What You Should Know about Slot Machine Psychology

Slot Machine Psychology

Last updated on June 6th, 2022 at 4:04 pm

When you imagine casinos in the UK, images of stressful poker games, rotating roulette wheels, as well as bustling blackjack tables possibly come immediately to mind. All three among these classic casino game titles pale in comparison to the gleaming, whirling slot machines that monopolise the wall space in terms of income as well as popularity.

In fact, studies show that in America’s wagering capital, Las Vegas, slot machines accounted for the highest percentage of revenue. According to studies, the city’s 39,680 types of machinery bring in an average of $79,962 per year.

The reasons for fruit slot machine and other themed slots’ success are hidden deep inside our psyche, which we will investigate in this article. Continue reading to learn more about the psychology underneath the success of slot machines.

The Psychological Phenomenon That Allows Us to Gamble: Cognitive Dissonance

According to WHO estimates, there are approximately 1 billion addicted to smoking on the planet, with half of them expected to die as a result of their habit. Despite the abundance of resources available, these smokers proceed to puff away on cigarettes, fully aware that they are reducing their life expectancy.

 This is made possible by a psychological condition known as cognitive dissonance, in which smokers disassociate themselves from the well-known proof that their cigarette smoke is killing them.

Similarly, slot machines cause players to experience cognitive dissonance – Psychology Of Slot Machine Games. Every licensed slot machine in some kind of a land-based casino or online has an easily accessible Return to Player (RTP) percentage.

This informs players how much money they can end up losing on average for every $100 wagered. Despite the fact that this estimate shows that players will lose more of it than they win on median wage, people continue playing because of cognitive dissonance amongst slot players.

The possibilities of a big win help gambling addicts forget that they might lose more than those who win on average, much like the nicotine rush of a cigarette tends to make the risks seem worth it.

Dopamine is the reward system in the brain.

A neurotransmitter called Dopamine is set to release in our brains when we do something which our primitive brain considers to be satisfactory or beneficial, such as consuming, procreating, as well as exercising.

This chemical message is associated with pleasure, and we often experience euphoria when this is released. Video games, particularly licensed slot machine, are designed to provide players with extreme highs as well as waves of euphoria.

Because there is money on the line, the risks to the participant are high, so when the player wins, a large amount of dopamine has been released into the brain. This is why, even whenever they are losing, people continue playing slots because when wins happen, Dopamine is released into the players brain.

Increasing Control with Interactive Controls – taking control by pushing down the ‘spin’ button

Unfortunately, a large part of life is uncertain, so we seek surety in as many aspects of our lives as we can. Despite the fact that slots are inherently uncertain, slot machines appeal to people’s desire for more control.

Psychologists have discovered that buttons, even on the most basic items, give people a sense of control, particularly when pressing their results in a pre-programmed, visually pleasing outcome.

When you press the ‘spin’ button on an online and physical slot machine, you are exerting control in a manner that your brain perceives as positive. The visual whirlwind of colours and patterns in front of your eyes releases Dopamine in your brain every time you push the button.

Your Dopamine system is believed to be activated anytime you think of slot machines once these wins have become engraved in your mind.

This keeps even the most casual gamblers intrigued in new slots online for a long period of time, possibly even years after they first spin the reels.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Slot machines aren’t a con job, and they weren’t created to deceive you or attract your primal instincts. Rather, they are enjoyable diversionary activities that are designed to keep you engaged for as long as humanly possible.

From slot machines, we can learn a great deal about the human mind and psyche, possibly far more than we already know.

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