5 Tips to Recognize a Good Online Website for Real-Money Games

Good Online Website for Real-Money Games

Last updated on May 20th, 2020 at 04:20 pm

Are you planning to make some real money online by playing different games? If yes, then you have to slow down a bit and have to think about the risks involved in it. This might seem a very fascinating and interesting way of making money by playing your favorite games online, but not everything is good as it looks from outside.

Government authorities conduct online surveys from time to time to inspect the authenticity of online money making sites. The results of this kind of surveys always narrate that more than half of the sites are using inadequate methods and fraudulently misusing data of their users.

Federal Trade Commission has pointed out some risks associated with online money making websites and their impact on players, especially minors;

  • You can lose your hard earned money easily as these portals are here to make a profit. They take more money from you as compared to payouts.
  • Generally, real money sites require your credit card information to log in, so if by any chance you rack up debt, then this could ruin your credit rating.
  • Some of the money-making game websites are illegal under your state law.
  • It is an addictive activity which can consume your valuable time and money.

How to Find a Safe Money Making Website?

There are various authentic and good online money portals available which operate legally and can indeed make you real cash. However, first, you have to recognize the good websites from the pool of fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices. To recognize a good real money site, you have to access every website on following 5 ground rules:

#1. Site has to be Legal

legal online gaming sites

Before visiting any U.S gaming site, you have to check whether the site is legal or not. According to Cyber Crime Fraud unit of FBI, free online games, some indie games, and fantasy leagues are legal methods to earn money online. Also, playing casino games in the U.S is illegal except for specific states, in which there are a few operators who are legal.

If you are visiting site which doesn’t fall in the category, then you should be ready to face federal charges against you.

If you caught participating in any of the illegal games online, then you can lose money present in your online gaming portal account if the company faces charges, since the U.S. government seizes assets in these cases whenever possible.

In nutshell, primary federal laws against illegal gaming sites are;

  • Transmission of money by use of a wire communication
  • Broadcasting information online
  • Fraud by wire
  • Mail fraud

#2. Site has to be Compatible

compatible site

You have to make sure that the website is compatible with your device. You have to check that whether the site supports a Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, etc., Moreover, the site must have toll free number, live chat, and email facility so that you can quickly contact website in case of any issue.

#3. Site must support Authentic Payment System

Authentic Payment System

You have to make sure that the payment withdrawal system of the real money game site supports your bank. Today, various online money transfer portals are available, but not all are real.  So, you have to check that;

  • Is the website paying their players on time?
  • Which payment portal they use?
  • How fast they clear dues?
  • Have they ever missed or delayed payments?
  • Do they offer a bonus to their players?

#4. Site has to follow Security Norms

Site has to follow Security Norms

When you are visiting a real money gaming platform, then you are exposing your personal information and system to the server of that site. That’s why you have to check the security level of a site. A good money making site must have;

SSL technology system – Using this certificate sites can encrypt your personal information and protect it from the invaders attack. This means hackers won’t be able to access info like your name, address, date of birth, social security or credit card number.

Maintain Software – These sites need to check the fairness of their software and should update it regularly to avoid any problems. Regular software upgrades help in controlling the problem of cyber attacks.

#5. Site Terms and Conditions should be Read Properly

Site Terms and Conditions

Every online site has its own set of terms and conditions. You should take the time to look at these in depth to avoid future problems. It is hard to thoroughly read all the terms, but if you want to protect your money and personal information, then you should carefully read all the tiny detail mentioned on the site. Duly note that if you find any red flag related to wagering restrictions, non-cash bonus, low withdrawal limits, then immediately leave that site.

Play Safe Online

There is a wide range of federal laws and aggressive actions have been taken against illegal money-making games. But, in the end, your safety is in your own hands so always play the real cash games who have the proper license and follows all the legal work. Don’t let your fun get ruined by some illicit business practices.

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