Use ChatGPT to Choose the Best Video Editor


People are diverging their attention in the content creation field. Many people have content ideas and earn money by making YouTube videos. If you are new to the field of video creation and you want to earn money. Stop investing your money in YouTube video-making learning classes or paying a writer to make a script for the video.

Your AI partner ChatGPT can assist you with all your problems. You can ask ChatGPT everything, whether how to create a video or write a script for your video. Moreover, if you don’t have any idea about the Script, ChatGPT AI does that too for you.

Why People Select ChatGPT for Video Production?

ChatGPT AI is rapidly developing since there is a massive demand for script writing and content creation ChatGPT is trending among AI. The powerful software understands the user’s requirements and generates suitable responses according to the keywords. Moreover, if the user doesn’t have any script, then ChatGPT will give you multiple ideas to consider.

ChatGPT does more than 80% of the work in video creation. So people are relying on ChatGPT for every party of YouTube video development. In addition, it also reduces your effort and investment as it works both as a writer and thinker.

How to use ChatGPT as the best video editor?

ChatGPT can perform multiple tasks for YouTube video creation. You can check out all ideas and information you can fetch from ChatGPT. You can use Filmora AI copywriting tool along with ChatGPT that can assist you with scripts for video. Filmora is editing software that can help you generate content along with editing. You fetch script, description, titles, etc., directly from its AI copyrighting tool.

1. Generate New Video Ideas

The toughest part of video creation for new Youtubers is that they don’t have an appropriate idea of content creation. Mostly they don’t understand what kind of content they can create to get views and money.

Generate New Video Ideas

Therefore, why don’t you ask ChatGPT to give you creative ideas for making YouTube videos? You can type in to generate new video ideas for YouTube. It will give you multiple ideas with a summary script. You can pick any suitable script you feel relatable and can express to the audience with a video.

2. Ask to Make Video Tags

The video Tags are the only thing that helps fetch videos on a global platform. Tags are the most important part of YouTube videos as they help identify and highlight the particular keyword of the video. You can generate trending tags with ChatGPT and write, then use ChatGPT as a scriptwriter.

Ask to Make Video Tags

When you understand the public requirement and trending tags, you can develop videos in the public interest to gain multiple views. Now it becomes very easy to fetch YouTube tags with ChatGPT. Also, generate tags related to content in ChatGPT.

3. Ask to Write Script

The base of any video is getting a suitable Script. After obtaining the tags and ideas about the video now, you can generate the Script of your YouTube video with the help of ChatGPT. If you want another script, click on the “regenerate response”, which will change the previous Script and develop a new write-up.

 Ask to Write Script

You can also make changes in the Script if you want to address something important. ChatGPT helps you create a script; it does not stop you from making it creative. Moreover, if you’re addressing the public, giving your personal touch to the Script is essential to make it realistic for viewers.

4. Make Voiceover Script

In motivational or educational videos, there is a descriptive voiceover running in playback. Essential for the video in which you want to address the storyline or the backstory of the Script. After generating a script, you can write a command in ChatGPT that generates a voiceover of the following Script.

Make Voiceover Script

It will develop a Voiceover script that you can generate into AI voice with the help of Filmora software. You can either use your voice in the background or take the help of AI to develop AI audio of voiceover script. Filmora is the best software for this process as it has a text-to-speech AI audio development system.

5. Optimize YouTube Video

Optimization of YouTube videos is another important factor in gaining views. You must add multiple clickbait factors that insist the viewers click on your videos.

If you don’t know about video optimization, you can take the help of ChatGPT. It will give you ideas and information on how you can optimize your video. Moreover, these processes will be done in Filmora AI as it has multiple tools for optimisation. You can also GPT how you can optimize your video and Filmora, and it will give you a detailed description to follow in the Filmora software.

6. Create Video Titles

Creating a video Title is very easy with ChatGPT. But after the video optimization and creation, you can directly generate the video title in the Filmora app. Filmora has an inbuilt software called AI copyrighting that can generate a title or short description of the video.

 Create Video Titles

The exciting part of the AI copyrighting tool is that ChatGPT powers it, generating valuable Titles for your video. Now you don’t have to waste your time by reopening ChatGPT for Title creation. You can get ChatGPT AI-generated titles directly in the Filmora App.

7. Produce Video Description

The description is the must-have part of any YouTube video because it consists of important links and information regarding the video. It becomes easy for you to generate descriptions with the help of ChatGPT. But before developing any description, you need to understand what information the description contains and how you can ask ChatGPT to generate a suitable description.

 Produce Video Description

In another case, you can generate a description just after writing the Script for the video. ChatGPT will develop a corresponding description of the Script that you can directly use while posting a YouTube video. Also, remember to add promotional links if required.

8. Edit the YouTube Video

The most time-consuming process of making YouTube videos is editing. It may take us to edit and develop a professional video for YouTube. Now it becomes easy with AI software. You can use Filmora AI to edit your videos, and it will fix all the necessary details in the video and assist with multiple tools for editing.

Filmora AI detects the video requirement and shows essential edits you can make to create a professional-style video. Therefor it helps you reduce your effort, and you can access many functions like writing title subtitles for the video directly from the Filmora.

9. Create an Intro and Outro of the Video

The beginning and the ending of the video always attract views. Giving an intro speech or a short clip is important to entertain the viewer. Similarly, there must be an outro for a video to end on a happy note.

Create an Intro and Outro of the Video

So if you have no idea about the intro and outro, you can ask ChatGPT to write an intro and outro for a particular video. Now it’s all up to you that you can use the intro and outro in the audio format or display them on the screen in a written way. ChatGPT can do everything for you in one click. All you need to do is provide a valid command to generate a valid response.

10. Create a Video Thumbnail

The thumbnail is an essential part of video creation, as many people only click on the video by looking at the thumbnail. Mostly it is part of editing where you can select any section of the video and capture it as a snap for a thumbnail. You can also make additional changes in the thumbnail by giving clickbait lines or tags.

Despite editing, you can also edit the thumbnail of a video directly from YouTube. YouTube also allows you to personalize your video thumbnail. If you don’t know how to create a thumbnail, you can ask ChatGPT to give step-by-step information about creating a thumbnail.


ChatGPT is a very useful software in content creation and developing scripts for YouTube videos. If you are new to the social media industry and want to earn money with content development. Then you can take the help of ChatGPT and Filmora AI for writing the Script and video editing.

Now you don’t have to spend your precious time thinking of ideas or writing scripts. ChatGPT does everything for you with a single mouse click. In Addition, Filmora AI assists you with the remaining editing section of the video.


1. Can we ask ChatGPT how to add transitions with Filmora?

Yes, ChatGPT can easily tell you how to make transitions and add effects to your video. Moreover, Filmora AI is powered by ChatGPT to assist you with multiple features of the Filmora application.

2. Can we develop a 4K video in Filmora?

Yes, Film City develops high-resolution images and videos captured by low-end devices. While editing the video, you can enhance the overall quality of the video directly from the Filmora AI tools. Finally, you can convert the video to 4K resolution during rendering.

Note: You only convert the video in high resolution if you have a valid subscription pack.

3. Can we create movie scripts with ChatGPT?

Yes, you can create any kind of Script for the user. If you want to create a short or long movie, you can properly command the ChatGPT message box. It will develop the suitable Script according to your command. You can also ask ChatGPT to write a certain word count for your Script.

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