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    TechCommuters is a leading information technology and data property that is run by tenured technology professionals. We are adhered to create unique and custom content for our users that is helpful for detailed information. At Tech Commuters “Every word counts!”


    Systweak VPN Review: Security at its Best

    By TechCommuters / May 27, 2020

    VPNs are must-have tools to maintain your privacy and security while you are online. As VPNs routes your internet connection with the private server of the VPN tool, you can browse anonymously in a secure environment. VPNs are mainly useful, when you are connected to Wi-Fi internet connections, as your data is at high risk […]


    Why Pick VPS Hosting instead of Shared Hosting

    By TechCommuters / May 26, 2020

    Many web hosts offer VPS hosting alongside their shared hosting options. It’s hard not to notice the price difference between the two types of hosting. What exactly is a VPS? Why is it more expensive? Is it worth the cost? Let’s find out! What Is A VPS? A VPS, or Virtual Private Server, takes a […]


    10 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2020

    By TechCommuters / May 25, 2020

    No one likes ads! This is not just a statement; instead it is a truth that is believed by masses. Nobody likes to be irritated with annoying ads while watching favorite series or TV show on the device. But, just like advertisers in search of you, we were in search of best ad blockers for […]


    10 Best Web Hosting Service Providers 2020

    By TechCommuters / May 24, 2020

    Digital media is an effective means to project positive facts about your business. Websites are a powerful tool in the digital world. When it comes to websites, the Web hosting service is equally important as web development services. You have to go through plenty of web hosting services available before choosing the best hosting services […]


    How Intent-Based Segmentation Helps You Send More Targeted Push Notifications

    By TechCommuters / May 21, 2020

    In an ever-changing digital world, marketers rely heavily on data to deliver effective, tailored messages to their customers. A vast number of marketing platforms make gathering customer data easy and can even segment users by demographics or behavior – but it’s not enough. Not anymore. Consumers want messaging that’s relevant to their changing needs, which […]


    Top 5 VPN for Your Android Phone

    By TechCommuters / May 20, 2020

    Summary: Virtual private network or VPN provides secure network to perform activities online. It reduces tracking activities by third-parties and also keep your privacy & security intact. Why Use VPN? It could be dangerous to use your Android phone or tablet on a public Wi-Fi network. There are several reasons for that such as the […]


    Advanced System Optimizer: Review

    By TechCommuters / May 17, 2020

    Computers are the most essential devices of our life and technology has become so advanced that every minute the latest feature or update is released for hundreds of software. Microsoft has worked head-to-head to ensure that all the features of the operating system work without any hiccups however at the same time, new threats, infections, […]


    Best PC Part Picker Websites to Help You Build Your PC

    By TechCommuters / May 21, 2020

    Last updated on May 21st, 2020 at 04:18 amIf you are planning to build your custom computer and worried about how to arrange components for it, then best PC part picker sites are there to help you. On these advanced custom PC builder sites, you get huge collection of branded and non-branded products and PC […]


    Wondershare UniConverter – Best Video Convertor Without Quality Loss

    By TechCommuters / May 12, 2020

    Watching your favorite movie, TV show, documentary, etc online is fun but watching a downloaded video on any device isn’t possible due to different file formats. This restricts our experience and forces us to use specific devices. However, using a good video converter tool, you can break this constraint and can convert a full MKV […]


    10 Best Public Relations (PR) Software in 2020 (Free & Paid)

    By TechCommuters / May 10, 2020

    Advanced PR software brings an efficient solution to streamline and enhance your public relations efforts. It comes loaded with tons of features to connect, engage, monitor, and integrate effective solutions for better results. To make your search for best PR tools seamless, we have tested & reviewed 10 best PR software in this article you […]


    10 Best YouTube Downloader Apps For Android

    By TechCommuters / May 9, 2020

    All of us are locked down in our homes due to the unusual circumstance caused by COVID 19. Most of us will keep ourselves entertained and engaged with the aid of social media and media sharing platforms. Being the largest media sharing platform, YouTube holds a huge number of viewers across the globe. If you […]


    6 Best Tablets Below $300

    By TechCommuters / May 7, 2020

    We’re in 2020, and most things are moving online. As such, portable devices are increasingly gaining demand. And as you would expect, this has also led to their prices going up. Despite that, you can still get good gadgets at a reasonable price. And with that, we mean below $300. Yes, you don’t have to […]


    10 Best Live TV Streaming Sites In 2020

    By TechCommuters / May 4, 2020

    Technology has transformed the world of entertainment and enabled us to watch what we like. Televisions have become smart enough to stream quality content and understand our entertaining pattern with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Live TV streaming has enabled us to watch uninterrupted telecasts without any Ad breaks or annoying commercials. The content […]


    10 Best MMORPG Games for Android in 2020

    By TechCommuters / May 01, 2020

    Last updated on May 1st, 2020 at 12:52 pmThe year 2020 is going to be blissful and full of excitement. Technology experts and professional gamers have invested their mind, body, and soul in developing best of the best games loaded with AR/VR, Blockchain, IoT, AI, ML and full of digitalization. In this pandemic situation of […]


    How to Boost your Productivity with Setapp: Review

    By TechCommuters / April 27, 2020

    Access flagship utilities at a single cost. There are tons of apps available on the market that you can use to increase productivity, entertain yourself, edit images, and more. But selecting the right app for each task is difficult. Another disadvantage of downloading dozens of apps is the hefty subscription price. Therefore, to make things […]


    10 Best Online Video Converters of 2020

    By TechCommuters / April 26, 2020

    Different forms of videos are mandatory nowadays. Videos that are compatible with YouTube are not compatible with WhatsApp or TikTok. That makes it important to use an online video converter to make the video compatible with numerous devices. Whether it is a social media sharing or status video setting, a video converter is one of […]


    15 Best Video Editing Software for Windows & Mac (Free & Paid) 2020

    By TechCommuters / April 25, 2020

    Online videos are gaining more popularity now than ever; all thanks to the social media age we live in. Finding the best video editing software has become very crucial right now. Whether it’s a short video for social media or a Hollywood grade film, choosing the right editor decides the success of the project. This […]


    What is Zoom? How it Works? Comprehensive Review

    By TechCommuters / April 20, 2020

    Got lockdown in the home due to the Covid19 situation? Want to communicate with your team from home and want to Guide and instruct employees from home? Video conferencing tools are the best aid for conducting uninterrupted conferences with a greater number of participants. There are many video conferencing tools available and this page will […]


    Leawo Music Recorder – A Powerful Music/Audio Recorder

    By TechCommuters / April 21, 2020

    Last updated on April 21st, 2020 at 04:06 pmEveryone loves listening to music and in stressful times like this, music is everything. It helps relax, destress, and stay calm. Listening to online music is the most convenient thing. But since everyone is staying at home due to COVID-19 a huge surge in internet prices and […]


    How to Repurpose Marketing Content Across Your Digital Domain

    By TechCommuters / April 15, 2020

    If you already know about the benefits of content marketing, you’re well on your way to becoming a savvy online marketer who attracts views, likes, comments, shares, and, ultimately, interest in your business. This skill is critical for technology firms, whether you’re a web developer, IT professional, or software outsourcing company. But did you know […]


    Zoom VS Skype: Which is the Best Video Conferencing App

    By TechCommuters / April 13, 2020

    Coronavirus pandemic is growing rapidly and with this the number of people staying at home, self-quarantining is increasing. Companies have asked their employees to stay at home & work from home. But how can they manage everything when they are socially distancing.  This question would have not come up if things have not gone too […]


    Clean & Secure Your MacBook Air with CleanMyMac X: Review

    By TechCommuters / April 15, 2020

    Last updated on April 15th, 2020 at 02:52 pmHaving a clean, clutter free space to work in is a necessity for it is where great ideas flourish. Why should your Mac get treated any differently? Just like you have a vacuum cleaner or a cleaning person making rounds in your workspace every week, the best […]


    10 Best Registry Cleaner For Windows (Free & Paid) 2020

    By TechCommuters / April 10, 2020

    What Is The Windows Registry? All the applications used in the Windows operating system need some user settings to be stored. Windows registry is a database containing all settings, options for both software and hardware available in the operating system. Settings of each program will be stored in subkeys created in the registry during the […]


    Enhance Workplace Productivity: Use Personal Information Manager

    By TechCommuters / April 9, 2020

    Employees are an integral part of any organization. They possess the power of influencing the overall effectiveness of the company which is necessary for its proper growth. Making minor changes here and there can be extremely helpful in bringing along drastic improvement in your business efficiency by reducing time wastage.  But for doing this, you […]


    10 Best Backup Software for Mac (Free & Paid) 2020

    By TechCommuters / April 8, 2020

    These are great times. Gone are the days when we had to print photos to have memories and had to have behemoth amounts of rooms to keep files safe. Today, everything is on a computer safe and sound. But what if something happens to your Mac? What if it crashes or gets stolen? What would […]


    10 Best Backup Software for Windows (Free & Paid) 2020

    By TechCommuters / April 7, 2020

    With the ever growing reliance on digital media to carry out everyday lives, the amount of data that each individual has is nothing short of insane. Where would you go looking for your data if something happens to it? Get a best data backup software for Windows before things go wrong. There are plenty of […]


    How to Play DVDs in Windows 10 Using WinX DVD Ripper

    By TechCommuters / April 6, 2020

    With video streaming services gaining popularity most of us have forgotten about the DVDs. However, there are certain classics that you cannot find on these services. This is when you remember having a great DVD collection.  But this pops out a problem as to how to use the DVD when running Windows 10 because Media […]


    DumpMedia Apple Music Converter Review

    By TechCommuters / April 6, 2020

    Music is the biggest stress buster and we all agree to it. There are different apps like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, etc that people use to listen to music. Amongst them, Apple Music has been considered as one of the top digital music streaming services. But there is a drawback, once the subscription […]


    iMyMac Mac Cleaner Review – The Best Mac Cleaner

    By TechCommuters / April 07, 2020

    Last updated on April 7th, 2020 at 02:33 pmWondering why is your Mac so slow? Want to know how to speed it up? All you need is a good Mac optimizer and cleaner. The one that can-perform deep scan on your Mac including iTunes Backup, large files, mail attachments, trash bins, etc. Alongside one that […]

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