World of Warcraft abilities that have disappeared from the game

World of Warcraft has been around for twenty years, but gamers from all around the world continue to play it. There is a ton of stuff in the game and players may need years to complete all of the tasks and discover the entire backstory. In order to cope with different missions of different difficulty levels, the player can learn various abilities.

Additionally, everything is simpler today compared to when they had to pump their characters on their own, which may take a long time. To purchase wow gold, assist in dungeons and raids, hasten character upgrades, and much more, players may employ the services of boosting companies, for instance this site.

Today we will tell you about five abilities that have disappeared from the game in the course of its evolution. All of them are present in WoW Classic, and they can be used.

Eyes of the Beast

This ability once belonged to hunters. It allowed you to take control of the pet and move around the area in his body – attack, use abilities, and so on. If the pet was, for example, a cat with stealth, the hunter could explore the area without Camouflage and without the risk of being detected. Eyes of the Beast has also been used to tank some bosses, but in very specific situations, since pets are not the best tanks. And with the help of Eyes of the Beast, the hunter could place the pet exactly where it was required.

In general, the ability was not very profitable in World of Warcraft, so the developers decided to abandon it in Cataclysm. By the way, in the process of recreating the mechanics of Eyes of the Beast for the classics, the developers felt that the ability was good enough and could be implemented in the current version of the game. In an interview, they stated that Eyes of the Beast will most likely return to WoW in future expansions.

Arcane Detection

You may not know this, but in Classic the characters couldn’t see what buffs were on their target, so mages had to use Arcane Detection to get the information they needed. In the current version of the game, buffs and debuffs are displayed by default, so Detect Magic would be completely useless today. However, in the classics, where the characteristics of targets (both monsters and players) were hidden, the ability was very popular. In many old RPGs, information about opponents was deliberately hidden, and the abilities that allow you to get it were highly valued. Now, any information can be viewed on the Internet, even if it is not in the game, so the mechanic of hiding characteristics is rarely used (mainly in desktop versions). WoW, on the other hand, required an Internet connection from the very beginning, so Detect Magic quickly became obsolete and disappeared from the game.

Rogue Poisons

Once upon a time, poisoning was considered an additional profession available only to rogues. By the way, in addition to poisoning, they had another additional profession, picking locks. Hacking exists in the game to this day (though in a slightly modified form).

Today, not all rogues require poisons, but only some specializations, moreover, they are applied to the player himself, and not to his weapon. In the classics, however, cooking poisons required full pumping and allowed you to create a kind of enchantment for swords and daggers. The spells were consumable, meaning they had a limited number of charges and lasted only 30 minutes (instead of an hour), and their effectiveness did not depend on the quality of the equipment. When a rogue died, the enchantment was gone and had to be cast again. The effect of the poison could end in the midst of the battle, and in addition, in early patches, poisons were dispelled when changing locations. Luckily, WoW Classic started with version 1.12, and the scatter bug was fixed in patch 1.11.

To pump poisoning, it was necessary to make various poisons – in exactly the same way as for any other profession. Brewing materials could be bought from merchants, obtained from chests, pulled from monsters’ pockets, collected using the herbalism skill, and so on. Poisoning as a full-fledged profession lasted for two expansions and disappeared from the game in Cataclysm.

Sentry Totem

Sentry Totem is another fun ability similar to Beast’s Eye (not only in terms of mechanics but also in the sense that it wasn’t very useful in combat). Sentry Totem also disappeared from the game in Cataclysm, as part of the fight against superfluous abilities, but once it was possible to explore the area with its help – for example, put it at the entrance to a building, go into this very building and watch what is happening from there outside. In a word, it was a situational reconnaissance tool that was used mainly on the battlefield to prevent attacks on the base.

Once upon a time, Sentry Totem moved the character when it fell, that is, with its help, it was possible to safely fall from a great height. Most likely, this was a bug, and we will not see this mechanic in WoW Classic. But the most useful Sentry Totem had nothing to do with fights and falls. Using the totem, you can choose a great angle for a screenshot, whether it’s an individual character or a guild that just killed a difficult boss.

Detect invisibility

This is an ability of warlock (perhaps, this class is considered one of the best classes in Dragonflight – the last WoW expansion). It allowed the target to see invisible characters. Pay attention, not invisible, but invisible – that is, in fact, all kinds of ghosts in the open world (for example, those that roam the ruins of the Undercity), magicians with Invisibility, invisible succubus, and extremely rare bosses and monsters that could become invisible. As you understand, the ability was not used at every step and was considered situational and role-playing. You probably already noticed that all the remote abilities I named were not super-useful, and some did not notice their absence. However, after Detect Invisibility was removed, players without access to special items were unable to see invisible characters for an extended period of time. Later, this disadvantage was compensated by symbols – for example, the robbers got Detection.

For some, some of these abilities were very useful, but now they do not matter in the current version of the game. However, the developers have also introduced many new abilities to keep players interested.

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