8 Tricks To Gain Up To 1000 Free Instagram Followers In 30 Days

Free Instagram Followers

Last updated on April 2nd, 2024 at 4:25 am

Looking to boost your Instagram following? Discover 8 effective tricks to gain up to 1000 free Instagram followers in 30 days. Learn how to grow your account and leverage strategic tactics for maximum impact. Start building your Instagram presence today!

Building a large follower count on Instagram is crucial for success. It holds various meanings for people, from a status symbol to career advancement.

However, growing a large following takes effort. But fear not!

You can get 1000 free Instagram followers in 30 days without spending a dime. It’s all about investing your time and effort wisely.

This article will discuss practical strategies to help you get free Instagram followers. And scale your Instagram marketing efforts.

Why Do You Want More IG Followers?

IG followers are not just about the numbers. It’s about the opportunities and benefits that come with a larger following.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Expanded Opportunities. More followers open doors to collaborations, sponsorships, and business prospects.
  • Enhanced Online Presence. A larger following boosts your credibility and visibility in the online world.
  • Increased Engagement. More followers mean higher chances of engagement, likes, and comments on your posts.
  • Establishing Authority. A growing follower base positions you as an authority figure within your niche.
  • Attracting Clients and Partners. A more significant following captures the attention of potential clients, customers, and brand partners.
  • Building Relationships. Gaining more followers helps you establish meaningful connections and grow your network.
  • Thought Leadership and Influence. A large follower count positions you as a thought leader or influencer in your field.

8 Tricks For More Instagram Followers

1. Switch Your Account Into A Business Profile

Switching your Instagram account to a business profile can significantly enhance your growth. Although thriving with a personal profile is possible, we recommend taking this step or starting a new business profile.

By doing so, you’ll gain access to Instagram Insights. This invaluable tool provides insights into your follower growth rate. It will also show the effectiveness of your strategies.

Even if your goal is to be an independent content creator, treating your account like a business can bring many benefits.

To switch from a personal to a business account, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile.
  • Locate the Menu hamburger button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Tap on “Settings” in the pop-up menu.
  • Select “Account.”
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on “Switch to Professional Account.”

You can switch to a business account or maintain a professional one.

2. Take Free Instagram Followers Trial

Having a large follower count holds significant importance on Instagram. Influencers and brands rely on an organic audience to expand their reach.

However, building an extensive following takes time, and not everyone has the patience. If you want a faster route to get free Instagram followers, consider buying free Instagram followers.

Curious to know more? Let us enlighten you.

Several third-party apps and social media-focused platforms offer free followers for Instagram. These services help manage your Instagram account, facilitating audience growth and a broader reach.

When expanding your Instagram account, Skweezer is the ultimate tool you need. The best part? It’s a 100% free service!

With Skweezer, you can supercharge your Instagram growth and enjoy the benefits of a larger and more engaged audience.

3. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Your Instagram profile is more than just a collection of photos. It’s a digital home page that represents your brand.

Here’s how you can make it irresistible:

  • Write a compelling description communicating your brand’s purpose and unique qualities. Make sure to write it in a concise yet comprehensive manner.
  • Choose a high-quality profile picture that reflects your brand identity and grabs attention.
  • You can put the link in your profile bio and direct visitors to your website. Make it easy for people to engage with your brand beyond Instagram.
  • Use Instagram highlights to create engaging content that showcases your brand’s features. It’s an excellent way to capture visitors’ interest and encourage them to explore further.
  • Select a username or page ID that is short, memorable, and aligned with your brand name. It makes it easier for users to find and remember your profile.

4. Create Engaging And Informative Content

If you want to expand your follower base, you have to create engaging and informative content. Creating content that grabs people’s attention and keeps them hooked is crucial.

Research indicates that prioritizing entertaining and informative content is the key. It will attract more organic and free followers on Instagram. Not only that, but it also enhances your chances of gaining more Instagram views and likes.

Remember, the quality and value of your content matter. Blending these elements into your posts can elevate your follower count and gain more free IG followers.

5. Enhance Your Discoverability

a. Use Relevant Hashtags

Maximize your reach by strategically utilizing hashtags. Unlike the text in your Instagram posts, hashtags are searchable and can attract free Insta followers.

Create branded hashtags and incorporate specific ones to expand your reach. Hashtags play a crucial role in helping people find your content.

How many hashtags should you add to your Instagram post?

We advise using around 5-7 hashtags to avoid appearing spammy. However, Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags if desired.

Where should you place hashtags in an Instagram post?

There are two options:

  1. After publishing, you can add them directly within the post or in a separate comment. It’s a matter of personal preference and aesthetics.
  2. Some users prefer adding single periods with line breaks after their caption and placing hashtags.

The choice is yours. But remember to maintain consistency across your posts for a professional look.

b. Use Location Tags

When sharing a post or story, consider adding a location tag if it’s relevant. It helps users discover your content effortlessly on Instagram. If you have a physical business, tag your location and encourage customers to do the same.

Attendees at conferences or events can connect with you by adding the location. It will expand your exposure to a relevant audience of potential free followers.

c. Tag Other Instagram Users

Make connections by tagging relevant users in your photos. Use Instagram’s tagging feature within the post.

Tags notify users, encouraging them to engage and share your post. Additionally, your post will get featured in the “tagged” tab on their profile. However, exercise caution — only tag users directly related to your post’s content.

Consider tagging:

  • Your valuable consumers
  • Relevant Businesses
  • Trustworthy suppliers
  • Colleagues or employees
  • Mentors who taught you a skill or shared something relevant
  • Users who appear in the photo

d. Motivate Others To Tag You

You can ask fellow users to tag you to reach a broader audience on Instagram. Followers will spot your handle when they tag your account in their posts. And they will have the opportunity to explore your profile. Leverage your bio as a prime location to motivate others to tag you on Instagram.

reach broader audience on Instagram

6. Boost Engagement Through Interactions

To strategically expand your reach, engage with users likely to appreciate your profile. It entails liking, following, and leaving thoughtful comments on their posts.

Begin by exploring your frequently used and relevant hashtags to discover like-minded individuals.

Another practical approach is to interact with those who are already following you. Be sure to reciprocate: you can follow back and like their posts.

The more you engage, the higher your visibility in others’ feeds. It will also increase your chances of getting noticed.

Moreover, active engagement showcases your authenticity and genuineness on Instagram.

7. Follow Relevant Accounts

It’s vital to follow relevant accounts to grow your Instagram presence. But don’t just click the follow button and move on.

Before following:

  1. Engage with these accounts.
  2. Please look closely at their profiles and interact with a few posts by liking and leaving meaningful comments.
  3. Aim for two or three interactions.

When you consistently show up in their activity notifications, they are likely to reciprocate and check out your profile too.

In the best-case scenario, you’ll receive engagement and a follow-up from smaller accounts. It accelerates your journey toward reaching 1000 Instagram free followers.

8. Host Contests And Campaigns

Once you’ve established a solid fan base, it’s time to leverage the power of contests and campaigns. These strategies will attract a broader audience to your Instagram page.

Not only that, but you can also drive website traffic, boost product sales, and, in the end, amplify brand reach.

For example, run an inspiring contest that encourages participants to take specific actions such as;

  • Liking or commenting on your announcement post
  • Use a branded hashtag
  • Or tagging a friend

The “tag a friend” approach expands your brand’s visibility among other Instagram users.

Using such tactics can enhance brand awareness and boost your online presence. And ultimately attract more Instagram free followers.

Wrapping Up

With the right strategies, you can grow your Instagram followers significantly in 30 days. By implementing the above said tricks, you’ll be able to attract a targeted audience.

Remember to put your effort and time into creating engaging, informative, inspirational posts. If you focus on the quality of your content, you can naturally grow your audience.

Ultimately, the value you provide through your content will attract and retain loyal followers in the long run.

Author Bio:

Dinesh Lakhwani

Dinesh Lakhwani, the entrepreneurial brain behind “TechCommuters,” achieved big things in the tech world. He started the company to make smart and user-friendly tech solutions. Thanks to his sharp thinking, focus on quality and the motto of never giving up, TechCommuters became a top player in the industry. His commitment to excellence has propelled the company to a leading position in the industry.

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