How to Block YouTube Channels

With more than 122 million users accessing YouTube daily, the video streaming service has been an undisputed winner. However, every once in a while, a YouTube channel posts inappropriate content or something you might not like. If you understand what we are saying, we are sailing in the same boat.

In this post, we will discuss how to block YouTube channels.

Best Ways to Block YouTube Channels

Blocking YouTube Channel from Feed

If you don’t want to get recommendations from a specific channel in your YouTube feed, this method works for you. Here we will discuss how to block YourChannel from the web & phone.

Note: The changes made to YouTube using the following methods will reflect on your device where the same YouTube (Google) account is used.

Blocking YouTube Channel Web

To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. In your web browser, open the YouTube site you wish to block
  2. Search for the video you want to back.
  3. Next, hover over the video, click the three-dot menu, and select the Don’t Recommend channel.
three-dot menu
Don't Recommend channel

Once the channel is blocked, you cannot unblock it individually. You can do this only when you are okay unblocking all blocked YouTube channels.

This is how you can stop unwanted YouTube channels from showing recommended videos in the feed section.

Writer’s Tip: If a channel is mistakenly blocked, you can click the “Undo” option that appears soon after the YouTube channel is blocked.

Blocking YouTube Channel Phone

To block YouTube Channel when using YouTube on either Android, iPhone, or iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Open the YouTube app on your device.
  2. Search for the video you would like to block.
  3. Tap the three-dot menu next to the video title.
  4. Select “Don’t Recommend Channel” from the menu that appears.
  5. The steps will block selected YouTube channels.

Block YouTube Channels to stop commenting

If you want to stop comments from being posted on the uploaded videos, follow the steps below:

Note: If you block the YouTube channels this way, you can unblock the channel without unblocking the other blocked YouTube channels.

Block YouTube Channel Via Web

To stop YouTube channels from commenting on your videos, follow these steps:

  1. Open YouTube in your web browser.
  2. Search for the YouTube channel you would like to block.
  3. Click the About section on the right side > select the flag icon.
Block YouTube Channel Via Web

4. Select Block User from the menu > Submit.

Block User

5. The selected YouTube channel will now be blocked from commenting on your videos.

How to unblock the channel?

To unblock a channel click the About section > flag icon > Unblock User > Submit.

Block YouTube Channel Via Phone

To block YouTube channel, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the YouTube app on your device.
  2. Search for the YouTube channel you want to block.
  3. Tap the channel you wish to block > tap the three-dots at the top of the right corner.
  4. Select Block user > confirm the action by tapping Block.
  5. The selected channel will now be blocked.

How to unblock the blocked channel?

To unblock the channel tap the three dots > Unblock User > Unblock.

Unblock User

Blocking YouTube Channel on a Firestick

Though Firestick doesn’t give a straightforward option to block YouTube channels, you can enable Pin code on Firestick to block YouTube channels with inappropriate content.

Here’s how to enable Pin code in the YouTube app:

  1. Open your web browser and sign in to your Amazon account.
  2. Navigate to the “Accounts and Lists” tab.
Accounts and Lists

3. Scroll down to “Your Account” > “Digital Content and Devices” > “Your Apps.”

Digital Content and Devices

4. Look for YouTube on the list of the apps > hit the Actions button.

Actions button

5. Select “Delete This App” > confirm the action by again pressing the Delete button.

6. Go to your Firestick > look for settings > Applications.


7. Enter the Pin code > Manage Installed Applications.

8. Click on the YouTube app > Uninstall option > confirm the action by clicking Uninstall.


9. Go back to the settings > My Account.

10. Select Sync Amazon Content > wait for the process to finish and apply changes.

Sync Amazon Content

Now, whenever you click on YouTube from Firestick & try downloading it, you will be asked to enter the PIN code.

That’s it; you have not unblocked the blocked YouTube channel.

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