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Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 12:29 am

People use browsers and applications on their devices for various functions, including streaming videos or viewing content. However, regardless of the browser type or device they use, one issue that everyone deals with is popup advertisements.

Some websites do not provide excessive ads, but they can still get distracting for most users. Not to mention, a few ads may contain malicious content or malware.

At this point, using the Best Ad Blocker plugin, software, or extension is useful to block the excessive stream of ads while browsing or using an application/service. Here, we cover the Best free Ad Blockers available in the market- choose the right fit for your needs.

Top 10 Best Free Ad Blockers for Windows

There are multiple high-quality types of Ad Blocker for Windows that appropriately repel multiple ads during usage. Most of the options we found are compatible with varying modern browsers. We compiled a list of the top 10 ad-blocking tools that we found here.

1. Avira Browser Safety

Avira Browser Safety is one of the Best Ad Blocker options available for Windows users for strong protection against ads. It is a free add-on that users can get with the Avira Antivirus software, aiming toward privacy and browsing protection.

The features available in Avira Browser Safety center around a secure surfing experience as it rejects phishing and malicious sites. It can easily detect the presence of an infected ad when it appears on the system and blocks it out.

The add-on service also assures protection from browser hijacking and tracking and safeguards transactions/communication. Moreover, you can choose what to block, like web, ads, and social media tracking.

Avira Browser Safety

Compatibility: Windows

Browser Extensions/Compatibility: Firefox, Opera, Chrome

Price: Free


  • Blocks out infected and excessive ads from sites automatically.
  • Detects and stops tracking through ads.
  • Check for unwanted applications for easier removal.
  • Defends system/browser against hijacking attempts.


  • Settings are easily customizable due to the intuitive UI.
  • The Dark Mode option is available.
  • Easy to use functions.


  • This is an add-on with the Avira Antivirus software.
  • Not available for Edge users.

2. AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is easily one of the Best Ad Blockers for Windows users that is currently available. It is suitable for different types of browsers and comes equipped with strong functions that guarantee the best safety and privacy to users.

This extension for web browsers is free to use and effectively blocks out online trackers, malicious sites, and annoying ads without any fuss. Moreover, it does not offer the function of acceptable ads where there are pre-set site-based ads that are considered acceptable.

Users have full control over what types of ads they see and safelist necessary websites directly.

AdBlocker Ultimate

Compatibility: Windows

Browser Extensions/Compatibility: Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chrome

Price: Free


  • Users can block specific elements of websites for customized usage.
  • Strong privacy protection for all data during browsing.
  • Advanced allowlisting functions for users to set which ads to block/accept directly.
  • Robust ad-blocking technology for safeguarding against all ad types.


  • Free for all devices.
  • Blocks out different types of ads easily.
  • Compatible with different types of web browsers.


  • No Acceptable ads are pre-set.
  • Slightly complicated for total beginners initially.

3. AdLock

AdLock is the Best free Ad Blocker that users can opt for to get rid of all ad types for users when they are browsing. On websites, it can easily block banners and popups and improve data security for users. Besides these, the AdLock extension also blocks crypto mining ads and video ads for users.

Users can expect less wastage of battery and safeguard their mobile data while using AdLock. This solution tracks bugs and spyware and detects links that can be defective. It also hides all user data efficiently.


Compatibility: Windows

Browser Extensions/Compatibility: Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chrome

Price: Free, 1 Month- USD 253.75 per month, 1 year- USD 213.52 per month, 5 years- USD 109.34 per month


  • Keeps data and browsers secure against tracking ads.
  • Removes all advertisement types.
  • Detects and blocks ads during video playback.
  • Add-on features like spam warning.


  • Multiple devices are supported under each plan for AdLock users.
  • Money-back guarantee in place.
  • High-quality customer service support 24×7.


  • Does not have the function of allowing acceptable ads from websites.
  • The best features are available under paid plans.

4. Stands Fair AdBlocker

This is a top Ad Blocker for Windows that operates in a low-impact capacity. Stands Fair AdBlocker is mainly useful for Chrome users, though it is not a compatible extension for other browsers. However, in terms of operation, Stands Fair AdBlocker does handle the necessary ad blocking tasks well.

It effectively safeguards against multiple ad types, like autoplay video ads, display ads, and social media ads. You can easily customize the type of content and ads you want to accept through this as well, and even allowlist specific websites.

Stands Fair AdBlocker

Compatibility: Windows

Browser Extensions/Compatibility: Chrome

Price: Free


  • Customize which ads are acceptable.
  • Lightweight software quality assures speedier usage.
  • Blocks out trackers and malware besides ads.
  • Users can allow sponsored sites.


  • Strong safelisting capability for websites.
  • Blocks out every ad type from browsers.
  • Flexible settings for blocking ads.


  • Only works for Chrome browsers.
  • Limited feature list.

5. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is another one of the top options available among the Best Ad Blocker for Windows list. Users can install this on their browser and begin experiencing a smoother surfing experience with zero ads in between.

This plugin is not huge in size, which is useful since it does not drag the system when operating. This quickly blocks out all annoying ads on websites. You can set the websites that you would allow ads for. Plus, Acceptable ads for specific sites are already pre-set.

Adblock Plus

Compatibility: Windows

Browser Extensions/Compatibility: Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera

Price: Free


  • Blocks out popup ads, video ads, banner ads, and other advertisement types.
  • Offer fast and clean browsing experience each time you load any browser.
  • The software allows acceptable ads for specific websites as default.
  • Simple interface with multiple features visible for quick ad removal.


  • This has an open-source nature.
  • All functions are free to use.
  • Compatible with multiple types of browsers.


  • It can show issues removing all ad types.
  • Limited variety of functions compared to other options here.

6. AdGuard

Another of the Best free Ad Blocker options is the extension of AdGuard. It is one of the most lightweight and multi-functional ad-blocking web extensions available that guarantees a free browsing experience.

The software protects all browsers against different types of ads, like floating ads, interstitial ads, video ads, text ads, popups, and banner ads. Additionally, users can block specific elements or sections of the webpages with the built-in element blocking ability. 

AdGuard Assistant is available as an additional application that offers similar functions as this extension with strong filtering ability.


Compatibility: Windows

Browser Extensions/Compatibility: Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Yandex.Browser, Edge

Price: Free


  • It can remove Adblock circumvention scripts.
  • AdGuard blocks different types of ads, like text ads, popup ads, intestinal ads, etc.
  • AdGuard Assistant for full-scale filtering on different desktop systems.
  • Data privacy protection is available.


  • Community and GitHub repositories are available.
  • Blocks video ads.
  • Protects the system against tracking cookies.


  • It cannot block all types of ads/malicious content on every browser type as an extension.
  • Only a 14-day free trial is available for Windows users.

7. Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a suitable solution available in the market for Best Ad Blocker for Windows. It offers advanced quality functions centering around surveillance protection, tracking safety, and censorship during internet surfing for users. It is usable in diverse regions and supports various languages, making it suitable for many global users.

This extension can block third-party unauthorized browser plugins, like QuickTime, RealPlayer, and other such options that can detect private data. Tor Browser blocks them automatically for better privacy.

Tor Browser

Compatibility: Windows

Browser Extensions/Compatibility: Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox

Price: Free


  • Protection from censorship of content.
  • High-quality surveillance-based protection.
  • Safety from tracking software or ads.
  • Configure bridge through Network Settings when at a location that does not support this app.


  • Supports multiple languages like English, German, French, Finnish, Spanish, etc.
  • Tutorials are available for new software users.
  • Three encryption layers are available.


  • Safety concerns are available as the security feature here is not the strongest.
  • Not suitable for everyday users.

8. TrustNav AdBlocker

Among these Best Ad Blocker options, TrustNav AdBlocker is another useful option for lots of users. It is strong ad-blocking technology that can prevent the activation of various ad types quickly. Whether a user is streaming video content or reading blog content, this ad blocker protects against unnecessary ads consistently.

The software extension for web browsers follows privacy protection as an important point of concern. For this, it is combined with the SafeSearch function under Trustnav Security, search engines, and ad networks.


Compatibility: Windows

Browser Extensions/Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox

Price: Free


  • Lightweight software assures faster performance on multiple devices.
  • The advanced function of ad detection and blocking.
  • Automated removal of popup ads
  • Advanced settings for blocking video ads.


  • Easy to use UI.
  • Keeps browsing private, making the system invisible to ads.
  • SafeSearch feature for smoother, secure browsing.


  • Anti-ad blocking filters can easily detect it.
  • Limited compatibility with modern browsers, e.g., Microsoft Edge.

9. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is one of the notable Best Ad Blocker options available with multiple-platform compatibility. You can download the extension for Firefox, Opera, or Chrome browsers when using Windows devices. However, the browser extension is not specifically an ad blocker and focuses on privacy protection instead.

For this, the extension helps block third-party ad tracking for users when the surf through the websites. If the software detects any advertiser specifically targeting and tracking your browsing experience, it will automatically ban all ads from that advertiser.

Privacy Badger

Compatibility: Windows

Browser Extensions/Compatibility: Opera, Firefox/Firebox (Android), Chrome

Price: Free


  • Third-party fingerprinting is available for usage checking.
  • Do Not Track signal available for customized ad-blocking functions.
  • Keeps out tracking-based ads.
  • GPC or Global Privacy Control-compliant.


  • The software tracks ads and their origin point with the enabled learning feature.
  • It analyses all browser cookies before discarding any from sites.
  • Privacy protection is the first priority.


  • Does not operate on Edge Legacy (Microsoft).
  • This is not primarily an ad blocker; it is a privacy tool.

10. Ublock Origin

Ublock Origin is a type of wide-spectrum content blocking extension, so calling is an ad blocker is not entirely accurate. However, it is one of the best options available as it provides similar functions in high quality and as any of the Best free Ad Blocker.  

This tool is very lightweight and guarantees a faster browsing experience for the users. It does not exert a lot of stress on the RAM or CPU of the device. This software has strong filters for the functions it handles, like the EasyList feature for ad removal and EasyPrivacy for tracking protection.

Ublock Origin

Compatibility: Windows

Browser Extensions/Compatibility: Opera, Firefox, Edge, Chrome

Price: Free


  • Open-source.
  • Advanced filtering for clearing out unnecessary ads.
  • Protection against harmful malware.
  • Stop the loading of pre-fetched links in the absence of a VPN.


  • Free to use for all types of users.
  • Block specific website parts and ads.
  • Lightweight and smooth usability.


  • Not the easier option for complete beginners.
  • Shows issues while blocking some types of ads.


For the best browsing experience, use the ad blocker software to get rid of excess ads. While all of the options listed above are top-notch in their specific function, we recommend Avira Browser Safety and AdBlocker Ultimate as the Best Ad Blocker for Windows you can try out.

Before choosing any, check for their compatibility with different browsers to know which offers suitable benefits. Go through other such posts we have for other software-related concerns you might have.

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