iScooter Review: Only a Funky Name or the Future of Transportation?

Transportation modes are becoming more portable and environment-friendly today. Global warming and ever-increasing prices of fuel are driving forces behind new transportation trends.

Electronic scooters are a modern way to commute nowadays. As a result, the electric scooter market is expanding globally. It is expected to cross $118,657 million by 2030.

Moreover, 130 million battery-operated electric scooter uk are projected to be sold between 2020 to 2023 worldwide. As a result, many electric scooters for adults brands are entering the market thanks to a huge demand base.

iScooter is one of the prominent pure electric scooter brands with many great options for adults and kids. Today, we will review iScooter so you can make a wise decision—whether to buy an iScooter or not.

What is iScooter?

iScooter is a specialized electric scooter brand for personal transportation purposes. This brand is operated by DOUBLE KING INDUSTRY (HK) CO., LIMITED.

It is responsible for designing safe and easy-to-use electric scooters for kids and adults. The main objective of the brand is to create a sustainable transportation system.

iScooter hopes to create highly technical, safe, affordable electric scooters. They deliver their products around the globe to promote the message of green transportation.

Are iScooter Rides Safe?

Safety is a paramount factor you must consider before getting on the road. Talking about safety, the iScooter team has taken special care to make their scooters safe since kids also ride them.

Foremost, their cheap electric scooter are rear-wheel drivers, which makes it easy to balance on a busy street. The best electric scooter also have front and rear brakes with thumb press control to immediately stop the ride. In addition, the strong foam/rubber grip and lightweight body make it a safe ride.

Still, you should follow all the essential road safety tips while driving your iScooter.

Can I Afford an iScooter?

We think anyone can afford these scooter for commute. Not only do they save you fuel money. But, iScooter offers many payment options and financial relief schemes to make your e-ride affordable.

For example, iScooter allows you to order your foldable electric scooter for only $93.7 per month. In addition, the brand supports Affirm, which lets you split your purchase into 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments with 0% interest rates. So, for example, for a fast electric scooter worth $500, you could pay $42 per month over 12 months at 0% APR.

Besides this, Klarna users can pay with 4 interest-free payments for purchases over $35. You can also pay via PayPal, PayPal Credit Card, or your Visa, MasterCard, Maestros, etc.

That’s not it! Using the Tech code, you can get an additional discount on your purchase for $30 or £30.

Do I Get a Warranty?

Yes, you do. iScooter offers a 12-month warranty against material and workmanship damages on scooters or hoverboards. In addition, the warranty covers the labor and maintenance parts costs.

You need to submit your damage proof while applying for a warranty. Consumable items are not covered in the warranty. For more details, check the iScooter warranty outlines.

Does iScooter Offer Free Delivery?

Western and Eastern US region buyers will get free delivery within 2-5 business days. Accessories are also free to deliver, but it takes 3-10 working days.

iScooter uses Ups and FedEx for delivery, so you can track your orders from the respective websites.

Is There Any Return or Refund Policy?

iScooter offers a 30-return policy. So whether you are unhappy with the product or something is damaged, they will accept refunds within 30 days, no questions asked.

Top iScooter Products

iScooter has many hoverboards and bikes options for adults and kids. But, the user’s popular iScooter rides are:

iScooter i9Max 500W Electric Scooter

This scooter has taken the Max e-scooter series to the next level. It is designed with a powerful motor that offers responsive acceleration and hill-climbing ability. In addition, the high-powered battery can let you explore more.

Key Features

  • It has a powerful 500W rear-wheel motor.
  • A premium ride with a steel frame including 10-inch wheels, puncture prevention fluid, and honeycomb tires.
  • It has IP54 waterproof with a warranty to safely travel around.
  • Click-Lock’s secure premium folding mechanism allows for easy packing and storage.
  • Manufacturer’s comprehensive 12-month warranty.
  • UK-held replacement parts.

Price: £599 but you get it for £399. Use code Tech to save £30.

Delivery: Free shipping within 3-7 days.

iScooter® 500W 10″ Tires Max Electric Scooter

The iScooter Max series is a powerful ride for adults with speeds up to 21.7 MPH. Whether you want to take a ride for fun or daily travel to your office, this is a nice economical ride.

Key Features

  • It has a battery that can go up to 17-22 miles on a single charge under certain conditions and a maximum load of 264 lbs.
  • Connect your iScooter electric scooter to your smartphone and use the app to lock/unlock, turn on/off the lights, change gears, start mode (zero or non-zero start), customize set maximum speed, cruise control, and more.
  • The electric scooter is equipped with 10-inch honeycomb shock-absorbing solid tires with high elasticity and wear resistance.
  • Different parts have a 12-month or 180-day warranty.

Price: $639, but you can get it for $479. Use code Tech to save $30.

Delivery: Free shipping within 2-5 days.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy finance options.
  • Excellent warranty.
  • 30-day return.
  • Free shipping

So, Should I Get an iScooter?

iScooter is an excellent e-scooter brand with AI support. You can easily explore your town with this scooter. Also, the financial options are fantastic for getting an affordable scooter.

You can also order accessories and hoverboards for more fun. Plus, the return and shipping policies are nice.

The brand delivers scooters to the US, UK and Europe. Overall, it is a nice e-scooter brand that you can try to save the environment and have fun.

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