Incogni Review: Exploring the Peak of Data Privacy Services

incogni review

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It is a noticeable question that why there is so much concern about data collection and cookies? Your personal details, including your name, location, relationship status, work history, and financial records, are searched constantly. In many cases, it is obtained by data brokers. Data brokers use datasets to either keep for their own use or sell to third parties seeking some advantages.

Thus, there are methods to limit the information they receive and delete existing data from their databases. Incogni, a data removal service offered by Surfshark helps to remove such data with ultimate expertise. This service contacts data brokers on your behalf and requests the removal of your personal information from their databases. By streamlining, expediting, and automating data removal requests, Incogni improves your online privacy.

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Incogni: An Overview

Incogni is a service that helps people remove their personal information from different data brokers. It functions as an intermediary by sending removal requests on your behalf and also enables you to track the progress of these requests. It functions effectively and deals with a considerable number of data brokers. Additionally, there is no need to download or install an app for this. All tasks can be completed directly on Incogni’s website. 

They offer a dashboard where users can track the status of sent, ongoing, and completed requests. However, it is important to note that the service does not verify whether the data broker deleted your information. Nevertheless, the process is simple and efficient, yielding better results than attempting the task manually. For more information on it and to download it click this link.

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Pros Of Incogni: 

  • It manages to file multiple data removal requests with 180+ data brokers.
  • Tracks response of data brokers’ progress
  • Offers a simple signup process.
  • Cost-effective structure.
  • Finds personal data on people’s search sites.
  • Repeats removal requests as required.
  • Offers complete automation in his process. 


Cons of Incogni:

  • Do not inform the retrieved personal data.
  • No intimation of the data broker whether received the request or not.
  • Doesn’t have any package options.
  • No additional features for safety and security. 


Basic Features of Incogni: 

Here are some of the basic specifications of Incogni which make it ideal for data protection. Here are the mentions: 

  • Available in: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe (including Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland)
  • Price: $6.49/month
  • Number of data brokers: 180+
  • Data removal process duration: 30-45 days

Overall Review of Incogni:

Incogni is a convenient privacy tool that is easy to use. Upon registration, it provides an email address and sets up a password to proceed with the services. Here are the details: 

Simple Interface: 

Using Incogni is incredibly simple as there is quite an easy process. The homepage features a dashboard that displays the number of requests sent by Incogni, those that have been completed, and those that are still in progress. It also provides quick access to frequently asked questions that offer further understanding of Incogni’s requirements and procedures.

In addition to the dashboard, there is a detailed view containing a complete list of all the data brokers. In this view, users can monitor the status of their data removal request for each data broker separately.

Users can arrange the brokers based on their type, the level of sensitivity of the data they possess, and the status of your request. By selecting a particular broker, the user can access specific information about it and the type of data it possesses about you.

incogni user interface

Automated Features: 

Incogni’s primary function is to automate the process of requesting data removal. The data removal procedure begins once the user creates an account and completes the subscription process. It’s important to note that currently, this tool is only accessible to residents of the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and the European Union.

The effectiveness of the process relies on the provisions stated in privacy laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Good Connectivity And Network: 

The number of data brokers listed by Incogni is continuously increasing, with new ones constantly being added. It connects to approximately 180 data brokers and several public databases. Here are some of the mentions: 

  • AccuData
  • InfoPay
  • DecaData
  • Censia
  • W20

Privacy And Security:

Incogni requests sensitive information from its users, which is essential to verify whether data brokers have access to it and to ensure to delete it successfully. Surfshark is a reliable company that prioritizes privacy and is dedicated to protecting your personal information. Some data brokers may have your profile without your email address, so Surfshark asks for additional details. However, users can always request that Surfshark removes their data from their servers. It needs the information details of:

  • Your email address
  • Your full name
  • Your complete address (including city, state, country, and zip code)
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Signature (for the authorization form)
privacy information

Pricing Structure: 

Incogni offers a simplified approach with multiple plan options. They offer a single plan for customers, making the decision process easy. This plan is available to US, UK, EU, Switzerland, and Canada residents and ensures secure and encrypted payments. There is no requirement for long-term commitments or subscriptions. 

Customers can easily use the services with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The plan offers two payment options: a monthly payment of $12.99 per month or an annual payment of $77.88, which breaks down to $6.49 monthly, saving customers 50% on each month’s service for committing to a full year. However, Incogni does not provide a free trial to use its services. 


Incogni offers comprehensive support covering everything users need about the service, its functioning, and the required data authorizations. However, if there is a need for further assistance, the user can connect to the support team through emails. Once users send an email, Incogni creates a support ticket, which they strive to address within 24 hours. It is also the procedure for handling refunds in Incogni.

Incogni consumer support page

How To Use Incogni?

For actively using Incogni, users can follow some easy steps to remove personal online data and download using this link. Here are the steps: 

Step 1: The setup process for Incogni is extremely easy. Users must register using their email address, establish a password, and complete the Authorization form. It grants Incogni permission to request data removal from data brokers on your behalf. After that, it needs to provide additional information to identify your records. Finally, the user receives a screen indicating the number of data brokers on Incogni’s contact list.

personal information page Incogni
additional information

Step 2: Once all the details are verified, the user will be directed to a basic dashboard that displays the present status of your data.

basic dashiboard

Step 3: Incogni uses an internal algorithm to determine the companies that control your information. The platform actively contacts companies in an automated manner.

Step 4: Incogni has a completely minimal interface. With a user-friendly dashboard, you can access a single page, “Detailed view,” which provides specific information about the data brokers. It also has important details about data brokers, your data’s sensitivity, and your current state. You can easily monitor the progress of your request.

Step 5: Incogni makes this complete process is made simple and easy. After the signup process, Incogni immediately begins to handle the user data, which you can easily access and monitor.


It is highly recommended to download Incognifor digital data removal service because it consistently and positively impacts the services it provides. Once the user submits the personal information, it manages to contact the 180 data brokers and request the removal of your information quickly.

It is an excellent tool that provides great value for money with a reasonable pricing structure. It has a user-friendly dashboard that ensures easy accessibility. Moreover, it substantially improves your digital presence with online privacy. 

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