Is New World a modern-day RuneScape?

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Last updated on June 22nd, 2022 at 5:23 pm

Amazon Game Studios has released an MMO nearly identical to RuneScape, but with a new look, a better PvP system, and a lot more money. Allow me to clarify. New World is influential ‘RuneScape only it’s not RuneScape.’

New World vs. RuneScape 3

New World digs deep into the well of memories and pulls out a grotesquely distorted image of previous games. This is what you get when Amazon executives meet in a room and wonder, “So, what is it that gamers like?” New World recreates Oblivion’s repetitive dungeons in its barebones Expeditions; the world chat is reminiscent of EverQuest’s buzzing in-game socials full of cooperative weirdos during a named overnight campout.

Skill-based Combat System

The skill-based combat is as smooth as Guild Wars 2, the game that you can get from Gamecamp. The world chat is reminiscent of EverQuest’s buzzing in-game socials full of cooperative weirdos during a named overnight campout. OSRS Gold or Old School RuneScape gold pieces (GP) are the primary currency for the game RuneScape.The money utilized in the game is OSRS gold. It enables the players to trade or buy anything. They can trade harpoons and game installations. It has a similar role in the new world too.

Similar To Survival Games

If you’ve ever played a survival game where you have to pound wood to build a house, New World delivers on this front right away by offering the player a variety of survival options. Hunting turkey on the outskirts of your defined safe zones to improve your culinary skills and supplies is way more entertaining than it should be. It’s a lot of fun hunting, finding elusive saltpeter deposits in mines, and making your shells for your antique firearms. It’s a traditional Runescape concept to be able to skill up in whatever you want, and it’s good to know you can build up every single crafting and collecting skill you want, even down to fishing. It’s very cool to build your first set of piling equipment.

Disney’s Frontierland

Carrots and potatoes are meant to dig up. Coming back to your town in the middle of nowhere to trade feed and converse with your fellow explorers has all the attractions of Disney’s Frontierland, and I’ve rarely invested so much time and effort into crafting and trading systems in an MMO. I can see issues with these components in the future, such as whether I want to spend my time in the endgame gathering resources merely to play the game. Still, for now, there’s enough magic in making my food, ammo, and supplies before venturing out into the wild. It has a gritty, raw, and fresh feel.

Grind resembling RuneScape

First and foremost, there’s RuneScape’s well-known grind. A never-ending, useless, and yet utterly pleasurable grind. After all these years, players still want to grind as they did in RuneScape: for an extended period and no apparent purpose. The grind is meaningless even in a sophisticated multi-million-pound game like New World. There was never any point to it. It will never be. What are the dates for 2001 and 2021? Mate, it’s the same thing. Furthermore, you can grow your account faster after having a lot of gold that isn’t possible without completing quests and completing the requirements. You can buy RuneScape 3 Account nowadays, as accounts of the different games are set to sell on game marketplaces.

You spend hours honing your talents only to be rewarded with a faster-cutting ax and a pickaxe that drops more gems. Harvesting isn’t going to wash your clothes for you or earn you a raise at work. So, why have 800,000 users checked in every day since the launch of New World to cut down trees and harvest iron ore for hours on end?

This was similar in RuneScape, but New World handles it much better. The gratifying plunks of your pickaxe booming across the valley like gunshots convert the commonplace into something far more seductive. New World grinding is the most meaningless thing I’ve ever done.

Combining Grind

When you combine this grind with the social features of an MMO like New World, things start to get interesting. Iron mining in RuneScape was not a solo endeavor. Every time I completed mining a vein, one random person would say “Nice ore!” to me. At the best times, RuneScape’s global chat was a strange place, but there was nearly always someone to talk to.

Last night, while chopping down trees in New World, three players from an opposing group came to me and asked if they might join me. We just rolled through the forest for the next couple of hours, conversing now and again. It was serene, bizarre, and the only location in the woods where you should ever meet strangers.

PvP Arena

Without some PvP pursuits to break up the mush, enemies, places, and activities may become a giant bowl of corn. As you travel over the vast planet, you’ll see a lot of the same shaky tiny fishing communities, run-down farms, and crumbling ruins. Killing some zombie buccaneers at level 5 feels the same as killing them at level 15, and you’ll be completing a lot of daily-quest/fetch-style chores to build up your faction reputation, such as looking for boxes and killing X undead villains at the areas above. Even after only twenty hours of gameplay, it seems incredibly monotonous.

It’s acceptable to walk everywhere when you’re just starting since you don’t have far to go. However, around level 12, you’ll discover the autorun button and a few movies on your chosen streaming platform to be your best pals. The planet is enormous, and walking around it all on foot is exhausting. Moving about the map is a work and a bore without horses, and resources restrict quick mobility. I realize there are probably other important considerations that go into this decision, such as the implications of having everyone zoom around in a game that tries to create stakes through territory control and PvP. Still, the more you play and get quests on opposite ends of your map, the harder it becomes to ignore.


Despite this, it appeals to a generation of gamers who have never experienced the magic of RuneScape on a dimly lit CRT with a dial-up connection. Why? Because it’s impossible to avoid the grind. Timeless. It’s not just about nostalgia. There’s a tree to chop down, a turkey to pluck, and a rock to bash open at every corner. You can’t help yourself. It must be completed. Sure, it’ll be worthless – but wow, it’ll be fantastic.

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