How to Protect Yourself from Spam Emails?


Last updated on July 30th, 2022 at 6:29 pm

Email spam is one of the most serious threats to companies, individuals and organizations online. Even though spam protection has evolved to become very intelligent in relation to recognizing unsolicited bulk email, there is no way of 100% blocking every potential spam message. One way or another, there is a very high chance that some spam email will land in your inbox at some point in time.

Due to the fact that, once we sign up for an online retail account, we give permission to be added to advertising and marketing mailing lists we are in receipt of may marketing emails. Cybercriminals are able to create similar emails that have a better chance of bypassing our email filters and security

Follow these five steps in order to give yourself the best chance of spotting and preventing a spam email from causing an issue for you or your company.

  1. Protect and mask your email address: If you need to share your email address online you must make it difficult for a spam bot to identify and copy it. Consider scrambling the letters to hide it or spell out symbols. 
  2. Hide the email address in an image: You could produce an image that shows your email address in a CAPTCHA format or embed it in a JPEG file. 
  3. Encode your email address: If there is no avoiding publishing or making available an active email link you should encode your email address in a way that is not decipherable by spambots scanning your web presence.
  4. Use a Test to hide your email address: You could devise a test, using an online tool to safeguard your email address by hiding it behind an easy test. There are many free solutions available online to allow you to accomplish this. Just be sure that you only use one from an authentic website or company. 
  5. Think before you click: You get tons of emails every day, out of this emails lot, you also get a lot of spam emails. Here, we suggest you should avoid opening attachments or clicking on links sent from unknown sources. You should also consider scanning attachment with reliable antimalware software before opening it. 
  6. Download spam filtering tools: As we discussed, you should avoid clicking on links and opening attachments from unknown sources, you should also consider installing spam filtering tools for effective results. Once you install these tools on your system, it will effectively block all those emails with malicious content. 
  7. Do not reply to spam messages: Next effective step is avoiding reply to spam messages. In case, you will reply to these spam messages, it will alert spammers that your email account is active, and they will target you more often. 
  8. Avoid using your business or personal email: If you are registering for some online contest or service that you can’t rely or you will not use it for long, prefer not to use your business or personal email account for registration. 
  9. Never Share your email address: This is the final resort. In order to do this, you will need to create online forms for contact that are protected by spam guards. 

So, this was a quick discussion on how to protect yourself from spam emails. DO try these steps to keep yourself secure from unnecessary trouble. 

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