SAP System Implementation: Advantages and Disadvantages

Data organization and seamless workflow require reliable systems. In case you face some inconveniences, your business loses the efficiency of working time and management — thus, loses money. SAP systems keep up with the current requirements of the IT solutions for business. They help organize or reorganize your digital workspace so that the internal and external data flow channels work streamlined. Learn the use and cost of SAP system implementation to enhance your work.

Who can benefit from SAP implementation?

SAP solutions are convenient for most industries. They cover most demands companies need for their workflow organization. More specifically, solutions are dedicated for:

  • resource planning;
  • finances management;
  • customer service;
  • human resource;
  • supply chain organization.

The list is not exhaustive. As these aspects are required in every business, it’s logical to assume that SAP software will be helpful in any sphere.

SAP advantages

The advantages of using SAP solutions come from their complexity and integrative nature. Looking at things closer, you can get the following benefits:

  1. More effective and productive work. The systems allow for fast and complex data collection and analysis, which leads to better operating and decreasing costs.
  2. Adaptability. SAP systems are available for individual settings and increasing the scale of data processed with the ongoing company growth.
  3. Enhanced reporting opportunities. The manner of data collection, organization, and analysis makes it possible to get a clearer vision on what’s the current state of a company and its perspective. It provides more grounded decision-making and issue-solving.
  4. Time-saving. It’s a more general benefit resulting from automation options, saving teams from monotonous work and other features reducing the probability of mistakes.
  5. Advanced data protection. As the systems suggest a complex approach to data systematization, the same point touches on the security issue. SAP solutions provide access levels and general preciseness of the information saved.
  6. Better performance figures. This point results from the abovementioned.

These are general advantages, making SAP stand out from the diversity of similar software providers. Particular cases define individual benefits of use.

SAP disadvantages

As everywhere, the inconveniences strongly depend on the specific circumstances. For example, legacy solutions do not correspond to the modern requirements of the workflow organization. Technological specificities and implementation process also define the disadvantages to appear.

Stages of SAP implementation

SAP offers several methodologies of implementation. The SAP Activate is the one most versatile for variations of on-site, remote, or hybrid implementation held by a Сertified SAP Service Partner. It suggests six phases to pass through:

  1. Discovering. Research the Leverx team conducts to find out the needs, opportunities, and the best balance in available offers.
  2. Preparation. Approving the plan, team, duties, and responsibilities.
  3. Exploring. Starting demos to find out the gaps to fill, then the final project is agreed upon.
  4. Realization. A complex of operations to make SAP solutions meet all the requirements (including custom-developed features if needed).
  5. Deployment. Individualized solutions are launched into work. Training and data migration takes place here.
  6. Running. The systems are implemented, and the customer service channels work to fix the issues. Final touches before the users get used to the new software.

Learn more on the Leverx website.

Workflow management and data organization may take much time and resources before implementing a relevant system. SAP solutions provide the most complex approach to collection, systematization, analysis, and automation, so performance rates skyrocket. Contact Leverx Group now to learn more!

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