Universally-liked Block Puzzle Games for Android & iOS

Block Puzzle Games for Android

Last updated on September 17th, 2022 at 12:14 pm

There are several genres of games that gaming enthusiasts prefer in the online world. For instance, some prefer survival games or adrenaline-pumping action games, while others enjoy mind-bending puzzle games. If you like to make your mind work harder than usual, you will enjoy block puzzle games.

The simplest way to understand block puzzle games is Tetris. If you have played the classic game of Tetris, you already know the game’s challenges. While there won’t be blocks falling from the top of the screen, the game has been reimagined in various ways to cater to the changing demands of gamers. Whether you are using an Android or iPhone, some of the finest block puzzle games are listed below. Scroll through and make your choice.

Block Puzzle Jewel

Block Puzzle Jewel is a vibrant, colorful, and entertaining puzzle game that resembles the traditional Tetris game. The game is regarded as one of the best mobile games you can download. The game will keep you occupied for hours.

In the game, you’ll see geometrically-shaped blocks descending from the top of the screen. You need to figure out how to arrange the blocks to form lines, and the lines are clear. The game’s objective is to create lines so the space is cleared and you can go on playing. If the game board is filled and there is no more space left, your game will be over.

Players need to clear all the gem tiles horizontally or vertically to win. Also, you need to score the highest points to dominate the scoreboard. You can use boosters and other tools to complete all levels and beat your high score. While the game appears straightforward with easy controls, it is challenging to master.

MPL Block Puzzle

MPL Block Puzzle is another game that resembles the classic Tetris game. Instead of blocks falling from the top of the screen, you’ll notice three pieces of blocks appearing at once on the screen’s bottom. You need to place all three blocks before three more blocks appear.

Unlike Tetris, the game features a countdown timer. So, each game session lasts for about three to five minutes, and within that time, you need to score the highest to beat your real-life online player. Furthermore, there are ongoing tournaments and battles on the gaming platform. If you are confident of your skills and knowledge, you can quickly clear horizontal and vertical lines to beat opponents, and you can enter tournaments. These tournaments offer lucrative cash prizes and rewards. Download the block puzzle app if you want to learn more or start playing.

Block Hexa Puzzle

Block Hexa Puzzle is another popular and well-known block puzzle game. The game has hexagonal pieces, and these pieces are much more jarring to the brain than rectangular or square blocks.

The objective is to fit each piece to complete each level. As you move ahead, you will get more colorful hexagonal pieces, and it is a true challenge to fit the pieces. However, you cannot rotate the hexagonal blocks.

Since there’s no limit on this game, you can take your time to solve the puzzle. There are thousands of levels to choose from, and the more you play, the more you’ll improve your skills.

Jigsaw Puzzle Epic

Jigsaw Puzzle Epic has over 10,000 puzzles, and the levels are divided into several categories. The app also allows gamers to solve puzzles out of their pictures. You need to choose your favorite images from your gallery and complete the puzzle.

Puzzle 100 Doors

Enhance your problem-solving skills by playing Puzzle 100 Doors. The game offers a comprehensive range of puzzle challenges, and to get out of the house, you need to solve the puzzles.

In this game, players are confined in a mysterious house, and the only way out is by solving the puzzles. You will face various difficulties, including hidden objects, logical puzzles, and jigsaws.

Woodblock Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle is another game that closely resembles Tetris. The game is a straightforward block puzzle game, and you will need to move the wooden blocks horizontally or vertically to solve the puzzle.

Roll the Ball

Roll the Ball is a fantastic game for gridlock and labyrinth puzzle fans. The game offers new twists and challenges to test gamers’ mental abilities based on the traditional tile problem.

It would be best to slide the tiles to create a passageway for the steel ball to pass. You need to ensure the ball rolls smoothly to the exit, or you won’t win the game.

The game stimulates the mind and also enhances one’s agility. Additionally, the game is known to improve hand-eye coordination. The game has several modes, including multiplayer.

Unblock Me Free

Unblock Me Free is one of the most popular types of block puzzle games that you can download. The game can help you kill time and keep you engaged.

The game is known for aiding in developing cognitive and problem-solving abilities. Also, the game might appear tiny, but it comes with an adrenaline-rushing puzzle delivery. If you need to give your brain a workout, you can download this game.

The Bottom Line

How many of these have you already downloaded and played?

These puzzle games are great for your mental workout and keep you occupied for hours. You can even earn money. So, make your choice and download.

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