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Last updated on February 1st, 2020 at 01:35 pm

Computers have become an integral part of our lives. Most of us depend on computers for various purposes in our day to day activities. But, if you don’t maintain them properly, their performance will slow down. There are many reasons for a PC to slow down, but one of the main reasons is lack of regular maintenance. Actually, you should clean your device regularly to remove any type of junk files. You can do it either manually or by using a software. The former is a little bit complicated procedure, which is why it’s better to go with a software program that does the work for you. One of such reputed programs is MacPaw’s CleanMyPC (Download). Let’s review this amazing PC cleaning & optimization software here.

Features of MacPaw’s CleanMyPC

MacPaw’s CleanMyPC is equipped with a wide range of effective and efficient features that help you clean and maintain your device properly. Here’s a look at some of the main features of this program:

  • Junk Cleaner: One of the key features of this tool is junk file remover. With just a few clicks, you can get rid of all the unnecessary files that not only eat up your disk space but also slow down your device. These files are very difficult to locate manually, which is why this program is very effective in helping you remove these files. By removing the junk files, you can free up your storage and boost up the speed of your computer. Furthermore, deleting these files will also tighten up the security of your device as well.



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  • Registry Cleaner: Windows Registry is packed up with tons of entries that are essential for the proper functioning of an operating system. But, without regular cleaning, your registry might get cluttered with old and outdated entries. This can seriously affect the performance of your device, which is why it’s important to clean windows registry periodically. MacPaw’s CleanMyPC offers a great feature, with which you can instantly remove outdated entries from registry. By doing so, it radically boosts up the performance speed of your device.

registry cleaner for windows

  • Superior Uninstaller: When you uninstall a program, you may think that you’ve removed the entire software, but you’re wrong. Many software are equipped with own uninstallers, which are not effective for removing all the files from your device while uninstalling. When you choose to uninstall a software, not every file related to it gets removed. Even after the uninstall process, several files stay in your device. This could take up storage space and slow down your device as well. To help you with this, this program offers a great feature named Uninstaller, which helps you uninstall multiple programs at once. Additionally, it deletes all the related files, making it a complete removal process.



  • Startup Manager: Does your computer takes forever to start? Well, that’s due to the autorun programs. These programs load up along with the operating system, which is it takes more time than usual for your device to start. This software offers a feature called Autorun, where you can disable these programs. By doing so, you can lighten up the loading time of your computer startup. With just a single click, you can disable any autorun program instantly.

startup manager windows

  • Extension Remover: Have you ever be annoyed with all the unnecessary extensions and toolbars in your browser? Well, now you can easily get rid of them with this feature. You can simply go through all the extensions of your browser and choose which ones to keep. You can seamlessly turn off the extensions you don’t need.

clean my pc extensions

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Pros & Cons

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of this windows cleaning program:


  • Lightweight software that doesn’t take a lot of space.
  • Extremely easy to use as the interface is clean and simple.
  • Helps you maintain your privacy by removing cookies and other tracking files.
  • Available in 11 major languages.
  • Constant updates, which are packed up with latest algorithms.


  • No option to schedule the cleaning process.

Final Verdict

Truth be told, MacPaw’s CleanMyPC is one of the best windows cleaning programs out there. It brings all the essential features that help you maintain your device appropriately. Additionally, this software is free to download. If you’re not using a program to remove junk files from your computer, download this software from here and start using it.

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