10 Best Currency Converter Apps for Android and iPhone in 2021


Last updated on March 5th, 2021 at 12:57 pm

This world is a versatile and beautiful place. Every nation present on the globe has different geographic, climatic and economic conditions. That’s why if you are a traveler, trader or just a curious person, then you need to understand all these three different conditions of a nation before visiting. Today, to monitor the geographic locations, climatic changes, and currency conversion, we have well functional apps for everything. Precisely, talking about the economic variation, we can say that there are plenty of best currency converter apps for Android and iPhone in 2021.

By using currency converter apps, you can easily calculate different monetary values and make your travel or trade plans effectively. Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store is swamped with good quality currency converter apps that you can download instantly on your smartphones.

5 Best Currency Converter Apps for Android in 2021

Android users can easily keep a tab on the changing trends of the world economy by merely downloading an app on their smartphones. To calculate the changing monetary value of different currencies, Android folks can download the following apps.

1. All Currency Converter

All Currency Converter

If you are looking for a real-time currency converter app with the quality features, then from this list of the best currency converter apps for Android and iPhone in 2021, you can download All Currency Converter app. This app shows currency exchange rates in real time with the inbuilt calculator. The app can calculate almost over 162 currency rates along with a special price for minerals around the globe such as gold or silver. With the interactive user interface, the app offers plenty of other features such as tips to calculate currency exchange rates, gives complete exchange rate list, currency trends and charts, multiple currency converters and the latest currency news.

2. Easy Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter

With the dynamic support of 180 currencies and real-time exchange rate features, this is a very useful tool. The major feature of Easy Currency Converter is that It’s available in offline mode also. You can easily set up the personal favorite currency list using this program so that you can first glance at all the important currencies. Apart from converting different currencies at once, this app can convert cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, etc., as well. It is an indeed progressive app with the historic graphs and quick search options.

3. World Currency exchange rates

currency converter

All the Android folks can download this one of the best currency converter apps for Android today. This simple and convenient app can quickly convert current rates of 160+ world currencies. The calculator can save history for a certain time frame and has the ability to immediately evaluate any amount in any currency. It can even calculate bitcoin currency show the currency rates on chart-based graphics. Searching new currency is very simple with this program as all the countries are sorted in alphabetical order. Moreover, the apps come with a guarantee of up to 5 characters accuracy.

4. Currency Converter Plus Free with AccuRate

currency converter plus

If you are looking for the feature loaded app, then this currency converter app is the best for you. It has multiple features such as historic charts, built-in calculator, price comparison and much more. This app can offer you the best results with the offline mode also. With the AccuRate, you will get live rates and graphs on this app along with the multiple currency rates like world currency, bitcoin, and precious metals. For traders and tourists, it is one of the best apps.

5. XE Currency Converter & Exchange Rate Calculator

XE currency

Now, you can have exchange rates at your fingertips with this newly redesigned and innovative app. This is the best currency converter app for Android with the support of charming features such as dynamic currency converter, immediate rate alert notifications, precious metal prices, simple user interface, historical chart, offline mode and much more. This app is designed to work more than a currency calculator app. It can be your travel buddy which will provide you with the mid-market rate that acts as a benchmark to foreign exchange rate providers. To travel freely without any financial stress, you can definitely trust this currency converter app.

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5 Best Currency Converter Apps for iPhone in 2021

For iPhone users, there are plenty of interesting and feature loaded currency converter apps are available in the market. But, the best currency converter apps are mentioned ahead.

1. My Currency Converter & Rates

My Currency Converter

On the list of the best currency converter apps for Android and iPhone in 2021, this simplest and gorgeous looking currency converter is an ideal fit. The app supports more than 150 currencies ranging from US Dollar to Yen. It is even designed to support bitcoin, litecoin, and Dogecoin. The exchange rates are automatically updated on the app and can be available in offline mode also. This app offers accuracy up to three decimal places and it is a great app for iPhone users.

2. Currency converter – money app

money app

This is one of the most favorite currency converter apps for iOS users. Clear Currency Converter can convert currencies in today widgets and Safari browser. The latest currency exchange rates will be automatically stored in the app which makes the app function offline. Travelers and traders can convert currency up to 170+ currencies and precious metal rates with the historic rate chart. The colorful user interface of the app makes the converting experience more cool and interesting for the users.

3. SwiftCurrency: converter app


For the iOS users, one of the best currency converter app for iPhone is SwiftCurrency. It is easy to use the app with one hand. This app works offline with the support of 156 currencies. You can instantly convert as many as currencies you want to with this tool. All the functions of this tool are completely free. But, the free version comes with ads that you can easily remove by upgrading the app version.

4. Currency Converter – Rate App

Rate App

This app can ensure that you will get real-time currency exchange rates when you are on international holidays or business trips. The beautiful user interface and the swift access to the conversions make this app user-friendly. It is very smooth to search new currencies using this tool, you just have to enter the name of currency and result will automatically come to you. Moreover, this program is designed to automatically update exchange rates so it can be used in offline mode also. The newly added night theme and keyboard bell options are very interesting.

5. Rapid Currency Converter

Rapid Currency Converter

Just like its name Rapid Currency Converter is a fast app to convert multiple currencies at once. With this app, you have the option to check live currency conversion rates anywhere and anytime. You can set base currency using this tool and even calculate currency rates in offline mode. You can stay updated about all the latest happenings of the money market by the constant notification alerts. The easy to use and navigate features makes this app stand proudly in the list of the best currency converter apps for iPhone.


The traveling and trading became a very smooth process with the assistance of the best currency converter apps for Android and iPhone in 2021. After downloading the currency converter app, you can instantly calculate multiple currencies, stay connected with the latest money market news and much more.

So, before boarding a plane always download currency converter app on your smartphones. In addition to above mentioned apps, if you have personal favorites, then feel free to share in the comments below.

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