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Last updated on August 28th, 2023 at 11:54 am

Most students find it hard to write a comprehensive academic essay within the given timeframe. It becomes quite challenging and equally stressful to complete the assigned task, especially when the deadline is near. The fast-approaching due date is also one of the key reasons why students look for paper writing help online and choose to pay for essay  to avoid dealing with it themselves and, at the same time, ensure they get an excellent grade.

However, there are certain apps for writing essays that will help you deliver top-quality assignments.

Best Essay Writing Apps to Improve Writing Skills

There are plenty of good writing tools to help you master the craft. But if you are a newbie and looking to write exceptionally good essays, you can hire top academic essay writing services that will do the job for you. However, if you want to write an article on your own, this blog is for you. We are about to list down some of the best essay writing tools that will help you write good essays in no time.


It is a writing assistant that gives specific instructions and suggestions to help you write better. As the name of the app suggests, it corrects grammatical errors and mistakes that you might ignore otherwise. Grammarly also fixes issues related to active, passive voice, or overly long sentences. It suggests making sentences short, crisp, and clear.

For academic writing purposes, Grammarly is one of the top choices as it helpsboost writing skills and brings clarity to your writing. One of the key features of the Grammarly app that will really help in your academic writing essay is that it can detect plagiarism and if you have copied content from the net.

Most of the time, students copy quotes as is, and Grammarly detects them. You can rephrase and present the quotes in a manner that doesn’t seem copied. Mentioning sources and writing a bibliography in the end also minimizes the risk of falling into plagiarism.


It is a free mind mapping tool that helps you brainstorm ideas and jot them down in an organized manner. This is one of the best writing apps that enhances your creativity. It breaks down a complex assignment into smaller segments and parts so that you can focus accordingly. The main idea can be written, and the supporting thoughts follow in a pictorial representation or diagram.

This way, Popplet helps unlock your thoughts and convinces you to put them on paper. It is perfect for students who are facing writer’s block or have trouble converting their thoughts into words. It helps improve writing skills and is best for students who have trouble writing.


A good quality academic paper requires that you are well organized in your pre-writing stage.  The prewriting stage involves the collection of valid information, supporting data, and possibly real-life examples. Organizing all this data can be a daunting task for many writers. 

However, this part is just as important as writing the paper itself.  Creating an organized database for all the collected information pertaining to a specific task only helps to make the writing process a lot easier. This is where Evernote comes in handy. It is a convenient app that helps you keep your data organized and is also easy to use.

This app is considered one of the best and most convenient apps for writing essays that even amateur writers can use with ease. Whether the data you have collected is a PDF, a Word document, an image, or a web link, you will never have any trouble organizing them in the most efficient manner with Evernote.

Not only this, you can simply use a keyword to search for the related resource instead of writing the whole title down. The simple information retrieval process is what makes Evernote the best tool that helps you in your writing process.

IA Writer Pro

It offers a unique writing experience. Most writers and students complain of a nice ambiance for writing. Writing requires peace of mind and an ability to concentrate on the message. iA Writer Pro I the perfect app that sets the mood and provides the right platform to pen down your thoughts. It highlights the one paragraph or sentence you are working on while blocking away everything else.

This way, IA Writer Pro is perfect for letting you focus on your text and how to make it better. It helps cut down the noise and allows you to concentrate on the message you wish to convey. It blocks away from other content and highlights only the text you are working on. This singles out the text and provides an uncluttered environment.

There are several other features of iA Writer Pro. Colour highlighting puts the light on grammatical errors or language issues. You can correct them as you write or fix them later. Keep your writing style in check by looking at the redundancies and filler words. It is one of the best tools to boost writing skills.

You can also move paragraphs as you like or swap sections, add images and graphs. Make your content interesting as you like with this app. It makes the writing journey worthwhile.

Hemingway Editor

There are different colour codes in a Hemingway Editor App. You have to follow the instructions accordingly. It is an editing tool that you can use once you have actually written the essay. It works this way. For instance, if there is a weakening phrase, it will be highlighted in blue. Get rid of the weakened phrases and pick the right words for more clarity. If any word is highlighted in purple, it means you should use a shorter word. Yellow sentences are complex and long. They can be shortened or corrected for errors.

Phrases that are in green show passive voice and can be corrected for an active voice.  This is a refining tool as it helps refine the text and make it clear and bold. Hemingway Editor is perfect for essays that require clarity. You can get an edge over others by submitting an essay that is easy to read and serves the purpose.

Lengthy sentences kill the purpose. This app ensures there are no mistakes or language issues in your text. It also brings more clarity and purpose to your academic writing essay. You don’t need help from your friend or any other professional. This app is a perfect editor to make your essay error-free.


We hope these writing apps will help you uncover your true potential as a writer. Make sure to download these writing tools for the best essays. Choose any of the above-mentioned tools according to your needs. In case you have trouble writing, then you can also hire academic writing essays.

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