Top 10 Selfie Apps for iOS Users in 2023

best Selfie Apps for iOS

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The iPhone devices come with a wide range of high-quality features and users that are useful for all users. The camera function in iOS phones is known to have high-quality resolution, vivid color range, and advanced camera settings. Still, users can get more features to utilize with third-party selfie apps.

While you can use Systweak Similar Selfie Fixer to remove duplicate files, some of the best iOS selfie apps allow quick duplicate file removal. Few also include editing tools, optimization tools, and more. Here, we present a list of the best applications of this nature we found.

Best iOS Selfie Apps for iPhone Users

Whether you want to use the best free selfie apps or the paid versions, many of these apps provide the benefits it promises, while some do not. The following are 10 of the top options in the former category.

1. Facetune2

This is one of the best iOS selfie apps that mainly caters to adding beautification effects and editing selfies. Users get a wide range of filters, effects, and templates to use for the alterations, either manually or automated. With one or two taps, easily retouch the people in pictures.


Device Compatibility: iOS 14.0 onwards, Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases starting at USD 1.99.

Main Features:

  • Add filters and effects to images.
  • Optimize hair shine and face beauty in photos and videos.
  • Reduce background sound in videos.
  • Get rid of distractions in images, like unnecessary objects in backgrounds.


  • Brighten the teeth and skin of people in pictures.
  • Remove facial problem areas like acne or blemishes.
  • Blur the background.


  • Huge app size compared to most other selfie app options.
  • All interesting features, like background blurring, blemish removal, etc., are not available for free.

2. Snapchat

Snapchat is an app that allows users to not only click stunning pictures but also share and chat with friends. It is possible to click selfies and add many fun animated and static filters from the library. Then, directly save it, add it as a status, or send it to connected Snapchat friends.


Device Compatibility: iOS 12.0 onwards, Android

Price: Free with in-app costs starting from USD 0.99.

Main Features:

  • Share location with selected contacts or enter Ghost Mode to hide it.
  • Update unlimited Live stories.
  • Click and add from multiple fun Snapchat filters.
  • Save and share unlimited photo memories.


  • Continue photo-sending streaks with multiple friends.
  • View locations of close-by friends.
  • Provide snap ID as username instead of phone number for privacy.


  • The other person would get a screenshot alert.
  • Message are removed after they are seen, unless you change settings first.

3. Retrica

Retrica is another top choice among the best free selfie apps to try for clicking good-quality pictures and then editing them. Users get around 190+ pre-set filters to choose from and multiple effects to add. With payment, you can get more filter options in the collection for videos and photos.


Device Compatibility: iOS 10.0 onwards, Android

Price: Free with in-app subscriptions starting from USD 1.99.

Main Features:

  • Around 190 and counting filters.
  • Many pre-set effects are available.
  • Click photos on the app with standard resolution.
  • Add instant beautification to images for a quick touch-up effect.


  • High-quality filters are available.
  • Email-based customer case experts will respond to queries soon.
  • Share photos via messages or social media apps.


  • You have to pay the subscription plans to get new filter updates.
  • Not much variety in features.

4. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is one of the best iOS selfie apps with a beauty camera and editing benefits. Users can add animation effects, stickers, frames, filters, HSL, templates, and texts, among other features, to change picture design and style. You can also create fun collages with this app and edit them into a cohesive picture.

YouCam Perfect

Device Compatibility: iOS 14.0 onwards, Android

Price: Free with subscriptions starting at USD 5.99.

Main Features:

  • Over 1000 different effects, stickers, templates, and frames are available.
  • You can remove the app’s watermark.
  • Delete extra people or objects from the image background easily.
  • Focus on or highlight specific objects in the picture.


  • Layer pictures with effects and stickers for a unified edited look.
  • Save finished pictures directly to your device.
  • Create videos or animated selfies.


  • Save images in HD quality with paid plans only.
  • Users must upgrade to a paid subscription to remove ads.

5. RetroCam

For old-school effects in images, people can use RetroCam, which comes with interesting classic and retro colors/filters. Here, you can add an old-school film filter or grainy vintage layouts to make the images look years old. The templates appear high-quality and realistic and create an interesting contrast with modern image styles.


Device Compatibility: iOS 13.0 onwards

Price: Free, Pro- USD 19.99.

Main Features:

  • Add themes and filters to pictures.
  • Change frames and overlight in pictures.
  • Add classic or vintage highlights easily.
  • Adjust image saturation and tint effects.


  • Simple steps to add a retro effect to pictures.
  • Different styles are available, like a vignette or grainy film effect.
  • Add texture to image quality.


  • The free trial lasts for 3 days only.
  • Limited advanced or unique features.

6. BeautyPlus

With BeautyPlus, you would get more than 50 editing tools for creating visually well-made picture quality. An auto-beautification feature turns people in the selfies to their best-beautified style, instantly rectifying the problem points.


Device Compatibility: iOS 10.0 onwards, Android

Price: Subscription costs start from USD 4.99.

Main Features:

  • Auto-enhance effects for the photos to highlight all details.
  • Automatically detect and optimize faces in the photos.
  • Special styles like Oil Painting, Sky, and Cartoon themes are available.
  • Multiple brushes are available for editing pictures of different qualities.


  • Add background effects or objects, and remove unwanted parts, easily.
  • Blue the background or objects.
  • Smooth down the skin and remove acne in pictures.


  • Features like AR technology effects and image processing are paid features.
  • Huge app size at 368.3 MB.

7. B612

B612 is a common choice for people to click good-looking photos and videos, with many free editing features available. You can add stickers, filters, effects, and many more stylistic changes to enhance a standard-quality picture.


Device Compatibility: iOS 12.0 onwards, Android

Price: Free, Monthly- USD 3.99, Annual- USD 29.99

Main Features:

  • Crop images and add borders.
  • Shoot videos and images in good quality resolution.
  • Night mode is available.
  • Automated real-time filter effects.


  • Relatively simple editing functions for videos.
  • Natural-looking portrait image editing.
  • Body and hair color editing functions are available.


  • Advanced functions like split toning and professional curves fall under paid plans.
  • Not all filters, stickers, etc., are free.

8. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is a top-notch selfie camera to click stylish pictures anywhere and add effects from a wide range of filters. Preview the filter in real-time and apply it to click the pictures. Realistic-looking effects are available for video editing as well.

Candy Camera

Device Compatibility: iOS 10.0 onwards, Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases beginning at USD 0.99.

Main Features:

  • Add selfie beautification with effects and themed filters.
  • Optimize pictures with blush concealer, whitening, mascara, etc.
  • Adjust the face shape to slim edges and give a leaner appearance.
  • Swipe between a wide range of stylish effects quickly.


  • Make multiple collages with photos.
  • Stickers are available in different styles.
  • Filters, effects, and stickers are often updated in the collection.


  • Not many professional-level editing features are available.
  • Ads are common.

9. FaceApp

One of the best free selfie apps you must try on your iPhone is FaceApp. This beautification and editing app is useful for creating fun and stunning selfie edits with over 60 filters. You can make specific alterations like adding hair volume, changing the hair color, inserting a mustache, and more.


Device Compatibility: iOS 14.0 onwards, Android

Price: Free, Pro subscriptions starting at USD 5.99 (monthly) and USD 39.99 (Annual).

Main Features:

  • Automation image impression enhancement to change problem areas.
  • Retouch facial features like chin, jawline, etc.
  • Add a beard and other facial effects.
  • AI-powered aging or reverse aging features are available.


  • Edit body size and edges as well, like slimming waist or legs.
  • Swap faces in pictures with friends.
  • Standard-level editor features like saturation, contrast, temperature, etc., are available here.


  • New filters are updated, and Premium users get quick access.
  • Advanced AI-centric face retouching functions are paid features.  

10. Camera360-Selfie Editor

Camera360 is a selfie editing and retouching app with high-quality features related to optimized picture quality. You can add professional-level makeup effects by swiping on the screen to smoothen skin and remove blemishes. Also, use many fun effects and filters on pictures, like the movie or Anime filter. 


Device Compatibility: iOS 11.0 onwards, Android

Price: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 1.99.

Main Features:

  • Twenty-one levels of micro-adjustments for instant face retouching.
  • Smart face recognition and instant beautification functions are available.
  • Add pre-set stylish or natural type of makeup.
  • Create video selfies around 10 to 60 seconds long.


  • Horizontal and vertical color correction.
  • DSL-powered color adjustment on photos.
  • More than 300 filters are available.


  • Mainly used for photo editing and not clicking images.
  • Advanced AI-powered touch-up effects and filters require payment.


Ultimately, all the selfie apps here offer top-notch uses to iPhone users for clicking and editing selfie images. Out of them, we were extremely impressed with Snapchat due to the features like a widescale filter library and chatting properties. Other than that, YouCam Perfect is also a reliable option.

Of course, after checking and considering all choices, you should try these or one of the others on this list. Let us know your thoughts after!

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