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How to Bypass FRP and Android Screen Lock

By TechCommuters / January 18, 2021

Do you have an idea about Google’s Factory Reset Protection feature? Ever encountered the message, “This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google account that was previously synced on this device.” I hope you can relate to it, right? Generally, this problem occurs when you are using a second-hand phone or have […]


10 Best PC Games To Kickstart your 2021

By TechCommuters / January 16, 2021

PC games have always been following the latest trends. They have power, flexibility, and mobility—in short, the games for PC are and will be the best. Therefore, to give a thrilling kickstart to your 2021, we have listed down the ten best Windows games—both paid and free PC games. So, let’s kick-off now! 10 Best […]


Learn Why Explainer Video Industry Is Moving up in the World

By TechCommuters / January 15, 2021

The internet is now full of videos from all categories, ranging from educational, informative, entertaining, and promotional videos. This has led many entrepreneurs to adopt the advancing technology to grow their businesses through live-action and animated videos. Maybe if you were asked, did you ever think there shall come a time when the internet will […]


Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Review

By TechCommuters / January 14, 2021

For Mac users, the idea of a security tool is not that common. But looking at the increase in the number of attacks targeting Mac machines, many companies have started offering compact versions of security tools that miss out on the essential features. Looking at this and understanding the pain of Mac users Intego has […]


10 Best Mac Games for 2021 To Have Some Real Fun

By TechCommuters / January 13, 2021

If you are using powerful and highly secured Mac devices, you are very lucky because you have the opportunity to play some of the best Mac games. There might be a ‘games for Mac’ scarcity syndrome going on, but that’s good for you—as only the best games are available on Mac App Store. Despite scarcity, […]


Zoom Features To Boost ROI

By TechCommuters / January 12, 2021

The shift to working remotely has seen many businesses adapt their communications strategies, a disruption that has also produced unexpected opportunities. New ways of communicating and collaborating with other offices, cities or colleagues at home have become normalized. Video-conferencing tools like Zoom now mean the difference between having an effective workforce that scores goals, and […]


10 Best GPS Tracker Apps for Android & iOS in 2021

By TechCommuters / January 10, 2021

When you have to meet up with your friend, know your teenager’s whereabouts or find your lost or stolen phone, you only need to get GPS tracker apps. The navigation and tracking apps facilitate parents, educational institutions, and friends—in short, help every smartphone phone user to retrieve all devices’ real-time locations. Therefore, today, we are […]


How does Mobile Application Development Help Your Brand?

By TechCommuters / January 9, 2021

There are various reasons that specify a need for having mobile application development for your brands to reach the height of success. However, there are many business owners that start with the most primary question “How Mobile Apps Will Help My Brand?” As we know in the emerging world of technologies, applications and software are […]


10 Cool Streaming Apps for YouTube To Go Live in 2021

By TechCommuters / January 7, 2021

Whether you wish to perform live music concerts, interact with your audience, or share breaking news, YouTube can help you with everything. You just need to activate live streaming on your YouTube channel, and you are ready to go live. However, to stream live on YouTube, you also need a streaming app that can help […]


Best Streaming Apps for YouTube for Android in 2021

By TechCommuters / January 6, 2021

The best YouTube streaming apps for Android not only helps you go live on YouTube, but you can also use these smart apps to broadcast your favorite content across-platforms and devices. Let’s discuss some of the best apps you should try in 2021 to connect with your audience. Top 5 Streaming Apps for YouTube for […]


10 Best Xbox 360 Games To Try in 2021

By TechCommuters / January 2, 2021

The Xbox 360 has been dominating the gaming world since 2005. It has been one of the remarkable gaming inventions by far. Even after 15 years, Xbox 360 is the first preference of many gamers—simply because some of the ever best games are developed for Xbox 360 devices. Therefore, in this list, we are going […]


How to Protect Your Personal Data? Instant Guide

By TechCommuters / January 1, 2021

Online! Well, you hear and use this word ten times a day. So, what about data security when you are online? Worried? Needn’t to! In this instant guide to data security, we have discussed some common data security issues and how to protect personal data while you are online in 2021. What is personal data? […]


Top 10 Time Tracker Software for Windows & Mac in 2021

By TechCommuters / December 30, 2020

By regular time tracking, you can straightaway prevent 80% of productivity leaks in your organization. With time tracking, you can meet deadlines, improve productivity, and enhance your team’s efficiency in one go. Additionally, you can gain insightful time management data to make better strategies and decisions. Without any ado, let’s learn about the top ten […]


Best Timetable Apps for Android in 2021

By TechCommuters / December 29, 2020

Overview If you want an instant and effective solution to create and manage timetable, then you should use the best timetable apps for Android in 2021. Let’s discuss some of these apps here. Best Timetable Maker Apps for Android 2021 1. Timetable Requires Android: 5.0 and up Ratings: 4.0 Price: Free The first app in […]


Top 10 Free Online Collaboration Software for 2021

By TechCommuters / December 27, 2020

Whether you are running a remote workspace or working as a freelancer, you have to work with online collaboration tools almost every day. Free online collection tools can improve work productivity by simplifying communication and collaboration processes. Today, the software market is packed with various feature-rich online collaboration software, but we’ll only talk about the […]


Seasons Greetings! MacPaw Winter Sale is Back!

By TechCommuters / December 26, 2020

MacPaw winter sale is back with a site-wide 30% discount from Dec 26th – Dec 29th 2020. It will start at 12 A.M. PST on Dec 26th and finish at 12 A.M. PST on Dec 30th. You can get a discount on all leading MacPaw products during the sale. You can get all your favorite […]


Best Time Tracker Apps for Android 2021

By TechCommuters / December 27, 2020

Last updated on December 27th, 2020 at 04:33 pmWith an emerging trend of social media and the smartphone evolution has changed the way we used to spend time few years ago. Now we spend a lot of time checking our smartphone to track activities happening across different accounts and platforms. While it has been useful […]


How to Delete Apps from Launchpad on Your Mac

By TechCommuters / December 24, 2020

Launchpad is a launcher for macOS. You can use it to quickly launch apps on your Mac. It is especially useful when you don’t want to navigate to your Applications folder or use Spotlight to launch an app. It offers instant solution to launch any app in no time. It is a useful addition on […]


Cleaner One Pro Review – Clean & Optimize Mac

By TechCommuters / December 22, 2020

If you are struggling with questions like do Mac machines need cleaning? Aren’t they powerful enough to work seamlessly? This post is just for you. Here, we are going to review a Mac Cleaner offered by Trend Micro which explains why Mac machines need to be optimized.  For no reason, we all clutter our Mac […]


How to Quickly Switch From Windows to Mac

By TechCommuters / December 21, 2020

Do you know why people so often agree on things they don’t like? If they reject things they are used to, it will mean that they have to leave their comfort zone and try something new. Changes often cause fear, and the latter can be paralyzing. That’s why people continue to use the same operating […]


How to Fix Safari is Crashing on Big Sur?

By TechCommuters / December 21, 2020

Upgrade to the latest macOS Big Sur has not been seamless for many users. Like no software is perfect, there are certain issues faced by the users on this latest macOS version. One such issue is Safari keeps on crashing. So, how to fix Safari is crashing on Big Sur too often? Let’s discuss some […]


How to Make Downloads Faster on Your Mac?

By TechCommuters / December 18, 2020

There could be numerous reasons that are causing slow downloads on your Mac. So, how to make downloads faster on your Mac? Let’s discuss. Why does it download so slowly? Some of the most common reasons why downloads are so slow on your Mac include: An outdated or slow browser Malware issue Unstable network Issues […]


How to Fix Battery Drain Issue in macOS Big Sur?

By TechCommuters / December 16, 2020

Like any other operating system available on the market, macOS Big Sur was also beta-tested for the most common issues & bugs, before finally releasing it for public use. While the OS was thoroughly tested to avoid any inconvenience to users, still it has some bugs & issues that manage to creep through. Battery draining […]


How to Fix Printer Problems in macOS Big Sur

By TechCommuters / December 15, 2020

While upgrade from macOS Catalina to Big Sur has been effortless for most users, some users have witnessed certain issues. Printer related problems are one such issue that affected many users. Now if your printer has stopped working after upgrading to macOS Big Sur, then you need to follow the steps mentioned in this article […]


How to Clear Spotify Cache on Mac?

By TechCommuters / January 08, 2021

Last updated on January 8th, 2021 at 03:58 pmLet’s discuss how to clear Spotify cache on Mac following few simple steps? What is Spotify cache? You can find cache files accumulated on your Mac in the form of system & user generated cache. Almost all apps & programs that you use on your system create […]


Best Android Emulator for Windows & Mac for 2021

By TechCommuters / December 13, 2020

Android emulators are interactive piece of software that is designed to help you imitate your small smartphone screen to larger PC screen. You can play your favorite Android games, access & use apps from your smart phone, or perform multiple other tasks on big PC screen using these emulators. It is helpful for software/app developers, […]


Best iPhone Launchers for Android 2021

By TechCommuters / December 11, 2020

The crazy thing about using Android device is that it offers greater customization, personalization, and compatibility with all latest features. Using the best iOS launchers to experience the iPhone like look & feel on your Android device is one such feature you can’t miss. These smart iPhone launcher apps come loaded with tons of wallpapers, […]


How to Upgrade to macOS Big Sur

By TechCommuters / December 9, 2020

Learn how to download and install the latest version of the Mac operating system macOS 11 Big Sur on your system. A lot has been discussed over the Internet about the latest macOS Big Sur update. Why is it named macOS Big Sur? Well, the latest OS version is named after the coastal region of […]

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