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10 Best Password Manager Software in 2021

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Last updated on January 8th, 2021 at 05:04 pm

Thanks to the computers and internet, we’ve been able to do most of our things at the comfort of our home with either a computer or a smartphone. So many industries have been digitized and been providing most of their services through internet. Almost every one of us use internet on a daily basis for various purposes. When it comes to using different websites on the internet, the most important aspect is logging in with a username and password. Since password is highly sensitive information, one must definitely use best password manager software to safeguard it.

Best Password Manager Software in 2021

One of the primary reasons for people falling victims to the different types of hacking and scamming attacks is simply a weak password or lack of protection for their password. Have a look at the top 10 password manager software and try to use one of them to shield your password from attackers:


One of the best password manager software, Dashlane is packed up with tight secure framework in the form of AES-256 encryption. Dashlane offers a wide range of features such as form filling assistance, automatic logins, import & export of credentials, two-factor authentication, and many more. It also helps you with storing of debit and credit cards as a digital wallet. Dashlane is compatible with Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android.


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One of the oldest password manager software out there, Roboform has been around since 1999. Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android are the operating systems that are supported by Roboform. This software provides a wide variety of password protection features such as single-click logins, automatic form filling, password storage and much more.



This password manager software offers a lot of features than most of its competitors. This is not only a password manager for Windows, but it also works on Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux as well. LogMeOnce offers biometrics compatibility, digital wallet, password strength check, two-factor authentication, password storage and many more.



With an experience of providing password manager software services for over a decade, LastPass comes with a multitude of features such as automatic password capture, two-factor authentication, password storage, form filling, and many more. This software stores passwords in secure cloud storage to ensure reliability. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and almost all web browsers as well.



One of the open-source and best password manager software, KeePass stores your passwords in your local storage and encrypted information. Two-factor authentication, auto form filling, password storage, password generation are the primary features of this password manager software. Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS are the supported operating systems.


Sticky Password

This password manager software has been listed among the best password manager software list for its powerful and secure password management features such as biometric support, two-factor authentication, form filling, strong password generator, and much more. Sticky Password is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and every web browser out there.

sticky password

Enpass Password Manager

This password manager software offers some highly advanced password management features to keep your data secure in 2021. Being compatible with multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome OS, Enpass Password Manager offers features such as password management, AES-256 encryption, fingerprint support, form filling, cloud backup, and many more.

enpass detail view

McAfee TrueKey

If you’re looking out for a password manager software that is highly advanced and packed with sophisticated features, TrueKey is the way to go. TrueKey is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and major web browsers as well. You can log in to TrueKey without a password but through facial recognition or fingerprint sensor. Password management, password strength check and suggestions, form filling, and two-factor authentication are some top features of TrueKey.


Norton Password Manager

Developed and operated by the infamous anti-virus and security company, Norton, Symantec Norton Identity Safe is one of the high quality password manager software out there. Password generator tool, two-factor authentication, one-click logins, password storage, and Safe Web are some of the best features offered by this software.

Norton Password Manager

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If you’re someone who loves user-friendly, lightweight, and effective password manager software, 1Password offers you the best bet. This password manager software provides you some highly secure features such as, digital wallet, form filling, password recipe builder, cloud storage backup, two-factor authentication, and many more. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and pretty much every web browser out there.



We usually store a lot of our our sensitive and confidential information in our computers and online web accounts such as e-mail, Social Media, and similar others. While password is the most important thing that locks your important information, you can still be troubled if you don’t provide protection to your passwords. Furthermore, it’s very difficult to remember all your different passwords, which is why you should get effective and efficient best password manager software to ease your job in 2021.

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