10 Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps for Mac

Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps for Mac

Last updated on February 2nd, 2024 at 2:15 am

Comparison table of top five Wi-Fi analyzer apps for Mac

Sr. No.Name of productCompatibilityPricing
1Wi-Fi ScannerMacOS 10.7 and later19.99USD
2KisMacMacOS 10.6 and laterFree
3Mac Wireless Diagnostics ToolMacOS 10.14 and laterFree
4Wi-Fi Explorer Pro 3MacOS 10.13 and later19.99USD
5HomedaleMacOS 10.13 and laterFree

Nobody wants a slow internet connection that hampers the online browsing speed of any Mac device. While the majority of Mac users access the internet through dedicated Wi-Fi systems only, there is an immediate need for Wi-Fi analyzer apps. These apps help select the best Wi-Fi network using simple visual graphics.

Top 10 Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps for Mac

If you’re facing any issues like poor internet performance, unreliable connectivity, and want to discover hidden networks, the leading analyzer apps can be highly useful for you. So today, we bring you a detailed and tested list of the top ten Wi-Fi analyzer apps for seamless internet connectivity on your MAC device.

1. Wi-Fi Scanner

It is the top choice in the Wi-Fi analyzer apps and is a highly useful and easy-to-understand app. It was developed by AccessAgility that is a popular company in Wi-Fi analyzers. It helps quick detection of different spots for access points. It offers quick detection of the less used networks and hence can be used for high-speed internet connectivity.

Wi-Fi Scanner

Compatibility:MacOS 10.7 and later



  • It has a built-in IP scanner.
  • It gives custom labels to all access points.
  • It offers multiple overlapping channels.


  • It offers a quick analysis of download and uploads speeds.
  • It captures signal level changes graphically.
  • It can detect unauthorized devices.


  • It requires location services when used on Mac OS Mojave, Catalina, etc.

2. KisMac

It is the second preferred choice in our list of dedicated Wi-Fi analyzer apps. It can reveal network parameters like signal strength, IP address, and SSID. It helps quick detection of all kinds of Wi-Fi networks available in the region. It can easily locate the closed, hidden, and cloaked networks. It can further pull the client’s IP address and MAC addresses.


Compatibility:MacOS 10.6 and later



  • Packet Capture export and import settings.
  • Attractive plug-ins.
  • Can detect all types of Wi-Fi networks.


  • Offers a detailed map of multiple networks.
  • Protects from network attacks.
  • Easy to use interface.


  • It can’t save graphical data.

3. Mac Wireless Diagnostics Tool

It is a top-ranking Wi-Fi analyzer apps available in the market. It can help detect signal strength, RSSI, channel, band, RF spectrum, and SSID parameters. It saves the reports in the device’s memory. It is a built-in analyzer in Mac devices and can troubleshoot webpage issues. It can further deal with email synchronization and is an easy-to-use diagnostics tool.

Wireless Diagnostics Tool

Compatibility: MacOS 10.14 and later

Price: Free


  • In-built tool.
  • Real-time performance indications.
  • Can offer difference between different spots.


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Actionable hacks to improve internet connectivity.
  • It has a minimalist control interface.


  • It lacks advanced reporting tools.

4. Wi-Fi Explorer Pro 3

It is another top choice in the popular and highly useful Wi-Fi analyzer apps. It can reveal multiple network parameters like signal strength, RSSI, channel, RF spectrum, vendor, SSID, etc. The reporting options include CSV export and can capture file support. This app offers detailed visualization of channel distribution and real-time signal monitoring.

Wi-Fi Explorer Pro 3

Compatibility:MacOS 10.13 and later

Price:$129 for year


  • 3-D analyzer
  • Offers SSID overhead estimation
  • Offers personalized graphs according to needs.


  • Highly-intuitive user interface
  • Hassle-free analysis
  • Quick visualization of Wi-Fi analysis


  • Multiple options may confuse the new users.

5. Homedale

It is a good choice when you’re looking for Wi-Fi analyzer apps. It offers insights into multiple networking parameters, including signal strength, RSSI, channel, RF spectrum, SSID, and vendor details. It is powered with multiple features that optimize the ideal access point for your Mac device. It is one of the lightweight applications that fit in needs of all Mac devices.


Compatibility:MacOS 10.13 and later



  • HT and VHT capabilities
  • Quickly find a matching access point
  • Scans multiple networking features


  • Minimal options for quick access
  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Lightweight application


  • It doesn’t have advanced features.

6. NetSpot

It is one of the popular Wi-Fi analyzer apps that conducts quick Wi-Fi analysis. It offers multiple tools that offer a detailed analysis of the available Wi-Fi networks. It offers useful insights into the top helpful access points and provides details of cables and antennas.

It can run SSID, BSSID, band, channel, RSSI, signal strength, and vendor parameters. There are options in the reporting tools, including customizable report builder PNGs of heat maps and CSV export.


Compatibility: MacOS 10.10 and later

Price:$49 for single user


  • Offers security standards like unauthorized workstation detection, rogue AP elimination, etc.
  • It has a heat-mapping feature for quick visual information.
  • It has a discover mode for detecting every possible networking information.


  • It has a beginner-friendly platform.
  • It offers multiple visual tools and charts.
  • It offers full features of networking data elements.


  • The trial version has limited zones.

7. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector 2.0

It is a good option in the Wi-Fi analyzer apps for multiple users. It can offer quick details about signal strengths, RSSI, channels, bands, vendors, RF spectrum, and SSID. It can quickly detect different access points. The users of Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector 2.0 can monitor the client details and traffic. It is trusted by global users and helps solve multiple Wi-Fi issues.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector




  • Detailed site surveys
  • Runs A/B tests
  • Verify basic access point settings


  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Can limit device’s connectivity to Wi-Fi
  • Quick and easy to use troubleshooting tools          


  • It is ideal for enterprise users only.

8. iAnalyzeWifi- Wi-Fi Analyzer

It is a leading Wi-Fi analyzer app that is used on multiple Mac devices at home and offices. It can effectively monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot the Wi-Fi connection. The new additions in the updated version of iAnalyzeWifi fixed the missing network issues. The color consistency on the map ensures quick details.


Compatibility:MacOS 10.15 and later



  • Lightweight app of 2.2MB
  • Supports family sharing
  • Color consistency for smooth visuals.


  • Can monitor and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks
  • Can detect neighboring Wi-Fi interferences
  • Simple user interface


  • Lacks advanced features

9. Wifiner

It is a useful Wi-Fi analyzer app that is popular for Mac devices. It offers heatmap surveys and quick access to signal strengths, RSSI, channels, RF spectrum, vendors, SSID, etc. It is one of the exclusive apps that offer a sandbox Wi-Fi survey for different app users. Wifiner is helpful in locating the dead spots and offers quick router placements for detailed connectivity.


Compatibility:MacOS 10.10 and later



  • Color-coded heatmaps
  • Optimally placement of access points
  • Detailed Wi-Fi survey


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Offers wall-to-wall zigzag pattern
  • Gives comprehensive results


  • The scans may take multiple minutes.

10. AirRadar

It is another great option in the Wi-Fi analyzer apps. It can provide details into signal strengths, RSSI, channels, RF spectrum, beacon intervals, vendors, SSID, etc. It can quickly scan and display the available Wi-Fi networks on a map and is powered by GPS technology. It is the ideal app for frequent travelers. When at home, users can optimize the home network by reducing signal interferences.


Compatibility:MacOS 10.13 and later



  • GPS integration
  • Can optimize home network
  • Can save Wi-Fi scan logs


  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Ideal for new-bees and professionals
  • Easy to understand reports


  • It may be a bit expensive.


  1. How can I refresh the Mac Wi-Fi list?

Answer: It is easy to open the control panel, go to the active networks, and then you can merge or delete the existing network connection. It can be easily achieved using Wi-Fi analyzer apps.

  • How to use a Wi-Fi analyzer app?

Answer: It is a simple-to-use application that comes with a simple interface and hence can be used by any person on the Mac device.

  • Why should I use the Wi-Fi analyzer app?

Answer: If there are issues in the Wi-Fi connectivity on the Mac device, it is important to go for these apps that offer the best help for smooth Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • What are the must-to-have features in any Wi-Fi analyzer app?

Answer: Any Wi-Fi analyzer app should be easy-to-use, should be updated, and must offer quick technical support to global users.

  • Do the Wi-Fi analyzer app is ideal for new bees?

Answer: These apps are ideal for Mac users having the least technical knowledge of Wi-Fi connectivity and hence are ideal for new-bees.

Wrapping Up:

You can go for any of the above-mentioned lists of high-performing Wi-Fi analyzer apps. Further, if you’ve any issues with your storage device, you can go for the MacPaw that helps improve the speed of your Mac device. These apps know areas of strongest, not so strong, and weakest signals for Mac users and help them make adjustments accordingly.

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