Top 10 Currency Conversion Apps to Use on Android/iPhone in 2023


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With the diverse technological advancements in the world, things like travel and information access are so easy for people. Indeed, many people go to other countries nowadays or must conduct business with global clients.

In this context, one should be knowledgeable about a crucial metric to enjoy a smooth experience, i.e., currency conversions. However, it is not easy for the average person to keep these conversion rates in mind all the time or make fast mental calculations.

Luckily, you can use top-notch currency converter apps for iOS or Android for instant calculations anytime or anywhere. In this post, these are the options you will learn about specific to the two operating system versions.

Top 10 Currency Converter Apps for iOS And Android Users to Try

iOS and Android users can utilize specific app types that work well on their device type for currency conversion. Read through the information about these apps to choose the one that best suits your needs.   

1. Xe Currency & Money Transfers

Xe Currency & Money Transfers

XE is one currency converter app for iOS and Android users that is the simplest to use, with multi-purpose uses. You can easily see live information on global currencies in the exchange market.

Moreover, you can make transfers to other accounts internationally directly through this app while checking the conversion rates in real time. Here, you can also expect live updates about the transfers.


  • Access historical and current currency-related charts.
  • Get quotes quickly and then send them.
  • International money transfers with many participants.
  • Track money transfer data from the account in real time.


  • It is supported various device types.
  • Easily track the currency status in the charts.
  • Simple app to use for currency searching and conversions.


  • Not very lightweight compared to some of the other conversion apps.
  • The exchange rates take some time to load up via widgets.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS, Android, and online  

2. Easy Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter is another high-grade currency conversion tool many Android users can easily trust for high-quality conversions. It shows users accurate live currency exchange rates during their usage for easier tracking.

You can prepare your currency list on this app from the various digital and fiat currency versions it shows for calculations. Moreover, this is easily accessible in offline mode as well.


  • Offline mode is useful.
  • Get a live view of the exchange rate changes.
  • It supports different currency types, including cryptocurrencies and metals.
  • Get historical graphs for past conversion rate information since 2011.


  • Simple UI for instant access for any user type.
  • Fast and relatively accurate conversions.
  • Simplified search functionality here.


  • It is not suitable to use on all Android device types.
  • No widget functionality is in place here.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Android and iOS

3. Convertium: Currency & Units

Convertium Currency & Units

Convertium is a high-grade currency converter app for iOS with 350 units of measurements available for conversion. One of the best and most used parameters is the currency conversion tool, which supports 160 types.

If you make conversions often and have specific combinations you search about often, you can favorite such pairs in this app for easy accessibility.


  • Add as much favorite currency modifications as you need.
  • Create customized conversion rates.
  • High-grade conversion equation support here.
  • Supports 160+ currency choices for users. 


  • Get attractive theme options for customization.
  • See the full currency-based exchange rate chart.
  • You can sync your data with iCloud Sync.


  • Only works on newer iPhone versions since iOS 16.0.
  • It would help if you upgraded to paid plans to get access to features like the inVooDoo package.

Cost: Free with upgrades starting at USD 3.99.

Compatibility: iOS

4. My Currency Converter & Rates

My Currency Converter & Rates

My Currency Converter & Rates is a simple and high-grade currency converter tool for different types of users, including casual users. Here, you will get the support of 150 currency choices you can access and convert in pairs often.

The app is straightforward for travelers since they can easily add different currency pairs depending on where they are visiting. It is easy to operate this offline too, which benefits these traveler types who may not have internet access often.


  • More than 150 currency versions are compatible with conversion here.
  • See the real-time changes to the exchange rate information in the market for better accuracy with the conversions.
  • It supports cryptocurrency options like LiteCoin, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin.
  • The conversion process occurs as you type.


  • Works on various iPhone and iPad devices.
  • Get the readings up to three decimal places.
  • Simple interface beginner-level users can easily work with.


  • No calculator functionality is present here.
  • Ads can get annoying to deal with soon.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS

5. World Currency Converter FOREX

 World Currency Converter FOREX

World Currency Converter FOREX is a helpful app for quick and suitable currency conversion information. It supports 160 types of global currencies that you can choose and then add value for.

The app also allows users to swap between the currency pairing with one tap. Indeed, this makes it easy to convert the currency types if you want to know the information for two types specifically.


  • Get 160+ currency exchange rate variations to select from.
  • Save the conversion data you want to access later in the favorites section.
  • Get information on real-time exchange rates.
  • Swap between currency conversion pairs.


  • The easy conversion process for currency-related information.
  • Access and use offline.
  • Easy to utilize for all user types.


  • Too many ads are available mid-conversion.
  • It only supports the standard English language.

Cost: Free with in-app costs from USD 1.99

Compatibility: iOS

6. World Currency Converter

 World Currency Converter

As a currency converter app for Android, World Currency Converter is one of the unique options. Here, users can view and convert 200 currency versions from global locations.

You can prepare your own currency list here as well. Then, you can add different currency pairs you usually use for easy access on this platform.


  • Get a list of exchange rate options.
  • Inclusive calculator here for more accessible exchange rate-based conversions.
  • View different charts and graphs on the real-time currency exchange market.
  • Supports multiple currency types for conversion.


  • Relatively uncluttered UI design.
  • It does come with offline usage functionality.
  • Web search support for learning currency-related information.


  • Scrolling on the screen is a challenge for all users.
  • The banner ad is very constricting.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Android

7. Amount – Unit Converter

Amount - Unit Converter

If you are looking for a high-quality and best currency converter app for iOSthat you can access with simplistic features, Amount is a good example. The application has a very simplistic interface with intuitive technology support.

As for conversion-related uses, you will get access to 700+ units here across different categories, including diversified currency options. Add the values in the converter for the different currency types you need to know.


  • Users can add customized units.
  • Quickly go through your conversion history information in the log.
  • Instantly search for the currency type and make the conversion.
  • It covers 700+ units across 30 categories for measurement.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Not costly to use.
  • Supports many languages and regions.


  • Not the most accurate with real-time valuation changes.
  • It does not work without internet connection.

Cost: USD 0.35

Compatibility: iOS

8. My Currency Converter

 My Currency Converter

If you want a high-grade currency converter app for Android, My Currency Converter is one of the top-most app versions to trust. Its user-friendly interface makes it a good choice for people who want a no-nonsense app for instant conversion checking.

You can choose the currency versions in the app, whether you are using it on an Android smartphone or tablet. Then, make the conversions with single taps.


  • Straightforward currency selection functionality here.
  • One-tap conversion of currencies.
  • Use it without depending on internet connectivity.
  • Works on different device types.


  • Simple UI for instant data input and conversion.
  • Many currencies are available for use.
  • No ads at all.


  • Very basic-level features are available.
  • Updates can take some time to occur in terms of exchange rates.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Android

9. Unit Converter and Calculator

Unit Converter and Calculator

This tool comes with various unit measurement and conversion functionalities, but one of the best is the currency converter functionality here. Indeed, you can insert currency options you want to convert in this calculator.

It has a smooth interface design making it easy to view and make many conversion changes. You can download data offline here as well.


  • Check the measurement of different units like temperature, currency, sound, etc.
  • Multiple currency types are supported.
  • Instant selection and conversion process for users here.
  • Carry out many multiple conversions in one go.


  • Works with varying Android device types.
  • Useful for global users since it supports many languages.
  • Get diverse calculator types like EMI calculator, TIP calculator, etc.


  • Too many ads here.
  • Unavailable for free usage.

Cost: In-app costs start at USD 1.72

Compatibility: Android

10. Currency Converter Plus

Currency Converter Plus

Another high-grade currency converter app for Android is the Currency Converter Plus tool, which also has an iOS version. On this app, you will get AccuRate-based functionality for real-time information on global exchange rates.

So, if you want to get accurate conversions, this app is useful. Plus, there is an in-built calculator available here that you can use for smooth and quick conversion checks of different currency versions.


  • Create custom fields for currency conversion.
  • View historic rate graphs and charts between 1 week to a year.
  • Batch conversion is supported here.
  • Use the converter in offline mode.


  • Easily calculate localized currency conversions.
  • Multiple currency types are compatible here, including digital currencies like Bitcoin.
  • Get AccuRate-supported live updates on currency exchanges.


  • Not many theme customization options are available.
  • Connection issues can happen sometimes.

Cost: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 0.99.

Compatibility: Android and iOS


Overall, there are multiple high-quality mobile apps available for currency conversion that Android and iOS users can depend on. Some of these apps work in both operating system types but are dominant for specific sides. On the other hand, some options are native to only one side. It would be best to study all these options to finalize the best one for you.

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