What Is A Website Lightbox In Web Design And How To Create One

Popup has a tough reputation, but it isn’t all bad. One type of popup is the lightbox, a popular tool in the world of web design. Lightboxes are intrusive yet effective tools to amaze your visitor and boost conversions. This is a container that opens on the screen in order to make it more prominent.

Lightboxes are often seen on websites as a way to showcase content. Keep reading to learn more about a website lightbox and how to create the best one for your online project.

What Is A Lightbox?

A lightbox is a form of popup template used in web design to help visitors. Lightboxes are also known as open boxes or pop-up boxes and are essentially images that open on the screen.

For example, a website may have a lightbox that features a video of an informative video. This is so anyone can view the media content. Such websites use this method to explain things rather than lengthy text for each piece of information.

Lightbox Types

There are three types of lightboxes readily available in design and content. These are promotion, email, and cookies lightbox.

Promotion Lightbox

This is a popular form of popups used to promote something or allow the user to download something. Use this type of pop-up on the home page to entice people to sign up for news updates or download your eBook. This can work well by making it look like you’re offering a promotion without revealing anything too much until they sign up.

Email Lightbox

Developers can create an email lightbox as a pop-up that appears when the user clicks on a given link. This will help encourage them to sign up for your newsletter or get their name added to your email list.

This is part of lead generation because it will allow you to build a list of interested users. Do note that this kind of pop-up is often considered spam and can have some consequences if you’re not careful.

Cookies Lightbox

A cookie lightbox provides users with information about cookies used on a site and why they are used. This is to help the user understand what they’re signing up for, how, and why they should do it.

When And How To Use A Lightbox Popup On Your Website

You can use a lightbox popup on your website to get more profit, but remember that you need to be careful. You can’t use a lightbox pop-up immediately because you will offend people since it looks like spam, so opt for some other ways instead. When it comes to using lightboxes on your website, there are a couple of things that you need to consider.

Don’t Show A Popup Straight Away

You need to go slow with your lightbox popup because you’ll soon find people complaining if they don’t get the information they want which is why you need to be considerate. The lightbox can be distracting, especially when the user doesn’t have a chance to catch their attention, so it’s best only to show it in the case of the promotional lightbox.

Trigger Your Lightbox To Appear On A Contextually Relevant Page

The best way to use a lightbox popup is to position it in the right location. This will allow your visitors to see it when they’re most interested in what you’re offering on the website. To do this, you need to make sure that your popup appears when the user either clicks on a link or is going through a particular part of your site.

Consider Adding An Exit Popup

Remember, popups are intrusive, so you should be careful about that. You need to make sure that it doesn’t look spammy and will only appear when the user wants information from you.

Refrain From Popups When Users Are In The Middle Of A Task

This is another thing that you need to consider when using a lightbox popup. People get annoyed when you’re asking for something when they’re in the middle of a task, so you should refrain from doing that.

Not All Messages Need To Be In The Form Of A Popup

Let’s face it, not all messages will benefit from having a lightbox popup. This is why you need to be careful that you are working out the right place for your lightbox to appear on a website. You need to know what you’re doing here.

The Bottom Line

Popup lightboxes have a bad reputation when it comes to web design and content. But, there are ways to make them work for you without being aggressive with the user. If you use a popup box at the wrong time or too frequently, it will be annoying for users who don’t want more tapping or clicking around when trying to get your message across.

All you need is to choose the right lightbox to fit the situation. This will help you get more visitors who want to learn from your website or buy from you. Keep in mind that not all popups need to be intrusive, and you should only use them when necessary.

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