10 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software

For every organization, time is the most valuable and limited resource. Booking appointments, handling client reservations, and managing with last-minute disruptions may all take up a large portion of your day.

Appointment scheduling applications and reservation programs assist in automating routine tasks of organizing meetings with new and existing clients. It helps to function without depending on email responses to determine an appropriate time.

Top Free Appointment Scheduling Software

Nowadays, several effective and free appointment scheduling applications are available in the market. So, if you want to use an appointment scheduling software in your business, choose one of the ten suggested in this article.

1. HubSpot Meetings Tool

The HubSpot Meetings Tool integrates seamlessly with your Office 365 calendar or Google Calendar, specify your accessibility, and have customers and potential customers schedule time with the business. Include form fields in your meeting page to collect personal details like email address, phone number, and far more. The meeting page may be provided as a link in emails or placed on a business website. When a client or customer schedules time with you or your organization, the period is marked on your calendar.

HubSpot Meetings Tool

Compatibility: Web-based

Pricing: Free


  • Give customers the authority to schedule appointments by saving hours on useless emails.
  • Supports streamlining of your sales procedures.
  • With the group linkages and round-robin, you may be more flexible in planning your meetings.


  • Offers an unlimited number of meetings
  • Capture high-quality data as prospects schedule an appointment.


  • The free version is not enough.

2. Setmore

Setmore is a freemium appointment scheduling software with several employee authentications. You will discover all of the functionality you expect from a booking software and payment platform. Customers can get automatic scheduling notifications, reminders, and updates by email and text. Automatic scheduling, group scheduling, and recurrent bookings are among the many services available.


Compatibility: Android and iOS

Pricing: Free


  • Helps to design a personalized appointment page.
  • It can be integrated with various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, etc.
  • It allows you to post the URL of your page on the website, Instagram, or Instagram.


  • Certain scheduler-visible fields cannot be modified.


  • In comparison to rivals, the pricing is reasonable.
  • Every profile user receives their appointment booking link.

3. Bookafy

Bookafy provides you with a customizable booking page available for free. It does not have any booking restrictions. It is accessible as a WordPress plugin and may be embedded on every website. Bookafy also covers 30 languages and is accessible in 180 countries worldwide.

Bookafy manages calendars amongst individuals is one of its most notable characteristics. When you desire that each party can see the schedule of another, you can activate two-way calendar synchronization.


Compatibility: Browser-based software and a bookafy pro app for smartphones

Pricing: Free


  • Synchronizations with Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, and others for video meeting automation.
  • Appointment booking for small businesses may be managed with free appointment scheduling software.
  • It provides a solid platform for any size team.


  • It is simple to incorporate the appointment form into websites.
  • The appointments may be synced with Google Calendar.


  • Load time for embedded forms on websites maybe a little faster.

4. Picktime

Picktime is a comparatively new appointment booking software that has grown in popularity over the past couple of years and has received positive feedback from its users. The program has a plethora of free features. For example, it can add booking pages, receive deposits, generate invoices or take payments online, and deliver automatic email notifications.


Compatibility: Android, Windows, and iOS

Pricing: Free


  • Allows you to handle appointments for different branches from a single dashboard because it accommodates multiple locations.
  • Import/export contact information and quickly access your customer information for marketing campaigns and incentives.


  • Automatic calendar sync
  • Offers email reminders


  • Need booking through social media too.

5. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity scheduling is similar to having a personal assistant that performs for you 24/7. It is an easy-to-use application for organizing your appointments. Along with scheduling meetings, it provides a variety of additional services such as packages, group subscriptions, etc. It keeps and organizes customer information by filling out registration forms.

Acuity scheduling

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Pricing: Free


  • Its characteristics are sufficiently adjustable to meet your present requirements
  • End-to-end protection is provided for single and numerous bookings made by different clients.
  • It prevents confusion by automatically updating and adjusting calendar entries in multiple time zones.


  • Excellent for branding and easily putting the calendar on your website.
  • Offers several methods for connecting with and nurturing clients.


  • The calendar preferences might be difficult to manage at times.

6. Calendly

Calendly is a prominent appointment scheduling software suite. It now supports bookings for over 9 million companies and people. It also has some top-tier characteristics that make it quite simple to use. Neglect your worries about conflicting calendars and duplicate scheduling appointments. Calendly syncs with various calendars, both corporate and personal.


Compatibility: Android and iOS

Pricing: Free


  • Organize appointments professionally and courteously, avoiding the need for back-and-forth emails.
  • Decreases cancellations because rescheduling is simple, quick, and easy on their terms.
  • Appointments are planned without regard to calendar constraints, and automatic notifications are sent for everyone.


  • Connecting to several platforms
  • Extremely simple to use


  • The basic version has several restrictions.

7. Appointy

Appointy is the most user-friendly tool for automating scheduling and growing a business. It allows users to book online, increases company efficiency, attracts and maintains consumers straight from Instagram and Facebook. It also provides a wide range of service sector use applications. Appointy gives a plethora of choices for filtering out unnecessary reservations. They feature a Square POS integration, mobile apps and offer bespoke programming.


Compatibility: Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, and iPad

Pricing: Free


  • It enables consumers to arrange appointments at any time, from any location effortlessly.
  • Aids in managing a class schedule that includes several attendees and online sessions.
  • Integrates with Stripe, Square, and PayPal to accept online payments.


  • Straightforward and easy to use interface.
  • Allow clients to book appointments through social media.


  • In several aspects, the program may be intuitive.

8. HoneyBook

HoneyBook is the ideal appointment scheduling software for freelancing individuals, salespeople, and company owners to simplify client interactions across the sales cycle.  You may schedule preliminary interactions with clients and then deliver offers, agreements, and bills.  HoneyBook additionally allows you to react to enquiries automatically, a check-up with surveys, and seek a review.


Compatibility: Android and iOS

Pricing: Free


  • It provides the most professional solutions and the most simplified processes.
  • Physical agreements have been phased out, and clients may now readily sign contracts electronically.


  • Delivering sales offers and agreements with bespoke payment schedules.
  • Simple automation and billing process.


  • The calendar does not appear to work properly with Google.

9. Doodle

Doodle is a no-frills appointment booking service that doesn’t need to sign up for an account. You may construct appointment surveys to deliver to prospects and customers, allowing them to agree on the best day and timing.  People may find the free plan sufficient to schedule appointments, but the subscription version has additional useful functions.


Compatibility: Both iOS and Android

Pricing: Free


  • It aids in the simplification of appointment planning and scheduling operations.
  • Doodle Premium is far more beneficial than the normal edition since it includes characteristics that help in saving time and effort.


  • Offers several beneficial options.
  • Let you connect Google Calendars with accessibility choices.


  • It has some login issues

10.  SimplyBook.me

SimplyBook is another finest appointment scheduling software that can plan meetings in multiple languages, making it ideal for companies with a worldwide influence. SimplyBook’s software connects with some third-party calendar programs, like Outlook and Google Calendar. It can receive payments is how it shines.


Compatibility: Only Android

Pricing: Free


  • Offers induction forms so you can learn more about customers.
  • Improves marketing by providing clients with memberships, bundles, discounts, and gift cards.
  • It allows us to send personalized emails to your clients easily.


  • Bookings can be made through a variety of sources.
  • Personalize your website to meet the needs of your brand.


  • Needs more variety of templates.


We have included the top appointment scheduling software that may assist you in virtually arranging an appointment. This best scheduling software available might be bewildering. However, you may quickly locate an ideal solution for your unique organization requirements with a small analysis.

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