroll software; it can also manage offer letters, health insurance, time off, and more. You can go paperless with Rippling and save your time and environment together. 


Rewarding Features 

  • Rippling is a perfect tool for budget assessment and forecasting. 
  • You can track job applicants and run background screening with the tool. 
  • From a single dashboard, you can onboard new hires, generate payslips, and track employee activities. 
  • It can separately record billable and non-billable hours. 
  • Additional features are check printing, COBRA admin, compliance management, direct deposit, and much more. 


  • Free benefits administration if you use Rippling as your broker.
  • Simple to set up and use. 
  • Attractive interface.  
  • Customizable reports. 


  • Doesn’t offer native mobile support. 
  • No free trial. 

2. OnPay 

Software Rating: 4.8/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud and Web

User Base: N/D

Useful For: Small Companies and Individual Users

Training: Live Online, Documentations, Videos, Webinars

Price: Starts at $36/feature/month

When you aim to grow your business, you need flexible HR payroll software like OnPay. The software lets you pay your employees, automate taxes and sync your payroll system with QuickBooks or Xero. It is experts recommended payroll software, which is easy, simple, and mobile-friendly. 


Rewarding Features 

  • OnPay helps you manage your employee database and profiles with ease. 
  • Onboarding new hires and creating employees’ exit plans are super simple with OnPay. 
  • You can make direct deposits with OnPay and take a step towards a paperless business. 
  • Automatic tax filing is also possible with OnPay. 


  • Superfast payroll processing. 
  • Flexible frequency. 
  • Great employee dashboard. 
  • Custom forms and fields. 


  • Mobile version missing some functions.
  • The sprawling site requires extra scrolling.

3. Patriot Payroll 

Software Rating: 4.8/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS 

User Base: N/D

Useful For: Small Companies and Individual Accountants 

Training: Live Online, Documentations, Videos 

Price: Starts at $10/feature/month. Free trial is also available. 

Patriot Payroll is an online payroll management software to save your time and money. It is a perfect accounting toolkit for small businesses with 1-100 employees. You can perform all payroll activities with this tool including, tax filing, direct deposit, print paychecks, and more. The software was also categorized among the Best Payroll Software in 2020. 

Patriot Payroll

Rewarding Features 

  • Patriot Payroll supports multi-state payroll formats. 
  • Employees can directly access and print their checks through a dashboard. 
  • All the tax compliance can be achieved with this simple payroll processing tool. 
  • It can reduce your manual entry work by automatically filling W-2 preparation and other wage garnishments. 


  • Excellent training documents for new users. 
  • Exceptional customer service. 
  • It has enhanced the user experience. 
  • Easy to set up. 


  • No expedited payroll. 
  • Poorly organized web page interface. 

4. Gusto 

Software Rating: 4.7/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud and Web

User Base: 100,000+

Useful For: SMBs as well as Large Enterprises 

Training: Live Online, Documentations, Videos, Webinars

Price: Starts at $25/feature/month 

Gusto is a cloud-based payroll management software that facilitates small teams to run their operations smoothly. The software helps you pay, engage, onboard employees, and so much more with an easy to integrate the platform. Gusto offers a variety of features to keep your team happy and stay connected with the bottom line. Without payroll managers’ support, Gusto can let you thrive in your business. 


Rewarding Features 

  • Using Gusto debit cards, employees can have easier access to their salaries. 
  • Employers can customize pay schedules based on employees’ needs. 
  • Complete paperless paycheck system with direct deposits. 
  • You can add pre-tax and post-tax deductions to gain tax benefits. 
  • Gusto supports both hourly and salaried employees. 
  • You can pay contractors through Gusto and automatically file your 1099s. 
  • Simply add the net amount payable to the employee, and Gusto will figure out the gross amount needed to pay before taxes. 


  • Nice web interface. 
  • Great customer support. 
  • Can dismiss or rehire employees for no charge. 


  • Advanced level issues. 
  • No documents verification or tracking option. 
  • No follow-ups for updates after one time.

5. Keka 

Software Rating: 4.5/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, and iOS 

User Base: Available Across 30+ Countries

Useful For: Small Businesses 

Training: Live Online, Documentations, In-person

Price: Starts at $99/month for up to 100 employees. Free trial available. 

Keka is the classic payroll management software to fully transform your payroll management experience. The software is highly configurable and can adjust to any company size. You don’t need to hire finance workers to operate Keka. It is a highly simple and intuitive tool that you or anyone from your staff can use. 


Rewarding Features

  • Keka lets you track and manage your payroll activities and employees through a dashboard. 
  • The software sends instant alerts related to tax file deadlines or invoice sharing. 
  • You can completely customize Keka to suit your company’s size and operations. 
  • For employee management, Keka offers employee databases, handbook, scheduling, tracking, and many other features. 
  • The payroll software supports multiple countries and state formats. 


  • Improves employee experience. 
  • Tax deduction and calculation are easy. 
  • Simple to use. 
  • Highly configurable tool. 


  • Worst customer care. 
  • The tax deduction section is a bit complicated. 
  • Sometimes payroll information navigation is confusing. 

6. QuickBooks Payroll 

Software Rating: 4.5/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, and iOS 

User Base: 1.4 M+

Useful For: Small Businesses 

Training: In-person and Documentations 

Price: Starts at $35/feature/month

QuickBooks Payroll is the most popular HR payroll software in 2021 for small teams. Inuit has developed numerous accounting software over the years under QuickBooks flagship. QuickBooks Payroll is a light version to file tax forms and payments. The software ensures that you never have to pay any penalty to the IRS. Furthermore, live support is available for US-based users to correctly set up payroll software in your firm. 

QuickBooks Payroll

Rewarding Features 

  • Seamlessly create and send professional GST invoices. 
  • Track your sales, bills, invoices, and payment from one dashboard. 
  • Monitor cash flow with constant access to P&L and balance sheet. 
  • QuickBooks Payroll supports multiple state systems in the US. 
  • Vacation and leave tracker to quickly calculate salaries. 
  • Wage garnishments and W-2 preparation. 
  • Maintain a payroll record for easy access in the future. 


  • Sensitive content hidden feature for extensive privacy. 
  • Easy to meet all tax compliance. 
  • Intuitive interface. 


  • Costly software. 
  • Slow customer support. 
  • Printing checks is tricky. 

7. BambooHR 

Software Rating: 4.5/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS 

User Base: 1.8 M+

Useful For: Small and Medium Businesses

Training: Live Online, Documentations, Videos, Webinars 

Price: Not disclosed. Free trial available. 

BambooHR is an award-winning HR payroll software to bring accuracy and efficiency into your payroll system. You can quickly, easily, and correctly manage your payroll with BambooHR. The software can automatically flow data and eliminates manual data entry work. It is a complete payroll solution supporting payroll reporting, tax filing, and customer service. To save time and effort, you should give a tryout BambooHR. 


Rewarding Features 

  • Application tracking, approval process control, and retention are some of the popular BambooHR features. 
  • The tool provides 360-degree feedback. 
  • It can manage both billable and non-billable hours. 
  • Invoice creation and sending can be done from the same place. 
  • The software is available in six languages — English, French, Canadian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch. 
  • It provides both web and mobile support to employees. 


  • Open API. 
  • Various alerts. 
  • Easy to set up and use. 


  • Confusing interface. 
  • Vacation days calculation is buggy. 

8. Xero

Software Rating: 4.3/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, and iOS 

User Base: 2 M+

Useful For: Small and Medium Businesses 

Training: Live Online, Documentations, Videos, Webinars

Price: Starts at $13.50/month. Free trial available. 

Xero is the most dynamic HR payroll software in 2021 to manage your staff’s payslips, timesheets, and pensions. Employees can add timesheets, submit expense claims, and request leaves from their desktops as well as mobile devices. Xero will automatically upload payroll information to your account, eliminating the manual data entry process. The tool brings efficiency and correctness to the payroll system. 


Rewarding Features 

  • You can track and pay your bills on time. Also, it offers a clear cash flow and accounts payable overview. 
  • Employees can file expense claims with quick cost capturing, submission, approval, and reimbursement structure. 
  • Connect your bank to Xero and receive direct bank feeds on your phone or computer. 
  • You can quote, create an invoice, and get paid for the job within Xero. 
  • Pay staff and report payroll details to the ATO with online payroll software.
  • Using Hubdoc, create copies of original documents automatically. 


  • Easy to use. 
  • Web and mobile support. 


  • Absent customer service. 
  • Slow processing. 
  • The software often crashes. 

9. Zenefits 

Software Rating: 4.2/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS 

User Base: 250,000+

Useful For: SMBs up to 1000+ Employees 

Training: Documentations, Videos, Webinars

Price: Starts st $6/employee/month 

Zenefits HR payroll software lets you manage everything in one place. You can automate your business operations with Zenefits HR, time tracking, time off, compliance, and other features. It is the best performance management software to automate your payroll system in 2021.


Rewarding Features 

  • Zenefits offers high-end security with biometric recognition ability. 
  • Employees can access their salary accounts and print checks within the software. 
  • Using customizable templates, you can easily create professional-looking invoices. 
  • Compensation management and disability insurance administration are two exclusive Zenefits features. 


  • Stellar user interface. 
  • Mobile support. 
  • Thorough employee records. 
  • Strong BI reporting. 


  • Overwhelming for new users. 
  • Mobile app version has limited features. 

10. Zoho Payroll 

Software Rating: 4/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, and iOS 

User Base: N/D

Useful For: Small, Medium and Large Businesses 

Training: Live Online, Documentations, Webinars

Price: Free up to 10 employees. Paid plan starts at a mere $0.99/month 

Zoho Payroll is the most affordable payroll management software in 2021. For a small business unit (10 employees), the cloud-based software is completely free. Talking about features, it can automatically calculate salaries, taxes, deductions and sends payslips out every month. Overall, Zoho Payroll can perform all the payroll operations without impacting your pocket. 

Zoho Payroll

Rewarding Features 

  • Paperless payroll system including federal tax forms, pay stubs, state tax forms, and more. 
  • Import historical payroll data even for previous years. 
  • Simplify employees’ exit process, notify them and send pay stubs on their emails. 
  • Employees can view personal details and access their pay stubs with their personal Zoho dashboard. 
  • The employee onboarding process has been improved with Zoho Payroll. 


  • Automated payroll calculation. 
  • Comply with statutory compliance. 
  • Self-employee portal. 


  • Poor customer service. 

Parting Thoughts 

With effective payroll management software, you can save time and improve accuracy in your payroll system. You don’t even have to worry about tax compliance or to hire a payroll manager. In short, you can focus on growing your business rather than handling payroll. 

We have already listed the features, pros, and cons of the best ten payroll management software in 2021. So, go and select the perfect HR payroll software for your firm now!

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