How To Spy On Facebook Messenger With These Spy Apps

Facebook was one of the first social media platforms that we were introduced to, and since then, the popularity of this platform has shattered all records. All thanks to the great features provided by Facebook to its users.

But along with the cornucopia of good things, there’s a small box of cons that everyone using Facebook carries with themselves.

Although most of you don’t open this box of cons, your loved ones might do so, ignorant of the circumstances they might have to face. And at that time, there’s hardly anything that you can do to get everything back on track.

It’s better to take the necessary precautions beforehand, rather than crying over the spilled milk. What we want to say is that you should keep a track of all the Facebook activities and Messenger activities of your loved ones. This way, if you notice something wrong, you will be able to take the necessary actions to safeguard them.

Now, let’s get to know the apps to spy on Facebook Messenger and other Facebook activities.

How To Spy On Facebook Messenger

1. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a complete solution to keep your spouse or your kids safe from the dangers of Facebook.

The app keeps a track of Facebook Messenger and activities in the form of text and screenshots. So basically you don’t just have to rely on the text, but you can confirm with the help of screenshots as well.

Under the Chats heading, you will see the Facebook section where you will find all the conversations done on Messenger.

ikeymonitor messenger tracking

On the left side, you will see the list of Facebook contacts, and by clicking on any contact, all the conversations done with that person will appear on the right side.

With each conversation, you can see the date and time stamp attached. So, if you are antsy to know, at what time a particular conversation was going on, you know it with iKeyMonitor.

You might only see the messages that the teen got from their Facebook friends, and not the ones sent by the teen. But this doesn’t mean that tracking those messages is not possible. If this happens with you, then you can check every message sent by the teen on Messenger in the Keystrokes section.

The Keylogger of iKeyMonitor works perfectly, and unlike most monitoring apps, you will get complete and accurate results. Plus the data sync speed of the app is also good, making you wait for less tracking the Facebook messages.

As we told above, the tracking of Facebook is not only possible in the form of text but with the help of screenshots too.

Under the Screenshots – app feature of iKeyMonitor, you will see the list of apps with various screenshots related to that app.

app screenshots ikeymonitor

By clicking on the Facebook section, you will witness all the screenshots that include activities and messages from Facebook.

The provided screenshots are small in size but you can open them in full size by clicking on them. The quality of screenshots is high, making it possible to read and see everything clearly. You can download the screenshots as well.


  • Tracking of messages and activities is done using both text and screenshots
  • The data sync speed is very good
  • It’s possible to download the received screenshots
  • No need to root the target Android phone


  • You might not find the sent messages in the Facebook section and you have to rely on Keylogger for that.

2. pcTattletale

pcTattletale has taken the Facebook Messenger tracking to a next level. Unlike other tracking apps, here you don’t have to wait for the data to sync on the app’s online portal.

pcTattletale will provide live streaming of the target phone screen, making it possible for you to check the Facebook messenger and other Facebook activities in real-time.

All you need to do to see live streaming of the Facebook and other activities is, click on the LIVE option. This will instantly show the target Android phone screen on the online portal of pcTattletale.

pctattletale live viewing

The live video that you will see is going to delay a few seconds from what’s originally going on the phone. Moreover, the screen might get stuck sometimes in between for a few seconds. But it’s not like you will miss something important as the lagging time is just a few seconds, not a few minutes.

With pcTattletale, it’s not possible to know when the target person is using Facebook. And it’s not possible to sit in front of the PC all day to check their Facebook Messenger activities as well.

For user feasibility, pcTattletale records all the activities done on the target phone throughout the day. Once you get some time, you can check the activities done on Facebook.

view activity of previous days

pcTattletale also makes it possible to view the activities of other previous days as well. For that, you just need to go to the calendar icon that you see on the top, select the date, and start viewing the activity.


  • Live viewing of Facebook activities is possible
  • Recordings will get recorded in the background
  • Downloading the recorded activities is also possible
  • The clarity of the video is very good


  • The live video might stuck a little
  • It’s not possible to know when your spouse is using Facebook

3. KidsGuard Pro

The Facebook account of your lover might have some secrets that you should definitely be aware of. And you can’t rely on any random spy app for that. That’s why, here we introduce you to KidsGuard Pro.

Super accurate, quick data syncing, tracking of data with both text and screenshots, and what not. KidsGuard Pro Facebook Messenger and activities tracking will satisfy you in every possible way.

kidsguard pro messenger tracking

To track the Facebook Messenger chats with KidsGuard Pro, you need to go to the Messenger section of Social Apps. Here you will notice all the messenger messages that were either sent or received. With each message, the date and time stamp can be seen as well.

If you are looking for messages from a particular Facebook friend of the teen, you can use the search option for that.

Just like messages, you can keep a track of the Facebook activities as well with the screenshots that KidsGuard Pro provides remotely. The screenshots will be captured anytime, while your spouse is scrolling through their feed, commenting on a post, or checking someone’s profile.

Just like in the Messenger section, a date and time stamp is available with every activity.

The screenshots of KidsGuard Pro are not merely for the showcase purpose, they are of high quality. If you want to save a screenshot as proof or due to any reason, that is possible with the download option available after you open a screenshot.

tracking of facebook activities


  • Tracking can be done with both screenshots and text
  • Quick and accurate updates
  • Screenshots are of high quality
  • It’s possible to download the screenshots


  • The search bar of KidsGuard Pro does not work properly

How To Choose The Best Spy App For Facebook Messenger And Other Activities? Conclusion

As you know, you need to spend some dough if you want to purchase a good spy app for monitoring Facebook and its data. You won’t find any free Facebook Messenger spy app anywhere.

So if you are paying for the app, it should be the best of its kind. And there are some things you need to keep in mind if you want to make a perfect purchase.

First of all, the spy app that you are going to purchase should give quick updates.

Updates in the Facebook section should be complete, it means the app should catch the complete message instead of a few words from the complete message.

It would be best if the spy apps provide the tracking in the form of text and screenshots. The tracking with screenshots increases the reliability of the app.

To know if the selected app has all these things or not, you can even read the dedicated reviews for them.


Can I Spy On My Girlfriend’s Facebook Messages?

With spy apps, you can spy on your girlfriend’s Facebook messages without letting her know about it.

Do Facebook Messenger Spy App Work?

Yes, Facebook Messenger spy apps work once you install them on the target Android phone. Don’t worry as these apps work in the hidden mode.

How Can I Find Out Who My Boyfriend Is Talking To On Facebook?

You can know about the person your boyfriend is talking to with the help of an undetectable spy app.

Do I Need To Root The Android Phone For Monitoring Facebook Activities?

With all the apps mentioned above, there’s no need to root the target phone for monitoring Facebook Messenger activities.

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