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Top 5 TeamViewer Alternatives to Control Your PC Remotely


Remote Desktop access is one of the best features of the Windows computer. You can easily access your computer and the files in it whenever you’re away, or you could also get access to the computer of your acquaintances and assist them with whatever they need. One of the highly popular and most-used remote desktop access software is none other than the Teamviewer. Although there’s almost nothing wrong with this software, some people would want to try similar software for respective reasons. There are many Teamviewer alternatives but only a few are as good as this software. Continue reading to find out the best Teamviewer alternatives.

Here are the 5 best Teamviewer alternatives:

A remote desktop access software must be fast, secure, and reliable. If it’s lightweight, then it’s a complete bonus to the users. Here’s a list of the top 5 Teamviewer alternatives to control your PC remotely from anywhere in the world:

Windows Remote Desktop Connection: The windows operating system comes with an in-built remote access software. This is built officially by the Microsoft, which makes it a very reliable remote access software. To access this feature, you need to visit your control panel and then navigate to the operating system’s settings. To proceed with this feature, the remote PC router should be channeled through the 3389 port to your computer. For people who’re starting out the windows remote desktop access, this can be the best tool as it’s very easy and simply to use and furthermore you don’t have to install any software.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Source: soundar

Join.Me: Designed and developed by the premium Windows application developer and distributor LogMeIN, Join.me is a sophisticated windows desktop access software. Through this software, you can conduct remote meetings with people all across the globe. This superior remote access software has a tremendous capacity of 250 members per meeting. This software is not only used by the usual computer users, but also by the multi-national companies and fortune 500 companies as well. This remote access software also has the feature for recording the meeting.


Source: azureedge

Splashtop: A very lightweight and superfast remote desktop access software, Splashtop is one of the best Teamviewer alternatives for its reliability and simplicity. Not only you can access a computer remotely through your computer, but you can also do that from your mobile phone as well, whether it’s based on iOS or Android. Splashtop has a special feature through which you can stream audio and video. Additionally, you can also manage file transfers seamlessly through the Splashtop application.


Source: topbestalternatives

Show My PC: Arguably the fastest remote desktop access software out there is none other than the Show My PC. Furthermore, it’s also one of the very lightweight remote access software as well. The special feature of this remote access software is that you don’t even have to install this software, as it simply lets you proceed with the remote access after you simply run it. The ease of use is one more feature of the show my PC, which makes people adore it. If you’re looking for a simply yet effective remote access software, Show My PC is the way to go.


Source: snapfiles

Mikogo: This remote access software could be a great deal for the business purposes such as meetings. Mikogo, one of the best Teamviewer alternatives is a remote access software that is completely browser-based, which saves the download and installation process. This remote access software also provides you the feature of VoIP chat as well. If you’re thinking of getting a remote access software that has a commercial aspect to it, Mikogo is the best bet.


Source: dreamcss

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Conclusion: The technology that we have today has evolved immensely with many innovations. With a good remote desktop software, you don’t really have to visit someone and conduct your usual activities such as assistance or meeting. A remote desktop software like Teamviewer and any other Teamviewer alternatives allows you access a computer easily at the comfort of your place. Since you’ve read about the top 5 Teamviewer alternatives, now it’s time for you to decide and download a remote access software from the above-mentioned list and try it out.  

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