10 Best Duplicate File Finder for Windows 10/8/7 in 2021

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Last updated on January 6th, 2021 at 12:21 pm

The powerful Windows 10 computer may start showing performance issues when a lot of junk is accumulated on the system. Duplicate files is one of the forms of digital junk that accumulates on your PC due to various reasons. Multiple times file downloading, file sharing, and data backup of the same file are few reasons that causes trouble in the form of duplicate files.

What is the solution?

Professional advice of using best duplicate file finder software for Windows to delete duplicate files could help you deal with this ever growing junk on your PC. But, which software to use? Well, we have tested & reviewed 10 best duplicate file remover software for Windows, you should use in 2021. tHe best part is many of these tools work with almost all Windows versions including Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista.

10 Best Duplicate File Finder for Windows 10 in 2021

1. CCleaner Professional

CCleaner is all-in-one PC cleaner & optimization software. It helps you clean all junk files and optimize your PC for better performance. It works as a junk cleaner, registry cleaner, app uninstaller, duplicate file finder, and more. Its file finder module helps you find, locate, and delete duplicate files on your Windows PC. You can find this module by heading to Tools > File Finder.

Features of CCleaner

  • It offers multiple filters to help you refine results.
  • You can include or exclude any files from scanning process.
  • It display scan results in groups for easy file management.
  • It allows you to restore original scan results if needed.
  • It supports deleting all types of duplicate files.

2. Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer is next best solution you should use to delete duplicate files. It works amazingly on all Windows versions. During the scan process, it scans files based on file contents regardless of file name and format. It is useful feature to ensure accurate results. You can simply drag and drop files to start scanning for duplicates.

Features of Duplicate Files Fixer

  • It allows file preview before you delete any file.
  • With auto-mark option, you can delete all poor-quality files automatically.
  • It supports both internal & external device storage scanning.
  • It offers one-click scan to save time.
  • It also works well on Mac and Android devices.
Duplicate Files Fixer

3. Wise Duplicate Finder

Wise Duplicate Finder’s advanced algorithms help you deep scan your system storage to find, locate, and delete all duplicate files effectively. You can use this advanced duplicate files cleaner tool to find & delete similar files based on same file name, file size or file contents. You can use this powerful software to free up valuable disk space.

Features of Wise Duplicate Finder

  • You can use Wise Duplicate Finder to delete duplicate photos, videos, audio files, and more.
  • You can even find & delete empty files effectively.
  • It display scans results in groups and helps you remove similar files automatically.
  • It offers backup & restore option to protect important files.
  • It offers multi-language support.
Wise Duplicate Finder

4. Easy Duplicate Finder

Is your disk space bloated? If yes, then it is time to use Easy Duplicate Finder. This powerful duplicate files deleter software helps you deep scan your system storage to find & delete duplicate files even from the remotest corners. You can use this software to delete duplicate files from internal & external storage in addition to cleaning out cloud storage.

Features of Easy Duplicate Finder

  • It supports cleaning out internal, external, and cloud storage.
  • It offers multiple scan modes to deliver effective results.
  • Use this tool to find duplicate files fast with 100% accuracy.
  • It offers Undo button for emergency recovery.
  • The Wizard tool helps you remove duplicates in just a few clicks.
Easy Duplicate Finder

5. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Use this free duplicate file finder tool to deep clean your system storage from duplicate files. It offers easy & effective few clicks process to sort through all duplicates. It supports all Windows versions and delivers highly effective results. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is trusted by millions of users around the world.

Features of Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

  • The tool is available for free.
  • It sends you regular updates to deliver effective results.
  • It gives you full control over scan process and allows you to select files for deletion.
  • It works on industry-acknowledged technology to remain effective.
  • You can also modify or move scanned files if you don’t want to delete them
Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

6. Duplicate File Remover

Duplicate File Remover is powerful media editor tool that also helps you find & delete duplicate files on Windows PC. It helps you reduce the uneven space occupied by duplicate files on your PC. It offers easy navigation and deep cleaning of your system storage to free up GB’s of disk space. Once it completes scanning, it displays scan results with original files to retain.

Features of Duplicate File Remover

  • With Live Status viewer, you can check live status of file processing.
  • It displays group view of the media files stored on your device.
  • It also works as a file editor and modifier tool.
  • I offers quick file scan for multiple file operations.
  • It provides custom folder select and custom sorting for various files.
Duplicate File Remover

7. Fast Duplicate File Finder

Fast Duplicate File Finder is freeware tool that is designed to deliver effective results. You can use this app to find duplicate files in folders, local storage, and even on entire network. It scans file contents to deliver accurate results. It works on fast binary comparison algorithms to help you find and delete duplicate files even from the darkest corners of your device storage.

Features of Fast Duplicate File Finder

  • Software is available for free to use.
  • It displays similarity percentage to help you delete both exact match and similar files.
  • It offers multilingual support.
  • It helps you clean even the largest possible file collection.
  • It offers preview option before you delete any file.
Fast Duplicate File Finder

8. Ashisoft Free Duplicate File Finder

Ashisoft Free Duplicate File Finder helps you clean duplicate files both on local storage and on network. It offers fast byte-to-byte comparison to deliver accurate results. It search for duplicates based on file contents regardless of filename. You can remove, move, or copy the duplicate files to another location. You can use this advanced duplicate file finder for 2021 to find & delete all formats of duplicate files .

Features of Ashisoft Free Duplicate File Finder

  • It offers selection assistant to help you select which duplicate files to delete.
  • You can add any file in protect folder to avoid accidental deletion.
  • It offers photo viewer to help you preview files before you delete them.
  • It also works well with removable media devices such as pendrives, external hard disks, etc.
  • You can search duplicates on local PC and over network.
Ashisoft Free Duplicate File Finder

9. Duplicate Cleaner

Use Duplicate Cleaner to find duplicate files and folders. The unique selection assistant of the tool helps you select the files to remove instantly. Not only delete, you can also move them to another location. It helps you find & remove duplicate files even they are edited, resized, or rotated. You can use this tool to find duplicate files even in the zip folders.

Features of Duplicate Cleaner

  • It offers advanced filtering and automated selection to save time.
  • It works on intuitive and simply interface to offer seamless user experience.
  • While searching for duplicate music files, you can find duplicates based on artist, name or title.
  • It offers selection assistant to help you delete unnecessary duplicate files.
  • It helps you clean even the largest file collection.
Duplicate Cleaner

10. AllDup

AllDup is best free duplicate file finder for Windows that works on advanced algorithms to help you find & delete all types of duplicate files. For secure deletion process, it helps you move deleted files to recycle bin or a separate backup folder. You can use AllDup to find duplicate files based on similar file name, file size, and file contents.

Features of AllDup

  • It comes with built-in viewer to help you view files before you delete them.
  • You can export search results to TXT or CSV.
  • You can create shortcuts or hardlinks to the last original file.
  • You can search inside archives with different file extensions.
  • With various flexible commands and filters, you can select unnecessary duplicates automatically.


What is the easiest way to delete duplicate files?

Manually selecting duplicate files could be a complicated task, thus the easiest & safest way to delete duplicate files on Windows is to use best duplicate file finder software. It works on advanced algorithms to help you scan, locate, and delete duplicate files even from the remotest corners of device storage.

What is the best duplicate file remover software?

CCleaner and Duplicate Files Fixer are best duplicate file remover software for Windows you should use to delete duplicate files. They offers multiple modules and scan methods to deep clean files collection. You can check these tools for instant & effective results.

Does Windows 10 have a duplicate file finder?

Windows 10 doesn’t have a built-in duplicate file remover tool, but there are various dedicated tools available to help you clean duplicate files on Windows 10. Some of these best software help you find & delete all types of duplicate files.

Can you search for duplicate files on your PC?

You can use advanced similar file cleaner tools to search and delete duplicate files on your Windows PC. It helps you find duplicate photos, videos, audio files, documents, archives, music files, and more.


Advanced duplicate file finder software helps you find & delete duplicate files on Windows to save time. Here, we have tested & reviewed some of these best tools you should use in 2021. Do try these software and share your experience in the comments below.

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