How to Undo and Redo on a Mac

Almost every Mac software includes the option to implement an “Undo,” that would be, to overturn the previous action. Similarly, practically every single Mac software offers the capability to “Redo,” that would be, to completely upend the most recently undone operation.

The Mac shortcut keys for doing Undo as well as Redo have always been the same from the commencement of the Macintosh adventure. You’ll be capable of utilizing these tactics to execute an undo as well as redo operation regardless of what Macintosh you’re working on or Mac OS, as well as Mac OS X edition, is being used.

Whenever you commit an error on the Mac, users can easily undo the previous actions with Undo. Furthermore, if you reconsider, you can quickly undo on mac, the previous operation in most programs. However, not everyone knows about the right ways to implement the undo and redo application on a Mac.

Undo and Redo on Mac
source: osxdaily

Undo started inside the Mac line as programs again for Xerox Alto computer, which was built in the 1970s, notably in a word processing program named Bravo. When building the Apple Lisa (1983), Apple copied numerous interface aspects existing in the Alto software, and most of these traditions continued across to the Macs a year later.

Undo as well as Redo are now almost common features of interaction with computers on each and every significant computer platform. In this article, we are going to discuss the different ways.

Undo: A Simple Way to Correct Mistakes

Suppose you have accidentally made a misspelling in Pages, drawn the incorrect line in Photo editing, or moved an item to the wrong position in the Search tool. In that case, you can rectify every one of these errors and more by utilizing the “Undo” function, which is integrated into all the other Mac programs. When you use an Undo option, you reverse the previous action and return something to its original state before you perform the alteration. Therefore, if you are wondering how to undo on mac, here are the two ways in which you can perform the operation on your Mac devices.

Undo on a Mac: Command + Z

The quickest method to undo on Mac would be through the keyboard shortcut keys, Control + Z. However, there are several other ways of restoring back the change which had been made by mistake or intentionally.

Undo on Mac Using the Keyboard

Using the keyboard to undo several modifications is a very simple and the fastest way to revert back all the changes. You simply have to press the Command key on your keyboard and then the Z key simultaneously.

Undo on Mac Using the Keyboard
source: osxdaily

Mac OS’s previous operation, editing, or activity would be removed, and the changes would be reverted back simply. It can be done while you are typing, or making editing in a document, or undo a deletion, or any operation. Just press the two keys together, and you’re done.

It’s worth noting that some programs include many levels of Undo, which means you may constantly Undo and reverse various processes, activities, or keystrokes. This adheres to typing, editing, drawing anything on the mac, or other operations, which consist of layers of operations.

Using the Edit menu to Undo

Selecting an option from the menu toolbar of the Mac window is among the simplest methods to conduct an Undo operation. Whenever you intend to Undo something, go to the menu bar and select “Edit,” and subsequently select “Undo” from the drop-down menu that appears.

Using the Edit menu to Undo
source: macadviser

“Undo” is nearly often the first choice, as well as the “Undo” command may modify to incorporate the action being undone, which includes the “Undo Move” as well as “Undo Typing.”

Undo Typing
source: osxdaily

The operation would be the same if you start to Undo using the shortcut key or perhaps the Edit drop-down menu.


Redo enables you to go back and redo the previous operation you took preceding Undo. This enables you to alter the decision as well as redo the previous modification. Whether that makes perfect sense, Redo seems to be a redo after Undo. Therefore, if by any chance the undo operation you performed was not correct, you can choose to revert it back again and redo the changes. In simple words, an undo for the undo operation is the redo option. And similar to the Undo option is can also be performed through the shortcut key and from the edit menu.

Command Shift Z to Redo on a Mac

A shortcut key is also available for performing a Redo on Mac: Shift + Command + Z. Hence, if you wish to redo an action, all you need to do is simply hit the Command key, the Shift key and the Z key together at the same time. This will “redo” the previously undone operation, reversing the Undo functionality. This can be any typing undo operation, editing, or photoshop operation.

Command Shift Z to Redo on a Mac
source: osxdaily

Redo Using Edit Menu

Similar to the Undo operation, users have the feasibility to perform the redo operation as well using the menu bar. Therefore, let us see how to perform redo on mac using the edit menu.

Redo Using Edit Menu
source: macadviser

In Mac OS, users may also “Redo” using the Edit drop-down menu. All you need to do is simply select “Redo” from the Edit drop-down menu. The action you wanted would be reflected.

The same as Undo, ‘redo’ from the keyboard or Edit menu does the same operation. Therefore, together with these two options in the Mac system, they are considered very useful. They allow the user to rectify any mistake that has been made and can also be used to repeat and repeal certain operations.


These operations can be simple typing errors or layers of editing made in photoshop. The simplicity at which these two alterations are carried out is what makes the two operations so useful for every user.

Therefore, if you wonder how to perform undo and redo on a Mac device, this article will help you understand the two different methods and carry them out successfully. 

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