Top 10 Best Media Players for Windows 11 In 2024

Best Media Players for windows

Last updated on September 2nd, 2023 at 1:27 am

There are different types of apps available currently to stream movies and videos free for users. However, for playing offline video files, the media players are better applications. Multiple such software is available with easy functionality, a smooth interface, and high-quality video/audio output.

It is possible to play videos on the platform, but there are best media players suited specifically for offline video viewing on Windows 11. This post shows a comprehensive list, so read ahead.

Best Media Players to Use for Windows 11

Currently, there are different types of media players for windows 11 that are available with top-notch features, multi-format support, and simple UI. We went through different options, tried out their functionality, and compiled the top 10 options. Use the best one compatible with your system and video-watching requirements.

1. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is a major option to consider for the best media players and organizers available. It is suitable for organizing video and music libraries on one platform. You can create easy-to-access collections of your files into categories like Movies, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Classical, and more. Additionally, use custom fields and standard tags.

Users can remove duplicate files easily while using MediaMonkey. Besides the management benefits, other good qualities of this app include the ability to edit, convert, and record audio/video files in high quality. Also, automatically find tracks and search for data like lyrics and metadata.


Compatibility: Windows 10/11, Android

Price: Standard- Free, Version 5 Gold- USD 24.95, Lifetime Gold- USD 49.95


  • Create statistical data and reports for the media collection
  • Auto-DJ function for optimized music select and playing as per user’s preferred criteria
  • Jukebox mode for user requests from your collections
  • Share library with consoles and TVs using DLNA and UPnP


  • Supports diverse formats of audio and video files
  • Use add-ons and extensions easily
  • Prepared customized playlists


  • Many advanced features underpaid plans only
  • Costly for some users

2. PowerDVD

PowerDVD is a suitable media player software supporting top-range video and audio codecs. While playing videos, you can expect 4K and 8K quality and enhance the audio sound as well. There is an easy-to-manage and accessible library for all music, video, and photo files, besides the DVD and BluRay movies you have in your system.

This software supports HDR10 and Dolby True HD Audio, among others, which highly enhance the audio-visual movie experience. Users can play videos of different formats like AVC and HEVC, and even YouTube videos, all offline.

Compatibility: Windows 7/8.1/10/11

Price: Free, Priced plan- USD 59.99


  • Quick resume function for easy playback
  • Managed all shared data with cloud support
  • Compatible with streaming devices like Fire TV and Apple TV
  • Organized file management for simple access


  • Supports multiple audio/video formats
  • Multi-language support
  • It plays high-quality 8K-level videos with no errors


  • The system must have 1GB of free space to allow proper installation
  • Many top features underpaid version only

3. Kodi

One of the best media players that people can use is Kodi TV. This application provides a wide range of intelligent benefits, like a smooth movie and TV show playing experience. You can search as per genre, cast, and other points and stream various types of video content.

Kodi offers a high-quality music collection with multiple audio files in different formats. You can use party mixes and playlists organized here and even have a top-quality PVR-like feel during TV watching. The software is compatible with backends like MythTV and MediaPortal for TV streaming and game controllers for gaming experiences. 


Compatibility: Windows 10, 11, Mac, tvOS, Android, Linux, iOS, Raspberry Pi

Price: Free


  • View and record videos from live TV
  • Use accessible emulators to play games or stand-alone options
  • View photos in an organized gallery
  • Stream online videos and watch offline video files


  • Helpful community with this open-source platform
  • Supports multiple OS types
  • Play different types of video/audio/game files


  • Tags are confusing to handle for some users
  • Slightly complex UI

4. GOM Player

GOM Player is another high-quality media player suitable for different people. This app supports video files in different formats like MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, and MOV and accepts codec connections. You can easily play files that are in the process of downloading and damaged videos as well.

There is an integration Subtitle Library with diverse subtitle files for various movie/TV titles. So, when you switch on a show or movie, the software searches the subtitle automatically and syncs it to the video.

GOM player

Compatibility: Windows 7 and up, Mac

Price: Free


  • Supports a wide range of video/audio formats like MP4, MKV, OGM, AVI, etc.
  • Zero ads during playback
  • Immersive 360-degrees video playing mode
  • Compatible with multiple languages


  • Requires 200MB HDD and 2 GB RAM support to work
  • Priority technical support
  • No buffering during video playing


  • Settings can vary for different file formats of videos
  • You have to use Windows Media Players/DirectX to play some videos with GOM Player

5. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is one of the best media players that comes with multi-video quality support for an optimized media experience. It supports qualities like UHD, 4K, 60FPS, and 8K, ensuring smooth and vivid picture quality.

Users can rotate their screens and still notice top video quality when using the Video Renderer. It does not take a lot of system power and works offline. For a better-streamlined experience, the menu is well-organized and simple to navigate.


Compatibility: Windows Vista/7/8/ 8.1/10/11, iOS, Android

Price: Free


  • Works with diverse video formats
  • Download and play YouTube videos
  • Capture video into GIF format
  • Supports subtitles in videos


  • Only needs 150 MB of space for installation
  • Multi-language support
  • Supports DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats


  • Takes extra sources for video playback
  • Not very stable functionality

6. ALLPlayer

The latest version of ALLPlayer 8.9.2 works well with Windows 11 and includes optimized performance quality, new image preview, and clock features. This cross-platform media player is best for streaming online content and works on both Windows PC and mobile devices (iOS/Android).

Users can stream movies and TV content after easily searching for the titles, including offline video files in the system. Additionally, it offers free radio services via the internet and consistently updates video/audio codecs for all file formats.

Compatibility: Windows 10 and up, iOS, and Android

Price: Free


  • Easily search and stream TV Shows/Movies
  • Free access to internet-based radio channels
  • Parental control like password protection on sensitive videos
  • Speech synthesizer for subtitle reading


  • Play different types of audio and video files
  • Stream online content
  • Automatically downloads relevant subtitles for videos


  • The UI is outdated
  • Not compatible with multiple OS types

7. PotPlayer

PotPlayer is another one of the best media players for windows 11 that are currently available. It works with different types of video and audio formats. Users do not need to download and install any extra codec during playback. However, with OpenCodec integration, you can add more codecs if you cannot play particular video files easily.

The software supports subtitles in different formats. Users can even adjust the font position, size, and synchronization in certain videos.


Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/ 8.1/10/11

Price: Free


  • Maximum performance quality even at minimum resources via QuickSync, CUDA, DXVA
  • OpenCodec support
  • Compatible with Text subtitles (SRT/SMI), BluRay subtitles, etc.
  • Use Game Capture and Screen Capture to make videos


  • Preview video scenes in snapshot form
  • Seamless and smooth video quality while playing
  • Bookmark particular chapters or scenes


  • Cannot stream online videos
  • Ads are available

8. SMPlayer for Windows

SMPlayer is one of the top media players for windows 11 that comes with built-in codec support. So, users can easily play different audio and video files in varying formats on this media player with no external codec.

The installation process of this software is simple, and it supports a smooth offline media playing experience for the users. It records the settings that one sets for the files. So, if one cannot complete watching a movie at a movie, the video would start from the stopped point the next time they open the file.


Compatibility: Windows 11, Linux, Mac


  • Compatible with multiple OS types, devices, and systems 
  • Audio/video filters
  • Adjust delays in subtitles or audio playback
  • Control the speed of video playback; video equalizer


  • Multiple video formats like MPV are supported
  • Open-source platform with GPL licensing
  • Supports over 30 languages


  • Does not work on all Windows OS versions
  • Limited/Standard features available compared to other options

9. DivX Player

This particular video player comes with a wide range of benefits that go beyond basic video playing and streaming.

You can watch videos from the library in top-notch quality like 4K resolution and multiple formats like DIVX, AVI, and MP4. You can improve the quality of the video streaming/watching experience with AC3 support sound to enhance the audio. Besides that, this app holds a high-quality FF/RW feature that makes it easy for users to rewind and fast-forward to notable scenes easily.

It supports Cloud Connect, mainly under the DivX Pro plan. You can easily import your video files from the Cloud storage and make edits as necessary. Also, organize all files in a customized playlist for easier access.

DivX Player

Compatibility: Windows 10 and up

Price: Standard- Free, DivX Pro- USD 22.13


  • Convert video files in different formats into MKV, MP4, and HEVC files
  • Adjust bitrate and resolution for customer encoding videos during conversion
  • Stream videos on various devices like gaming consoles, Smart TVs, Chromecast, tablets, etc.
  • Play and create video files with audio/subtitle changes


  • Play/convert video files with audio support of DTS-HD type
  • Get no ads while playing videos/audio
  • Import files from Dropbox and Google Drive


  • Most advanced functions are available under the Premium plan
  • Very basic functions under the Free plan

10. RealPlayer

RealPlayer is another of the best media players for windows 11 that allows users to view and download videos files, all in one comprehensive platform. It is compatible with video streaming websites like YouTube, from where users can qafsxs ghabszdownload videos of top-quality for offline viewing. The process is easy to handle with one-click SGintegration.

The software supports DVD/CD burning and playback, and you can stream and cast on Smart TV devices from its library. You can easily search for content using celebrity names and store videos in folders with tags.

Compatibility: Windows

Price: Free with in-app purchases


  • Download files in the background while watching other videos
  • Convert video files into MP3
  • Download movies, web videos, and other content
  • Search and remove duplicate files


  • Automatically develops video libraries
  • Private videos
  • Convert files into different formats for a high-quality viewing experience


  • Limited features
  • Sometimes app crashes occur


After careful evaluation, choose the best option for media playback suitable for Windows 11. You can use options like Movie Monkey for their multi-OS and multi-video/audio support or AllPlayer for online streaming support. Make your choice as per the type of functions you require from the media player for daily use.

Please check out our other posts if you found this guide helpful.  

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