10 Best Android Cleaner Apps for 2021

Last updated on January 8th, 2021 at 5:09 pm

Smartphones while working as a mini computer helps you to perform numerous tasks seamlessly. Further, these nifty devices are used to store plenty of your data in compiled manner. Here, you store your pictures, favorite audio & music files, personal videos, important documents, and lot more. Though smartphones are more potent today still they are not immune to some common performance issues that include storage space limitations. If you are facing the similar issue on your Android device then we suggest you to use below mentioned Android cleaner & optimizer apps to speed up your Android performance.

Best Android Cleaner & Optimizer Apps in 2021

1. Clean Master

Clean Master offers a perfect match of device cleaning and antivirus features to help you keep your Android performance intact. Here, it helps you find and clean cache files, residual files and other unnecessary files to recover valuable storage space. Further, it offers some effective anti-malware features to help you detect and remove all malicious content effectively. In addition to these effective features, it also offers Private Photo feature where you can keep your private photos in an encrypted manner. In other features, it offers battery saver feature to extend your device battery life, Wi-Fi security to provide you safe network and a one-tap boost to speed up Android performance.

clean master Android

2. DU Cleaner

DU Cleaner works as an effective Android cleaner & optimizer app that helps you create all junk from your device seamlessly. Here, it finds and clean residual files, unnecessary APK files, cache files and other obsolete files to help you recover precious storage space. It further cleans your device RAM space to speed up apps and games performance. Using its one-tap boost feature, you can instantly boost your device performance. You can use this ultra-light utility app for Android to perform comprehensive trash-cleaning in instant and effective manner. This smart app works on intelligent analysis engines to deliver you effective results with higher accuracy.

DU cleaner Android

3. CCleaner

CCleaner is a powerful tool that helps you scan, find and clean all junk files from your system including cache files, unused download folders, browser history, clipboard content, and other obsolete and junk files. Further, you can clean unwanted call logs and SMS messages to keep your device completely clean. In addition to cleaning features, CCleaner also helps you keep your device resources stable by allowing you to check the CPU usage, RAM usage, and battery level. You can use this app as a complete solution to keep your device performance intact.

CCleaner Android

4. Avast Cleanup & Boost

Avast Cleanup & Boost is another powerful Android cleaner & optimizer app that is designed to offer you instant and effective results in a jiffy. You can use this tool to clean various junk files including residual files, unwanted APK files, thumbnails, cache files, installation files, and other old & obsolete files. Under its Cleaning Advisor feature, you can see all those junk files which you can clean safely to recover precious storage space. In addition to that, it also helps you optimize your photo quality with advanced photo optimizer feature. You can use this simple yet powerful tool to speed up your Android performance.

avast cleanup & boost android

5. Ancleaner Android Cleaner

Ancleaner Android Cleaner works efficiently with both Android smartphones & tablets. Its powerful search engines perform thorough scanning of your device to help you find and clean all unnecessary junk files effectively. While searching for junk files it scans your complete device storage including SD card on it, to offer you accurate results. Using this tool, you not only manage to recover disk space but it is also useful to speed up Android performance significantly. In additional features, it helps you clean RAM for better device performance.

Ancleaner android

6. Go Speed

Go speed android cleaner andoptimizer

For those of you who are looking for a lightweight Android cleaner & Optimizer app, Go Speed is indeed the way to go. The developers of this had embedded some really effective features that will boost up your device instantly. It comes with an feature that stops auto-starting applications. This app will take care of all those background apps that take up a lot of your device’s energy resources. Memory Boost and App Manager are the two prominent feature of Go Speed.

7. Power Clean

power clean android optimizer and cleaner

This app is packed with several amazing features that help you maintain your Android device properly. It’s a clean, fast, smart, and lightweight application. The cleaning mechanism of this application is one of the best out there. With a single tap, you can clear junk files from your device at any given time. This app also offers a feature that lets you block unnecessary junk notifications. In addition to these features, you also get to access app manager which enables you to uninstall apps. You can also backup and share applications with this feature. Finally, the Applock feature of Power Clean lets you restrict unwanted access to the applications.

8. Ace Cleaner

ace cleaner - android cleaner and optimizer

Not only this is a very efficient app, it also takes very less amount of your device’s resources. With a very clean interface, Ace Cleaner is extremely easy to use. It offers several advanced features such as Ace Clean, Quiet Notification, Ace Boost, CPU Cooler, and Battery Saver. You can also use this android application to clean duplicate photos from your device. The battery saver and CPU cooler are some of the features that you find rarely with other apps. So, Ace Cleaner stays ahead of the competition by providing excellent features that help you clean and optimize your android phone.

9. All-In-One Toolbox


As the name already hints out, All-In-One Toolbox is a complete application that performs multiple duties while keeping your phone junk free. This multi-purpose application lets you clean junk files and boost the speed of your Android device by leaps and bounds. The photo compressor feature that comes with this app allows you bring down the size of high resolution pictures to accommodate more space for other files and apps on your device. The app manager features is extremely helpful in uninstalling apps.

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10. Systweak Android Cleaner

systweak android cleaner

To conclude our list of top 10 Android Cleaner & Optimizer apps for 2018, we present you the Systweak Android Cleaner. This app comes with a wide range of features that are extremely helpful in cleaning and optimizing your Android. Systweak Android Cleaner can boost RAM and clean cache automatically, without the user’s interference. The battery saver feature constantly scans and blocks background apps to save energy. The app manager lets you see what apps you’re not using anymore, so that you can eventually uninstall them. Additionally, this apps lets you share and backup files.


Android cleaner & optimizer apps work as an effective tool to help you recover a lot of valuable storage space effortlessly. Further, it helps you speed up your Android performance to deliver better results. Using these tools you manage to save time and reduce manual efforts. We suggest you to use these efficient tools to make your Android run like never before.

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