Top 9 Alternatives to TiViMate In 2023


TiViMate is a well-liked IPTV player for Android gadgets, users can watch live TV programs. It has a lot of features, such as support for EPGs (Electronic Programme Guides), the capacity to handle multiple lists, and even more. However not everyone will find TiViMate to be perfect, and some users could be seeking alternatives that provide similar or even superior features. 

Why should you look for TiViMate Alternatives?

Even if TiViMate is unquestionably a great IPTV player, there are certain reasons you might want to look at alternatives. 

  • Compatibility: TiViMate is primarily developed for Android, thus users using other platforms could find it inconvenient.
  • User Interface: As opposed to TiViMate, some people might prefer a different user interface or look-and-feel.
  • Features: Users have different demands, and various IPTV players may provide features that better meet particular requirements.

We’ll look at some alternatives in this post so you can get the most out of your IPTV streaming.

Top 9 TiViMate Alternatives

1. IPTV Smarters Pro

One top choice for people searching for TiViMate alternatives is IPTV Smarters Pro. The app offers a simple user interface and a quick IPTV service connection. It enables customers to watch catch-up TV, on-demand programming, and live TV.

IPTV Smarters Pro


  • A user-friendly UI allows for simple navigation.
  • Support for multiple screens for simultaneous streaming.
  • Extensive EPG for program scheduling and watching.


  • IPTV Smarters Pro has a friendly user interface that supports the EPG 
  • Simple to search for content.
  • Support for a variety of formats
  • Ensures compatibility with different IPTV services.
  • IPTV Smarters Pro can be downloaded on iOS, Windows, and Android devices.


  • Upgrade to the premium version to get all of the features 

2. Tivimate Companion

The Tivimate Companion app is an appealing choice if you’re seeking something that closely matches TiViMate when it comes to features and interface. It offers more features and works when combined with the core TiViMate app.

Tivimate Companion


  • To make it simple to access and manage your TV programs, Tivimate Companion provides a remote control for Tivimate.
  • You can get information about programs and schedules thanks to the integration of the EPG (Electronic Program Guide).
  • You can easily arrange and access your favorite channels with Tivimate Companion’s playlist and channel group management features.


  • Simple and consistent user experience by integrating smoothly with TiViMate settings.
  • To ensure a smooth transition for users
  • User-friendly and simple-to-navigate interface of the main TiViMate app.


  • Main TiViMate app is required for Tivimate Companion, which limits its applicability for users.

3. Kodi

The well-known open-source video player and entertainment center Kodi is compatible with several platforms, like Android TV. Kodi enables flawless IPTV streaming because of its extensive add-on library and customizability. 

Kodi TiViMate alternative


  • Kodi can play a variety of music and video formats.
  • It provides a simple user interface for managing and playing media files.
  • Kodi enables the addition of add-ons to increase its functionality and add features like streaming services and content personalization.


  • Kodi provides users with a highly customizable interface.
  • Comes in a variety of skins and themes
  • Allow users to personalize the appearance and feel to their tastes.
  • A tonne of more content for their streaming apps and television. 
  • Compatible with different platforms, including Windows system, Android, iOS, and others.


  • Installing Kodi & its associated add-ons can be challenging for newbies, who need some technical expertise to fully utilize its features.

4. Perfect Player

For Android devices, Perfect Player is a quick and effective IPTV player. It is one of the best TiViMate alternatives for anyone searching for an easy way to watch IPTV material because of its reputation for fast and seamless playback.

perfect player TiViMate alternative


  • Easy-to-use interface for media streaming and IPTV.
  • Support for the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for simple channel navigation.
  • Playback settings and individualized playlists.


  • It is compatible with a wide range of IPTV services thanks to its support for multiple playlist formats, such as M3U and XSPF.
  • An extensive Electronic Programme Guide is available to users, which improves their viewing experience.
  • Users of all skill levels can use Perfect Player thanks to its easy and user-friendly UI.


  • Perfect Player offers fewer customization choices than some of its competitors, which may dissatisfy those looking for a more personalized experience.

5. GSE Smart IPTV 

The multifunctional app GSE Smart IPTV works with tvOS, iOS, and Android gadgets. Users looking for TiViMate alternatives that are user-friendly will find it to be an appealing option because it has a clean and simple interface.



  • GSE Smart IPTV provides a user-friendly interface for straightforward navigation.
  • It improves accessibility and functions on a variety of platforms, including iOS and Android.
  • EPG and playlist control functions are provided by GSE Smart IPTV.


  • GSE Smart IPTV supports a variety of playlist formats.
  • Ensures compatibility with different IPTV services.
  • User-friendly layout, complete EPG connection, and clean design.
  • GSE Smart IPTV integrates Chromecast and offers language support.


  • The free version comes with advertisements and has some feature restrictions.

6. OTT Navigator 

An IPTV player for Android televisions with loads of features, a user-friendly interface, and several customization options is called OTT Navigator. Due to its various capabilities, it is one of the finest TiViMate alternatives.

OTT Navigator


  • An easy-to-use interface for navigating.
  • A large content library with personalized playlists.
  • Compatibility across platforms for seamless streaming.


  • User-friendly, customizable interface.
  • Enables users to customize their settings.
  • Support for many playlist formats.
  • Ensures broad compatibility.
  • Enhanced viewing experience.
  • Multitasking in picture-in-picture mode.


  • Pay for the premium subscription to take advantage of all the features.

7. MP4 Player MyIPTV

MyIPTV Player has a simple and user-friendly interface and this IPTV player is only available for Windows. It is renowned for its consistent performance and smooth IPTV content playing.

MyIPTV Player


  • Playback of videos is flawless with MyIPTV MP4 Player.
  • An easy-to-use interface for navigating.
  • Supports a variety of video formats for viewing options.


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • An effective choice for users of Windows.
  • Assuring compatibility with different IPTV services
  • It supports M3U playlists & EPG data.


  • Only Windows-based devices can use MyIPTV Player

8. Progtv

Several IPTV providers and streaming protocols are supported by the feature-rich IPTV player Progtv. It is one of the fierce alternatives in the industry since it has an appealing user interface and is renowned for its many features.

Progtv TiVimate Alternative


  • Progtv provides a user interface that is easy to use for simple navigation.
  • A wide variety of channels and content are offered.
  • For the best possible watching experience, Progtv supports high-definition streaming.


  • Offers extensive compatibility.
  • Supports playlists and EPG formats.
  • Seamless audio and video playback.
  • Numerous customization options and user-friendly UI.


  • The free version has adverts and limits access to some features, 

9. TV Extreme IP

The only Android-compatible IPTV player with a wide range of features and compatibility is called IPTV Extreme. It has PVR features, EPG compatibility, and the capability for content-casting to other devices.


  • For lifelike pictures, TV Extreme IP offers breathtaking 4K clarity.
  • brilliant hues, sharp contrast, and high dynamic range (HDR).
  • Smart Connectivity; Stream entertainment without interruption using pre-installed apps.


  • IPTV Extreme has robust EPG functionality and PVR recording.
  • Users can send content to different devices using DLNA and Chromecast.
  • IPTV Extreme has strong compatibility with different IPTV services


  • The free version has adverts and other feature restrictions


The aforementioned TiViMate alternatives can meet your particular preferences and requirements while providing you with an extensive range of options to improve your IPTV experience. To choose which choice best meets your needs, be sure to look into all of your options.

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